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July 09, 2013


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Mr. X

"Or maybe it was the pudgy middle-aged blob in the white shirt and plaid tie who just hates people who oppose governments" Catherine your tweeps hate everyone who opposes the U.S. government -- leftists, 'Paulbots = genocidal Khmer Rouge'. Someday in the very near future when traditionalists are persecuted and mocked they will be labelled 'Putin-dupes' and 'Kremlin tools' in much the same way that leftists during the Cold War were all invariably described as tools of Moscow. Some were, most weren't.

While you rail against the cult of Anons Craig Pirrong and his fellow bootlickers hail the cult of NSA worship. They get off on the idea that an all-powerful U.S. government (in spite of letting serpents like Snowden into the Eden that is our patriotic national security agencies) is protecting them from Vlad the Bad's Eternal Evil Empire. That despite the IRS getting caught persecuting people whom Pirrong would normally pretend to be on his side, this has no bearing on the NSA. Despite you damning the State Dept. as a collection of incompetents, this has no bearing on the CIA or NSA. And despite the inability to stop Snowden from walking out with a flash drive and thereby causing irreparable harm to national security (while simultaneously, all of his revelations are said to be bogus or old news by Pirrong) -- the same NSA can stop the Russians and Chinese. Your own logic is twisted into a pretzel of incoherence.

But know this Pirrong and groupies -- the people you worship are still flesh and blood. They still wake up and commute to work every day. And if they ever so much as blackbag one patriot, or engage in mass blackmail of not just members of Congress or prominent attorneys like they have done -- they can and will be arrested. The states will rise up against them. And when the feds come to 'liberate' those being held for crimes against the states and the people, the shooting will start. And Catherine will be stuck in New York City, perhaps without power, surrounded by EBT card cut off zombie hordes, wondering how in the hell America ever came to that point of a second Civil War. But you will only have yourselves to blame for bootlicking on behalf of this government until it destroys you and those you love.

Mr. X

Oh and Catherine -- since I just got insta-suspended at the mere mention of the Ford Foundation's historic ties to the CIA, I can't tweet this. Here is a document produced after an FOIA request by Canada Free Press Marinka Pleishcmann that PROVES that the NSA has created a file on Doug Hagmann, a private investigator and journalist/commentator who resides in the vicinity of Erie, Pennsylvania. A real foreign threat I'm sure, though he doesn't even correspond or have anything to do with your hated Anons hacktivist cult. He is simply an American who ran afoul of the Obama Administration, who has strongly promoted the theory that Benghazi involved a coverrup of massive gun/MANPAD smuggling from Libya to Syria with the complicity of the Obama Administration. And who has spoken to an anonymous source known as 'Rosebud' who purports to be inside a Dept. of Homeland Security that is preparing to wage war against many Americans.

So the next time you, Pirrong and all the other useful idiots out there want to ignore Russ Tice or any other evidence that NSA participates in politically motivated, warrantless domestic spying against 'enemies' (read: dissidents Catherine!) read this document:

Oh and here's a PS for Craig 'the wheels of justice turn slowly, they hate Corzine at the CME' Pirrong:

"Like Jon Corzine big, as it was just announced that the former New Jersey governor and former CEO of Goldman Sachs and MF Global will not face any criminal charges for his role in $1.6 billion of missing, segregated customer money that led to the demise of MF Global and ruined the lives of countless families – members of the unwashed masses. Can’t people see that “every game in the house” is rigged, and the people in power are laughing at you?"

So yes Catherine when you fail to speak up against these abuses in plain sight and direct your energies to the cause of liberty 4,000 miles away while it rots here at home, you are licking the NSA's boots...and other parts of their anatomy.

Mr. X

Here it is Catherine -- the NSA in all their arrogance telling Doug Hagmann he has no rights to find out anything regarding what data the NSA has captured on him even after recording their voice and a random file number assigned to him after the completion of a DOMESTIC PHONE CALL. He has sworn and affirmed this on penalty of perjury and the loss of his professional license as a private investigator. In other words, he has staked his career and reputation on his claim while his critics stake nothing.

Someday these lawless people will be put in the dock for crimes against the Constitution. Do you want to be next to them when that day comes?

Mr. X

In How Extensive is the NSA Domestic Surveillance of U.S. Media? Is it legal?, I first reported the NSA’s illegal targeting of two domestically based U.S. citizens, both media personalities, two days before Edward Snowden’s NSA revelations rocked the world. The May 30 NSA incident included the collection of content. As it was described to me, the NSA apparently collected a domestic phone conversation between media personality Doug Hagmann and another media person, inside the United States real-time, and forwarded the data retrieval codes and routing information to other parties. This is a misuse of the NSA’s intelligence gathering tools according to their Charter. This misuse most likely benefits persons with political agendas and is intended to intimidate, silence and root out sources and whistleblowers. It’s no secret that the Obama administration has a war on whistleblowers. It’s also not a secret that Hagmann has been extensively and exclusively reporting on Benghazi and the DHS.

Whether you consider former NSA contractor Edward Snowden a hero or a traitor, The Guardian’s June 6 report of Snowden’s NSA revelations confirmed my June 4 report of Hagmann’s NSA allegations against the spy agency.

According to Executive Order 12333, this is a violation of NSA’s mission which states in part: “no foreign intelligence collection by such agencies may be undertaken for the purpose of acquiring information concerning the domestic activities of United States persons.” Domestic intelligence gathering falls under the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) purview, not the NSA. Moreover “under Sec. 215 of the USA PATRIOT Act, NSA may acquire telephone metadata, such as the telephone numbers dialed and length of calls, but not the content of call or the names of the communicants.”

Deal with criminal lawlessness and siloviki out of control in your own country before you worry about Alexei Navalny.

Mr. X

Oh and Tovarisch Puppet @Wikihype -- up yours. Judging by the insane number of tweets you have no life, and get paid to Cointelpro troll Twitter all day. You're probably a fat slob who gets off on the power you think worshipping NSA and endlessly trolling any opponents of this regime gives you. The EBT card zombies when their food stamps get cut off in your city are going to overrun your apartment and steal all your food and leave you beaten half dead in the gutter. And no patriots with guns or cops will come and save you.

Mr. X

For those who may be on the fence or think the FISA court judges overall are nice guys because they're mostly GOP appointees -- if they can stretch the 4th Amendment and get around that annoying little piece of language about the particular place or things to be seized, why not just blow off the 2nd too? And if they blow off the Second, why not just authorize NSA with a blanket 'warrant' to catalogue every piece of ammunition or firearm purchased for that data base the BATF is prohibited by law from keeping but is kept in the servers of the Utah Data Center instead?

Something the NSA bootlicking fake Rightists like Craig Pirrong didn't think about, no doubt. Well Pirrong I suppose they'll steal your 401k and your guns last because you're such a regime loyalist.

Still think you're going to be on the winning team tyrant apologists?

Judging by the Quinnepac poll you're doing a bang up job of convincing Americans Snowden is a traitor.


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