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July 28, 2013


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Craig Pirrong

Catherine. Could it get more weird?

You took the words right out of my mouth re Edward's father. The apple fell very close to the tree.

Craig Pirrong

Funny you mention Lenovo laptops. They've now been banned by most Anglosphere intelligence services.

Craig Pirrong

I guess you comments don't allow html. I tried to post this link to the article re Lenovo:


Fascinating! Thank you.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Here's an interesting addition to the story. I noted how Kucherena seemed to be discounting this whole thing as a hoax -- he is quoted as such in the Russian media.

But it's not that the veterans' group offering to help Snowden is a hoax -- that has played out and as you can see they are at least posing that they want to do this.

But Kucherena thinks the email itself was fake, not really from him.

Maybe this indicates some rivalry between Russian intelligence and law-enforcement factions, who knows, but here's more of what Kucherena said:

"Snowden did not address any letter to any association," Kucherena told The Moscow News. "Where it came from, whose fabrication it was, it's difficult for me to say." The attorney expressed surprise that a group claiming to be made up of former intelligence and law enforcement veterans were fooled by it.

"It's surprising the leaders believed it," he said.

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