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September 29, 2013


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Alex K.

I don't approve of Greenpeace's action either for a number of reasons, the first being the heightened risk of an accident this pro-environment demonstration brought about.

However Russian prosecutors are using the obviously inappropriate charge of piracy to justify the two-month pre-trial detention of the activists. The Russian criminal code defines piracy quite clearly, and since the platform is not a ship and the activists were not robbers, it cannot be piracy.

I'm as sure as one can be sure about anything happening in Russia that they will be tried for something else, less serious than piracy. As a result, they will probably receive time served, which by that time may be more than two months. But the practice of early overcharging to justify pre-trial detention is indefensible. It's not limited to Russia - look at Italy for similar abuses - but it's still wrong.


interesting article, some goog points BUT:
'given that some were Russians, what to expect from the oppressive Putin government'

Putin govt is not oppressive, who has he oppressed?
1. Russia has given asylum to Edward Snowden., which since this actio weve seen Putin suddenly being a target by HR activists

2. Putin has acted to defuse tensions in the middle east by encouraging dialogue, rather than giving aid to terrorists or sending warships to make war..Syria is a case in point...its not russia engaged in belligerent acts of repression

Russia is tho a target for those who dont want russia to be a free and independent state, to which end they encourage dissidence, and seek ways to destabilise

my view is Greenpeace, a recognised organisation with a certian credibility, is being used as a means to test the waters to bring HR pressure on Putin and turn people against him by making him look like repressive.

' I don't want to live in a society where handfuls of extreme activists get to decide policy and impose their will by force (which is why I oppose Edward Snowden and Julian Assange).'

here is where youve gone wrong Snowden likely, and Assange certainly are not 'extreme activists': Wikileaks is a tool to disseminate leaks from whistleblowers
How is Julkian Assange 'extreme'?

but your thesis that activists could be used (by states) to sow dissent and strengthen opposition is valid

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Brian, obviously you hew to the Kremlin line. Why do leftists still do this so mindlessly in our day and age?!

1. Putin's giving of asylum to Snowden is a profitable move for this KGB chief, not some act of humanitarianism. He has sheared this hairless pig down to the bone. If you can't see the Putin government actions against gays, dissidents, demonstrators, migrants, etc. as oppressive, you have something wrong with you. Oh, see my first point, you are hewing to the Moscow line long after it has been utterly discrediting for the left to do so.

2. Putin has only paid for mass murder ($1 billion in arms to Assad), he has enabled and excused it with this cunning "diplomacy". No killing has stopped, and the chemical weapons are not removed. The US doesn't "give aid to terrorists." It supports opposition to mass murder as well it should in good conscience. If some of these rebels radicalize to Al Qaeda or aid ends up in AQ hands, that's hardly the US' fault, it's Russia's fault for propping up this tyrant in the first place. Just as it was for invading Afghanistan in the first place.

Um nobody needs to "destabilize" Russia from outside, it does that all its own with its own aggressive and brutal policies.

You don't have to "make" Putin look oppressive; he *is* oppressive.

His actions against Greenpeace are fully consistent with his policy of cracking down brutally on any foreign relationship to internal dissent (also known as "international solidarity" -- which people like you think is just fine when it comes to the Gaza Strip and deliberately provoking the violence of Israeli military forces and causing people's death -- funny, that.)

Read Assange's latest book. It is filled with extreme views of overthrowin liberal Western governments and replacing them with some extreme brand of anarchist collectivism which is more totalitarian even than Russia itself. Which is why he finds an affinity with the Kremlin.

Putin has succeeded in exploiting both WikiLeaks and Snowden, both of whom think they are the ones using the Russians, most likely.

Democratic states have every right to assist oppositions abroad and make common cause with them. Russians do no less in supporting illiberal antiwestern causes.

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