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October 20, 2013


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Catherine Fitzpatrick

Some other links to look at:

Kizone Kaprow

Entertaining reading. I look forward to browsing the nooks and crannies of your empire.

Whatever happened to the girlfriend?
Her 15 minutes of fame lasted about 6 1/2.


r u so keen to return Snowden to US hands?

its almost as if you were an agent of the US regime

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Of course Snowden should be returned to the US. He has committed massive crimes that are felonies in the US and should be investigated and tried. Russia should return him. You don't have to be "an agent of the US regime" to believe that, you just have to believe in the rule of law and international standards, which I do.

And the US doesn't have a regime, Russia does. That's why I don't have any use for Snowden.

Al Dorman

"All that said, I agree there's something about this which seems reminiscent of Russia—and that's The Snowden Operation itself. It reads exactly like internal Soviet documents about Andrei Sakharov, who, the Politburo fumed in 1975, was "divulging state secrets concerning the most vital defense issues of the country." And who was behind the Sakharov Operation? As Gen. Jack D. Ripper said to Peter Sellers in Dr. Strangelove, it's incredibly obvious, Mandrake:

The State Security Committee reports that US special services have been assigned a definite role in the anti-Soviet campaign "in defense of democratic freedoms in the USSR" which has been now unleashed...the new CARTER administration and well-known senators [are involved] in this operation.

So hopefully someday Lucas, Fitzpatrick, Pirrong, and Schindler will be able to get together with their Soviet and Iraqi equivalents. Only with their combined brainpower will it be possible to finally blow the lid off the whole Power Rangers situation."

Catherine Fitzpatrick

What nonsense. I knew Sakharov personally and he never divulged any state secrets. Trust me, if he had, the Soviet government would have had him in the deepest of GULAG labor camps, not in exile in Gorky. He was never charged with any such crime. And he always avoided even the appearance of such a thing -- he was the exact opposite of Snowden.

Carter made statements in support of Sakharov when he was exiled -- that was the right thing to do! Carter was known for making human rights a central part of foreign policy.

See that link for my extensive answers to this ridiculous slam by some Michael Moore operative at Mother Jones.

mark aster

Catherine, you are not reading that Sakharov allegation closely. It doesn't say that Sakharov actually divulged secrets, it says that the politburo accused him of those crimes and that the US was behind it, which is exactly what you are now saying about Snowden and Russia. You have become the Politburo, you have become that which you despise, rightly or wrongly.

There seems to be little proof that that is Snowden in that tabloid pic, no?

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Mark, you don't get the point being made here at all.

The issue isn't what the Soviet government accused Sakharov or not -- although actually, he was never accused formally by the Soviet judicial system of espionage in any form at all.

He also didn't in fact divulge secrets. That's the point!

He was completely different than Snowden, who stole and leaked state secrets. That's why he should never, ever win any Sakharov prize. Sakharov never stole secrets or leaked them; the government formally never charged him with this, in fact.

If there was some KGB campaign and public sentiment whipped up calling him for a traitor, it was in fact over his objection to the invasion of Afghanistan and the jailing of political prisoners and so on.

I'm nothing like the Politburo, because I'm stating the obvious facts of the situation here that no one denies: Snowden stole state secrets.

I haven't become "that which I despise" -- a lame propaganda trick to use if ever there was one. Meanwhile, you *remain* despicable for imagining that Snowden is good or accusing me of being wrong about Snowden or Sakharov for that matter.

Of course that is Snowden in the picture. He doesn't deny it, and he's with the same unidentified woman who is in the picture at the dinner with the former US spooks.

Meanwhile, that's Sarah Harrison as well.

LifeNews is a kind of branch of Russian intelligence, really, and gets news -- or makes it -- before others. Nothing surprising here.

Dhuko Romanov

Why did the dinosaurs die out?

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