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August 03, 2013


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Craig Pirrong

Hear, hear, Catherine. Keep it up.

Re Business Insider. This is the project of Henry Blodget. A project that he undertook after being banned from the securities industry for life due to his egregious conduct during the DotCom boom. (How's that for irony, eh? He was a flack for the technocommunists back then, and has just continued that endeavor by different means.)

I had the unique experience of testifying against him during the first (of many) arbitration actions filed against him for his conduct. Actually, the unique experience was watching *him* testify. You can't imagine the contortions that he went through to try to convince the panel that the phrase "POS company" he used in an email to describe a company he had given a strong "Buy" recommendation for didn't mean what any sentient being with an understanding of American idiom knew that it meant.

I saw the slimy snake perform, and learned never to trust a word that passes over his forked tongue.

IOW, he is a perfect flack for the copy-leftists.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

I had never heard any of this back story, thank you.

I've always felt that this publication was ill-named.

It's funny how the technocommunists gravitate to the whole pro-Russian thing, too.


yeah blodget is just another new media loser crook. he did his oprah moment and is logrolling on MIPS and the inability for most to google beyond the first page of paid/ or friends of links.

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