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September 14, 2013


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Thanks for a splendid overview analysis of RU geopolitics. I am of the opinion that with an under-experienced Obama and an over-rated Clinton, Russia managed to regain political parity with US to pre-1989 levels. With Kerry, the US may altogether be eclipsed by both RU and China. In ME, Egypt *kontrol* is still key, but if the generals begin to purchase arms, with Saudi funding, from RU/China usw. [cf. 1955 Czech deal] then US hegemony is over. This may not be so bad, as the Arabs will continue with their revolting habits, but *Arabist* State Department should re-assess their long-held views. As you say, Iran will always be allied with RU, but the latter cannot afford a nuclear-armed Iran, so it will be of interest to see how Putin handles that.

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