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November 10, 2013


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David McDuff

The этап (Fr. étape) figures prominently in the writings of Dostoevsky - especially his prison memoirs - so it was obviously in operation well before the Stolypin era.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Hi, when I looked up the French, Wikitionary had "etappe" -- I should have taken a closer look as that was what they offered as an English transliteration. So I corrected that.

Yes, of course, well before Stolypin. I also translated a novel about the Russian-Turkish war and the Russian civil war and Central Asia (by Nurpeisov). And he describes the etap of course. There are lots and lots of books with etap in them. It has probably been around as long as trains have been around.

The Stolypin cars of course have a special place in people's minds associated with the prison system.

David McDuff

"Etappe" is the German word, I think.

Alex K.

To quote Vasmer, "Через франц. étаре "этап, переход, место остановки", ст.-франц. еstарlе из ср.-н.-нем. stареl "склад"..."

The German Etappe comes from the same old Germanic (Netherlands) "stapel," per Duden: "französisch étape, eigentlich = Versorgungs-, Verpflegungsplatz, ursprünglich = Handelsplatz < mittelniederländisch stapel, Stapel."

Verzilov says Nadezhda's destination is Krasnoyarsk Kray, but other prisoners say it's Irkutsk.

David McDuff

From today's news:

Активистов Гринпис этапируют в Санкт-Петербург.

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