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« Despite Crimean Referendum, Putin to Non-Russian Republics in Russia: Don't Try This at Home | Main | A Flawed Notion from Soros for an Information Offensive Against the Kremlin »

March 16, 2014


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(Sorry in advance for the language mistakes since I'm french and not at ease with English)
Great argumentation !
It's very convincing, but I fear that's because I used to believe Kremlin's propaganda and stopped being blind by reading on European Union and NATO History. So it's convincing for someone who is convinced more and more.

And it's pretty hard to fight the relativism that this propaganda built in minds. Because it gathers elements of reality that leave doubtful.

For example, the United States are blamed for abroad intervention: Iraq, Afghanistan, Lybia even if they were just backing, Syria, by helping rebels that are easily mixed with Al Nosra, I don't even mention Vietnam since it's easy to show how irrelevant this is, but, still, it is included in this way of thinking the failing american foreign Policy.
Plus, the UN are accused of 2 weights/2 graduations. Assad is accused of Human violations, but Saudi Arabia or even Yemen are not at the center of attention. It raises the conspiracy theory and relativism : Putin says that America shouldn't interfere with sovereign governments because their interventions are disastrous; Putin says that America and even France are acting for Saudi Arabia against Assad, by interest, and keep their mouth shut about Human violations for this country, or for the war in Yemen; Putin says the UN is not fair, so he doesn't has to respect UN.

And I must say, I fear that this relativism is exagerated, but for some reason, I can't fight those arguments... What do you think of that ?

And I Wonder... Why Putin is so interested in protecting Assad ? Is it about geostrategy ? Is it about paranoia ? Is it about resisting the West side influence ?
And what is the reality of this influence ? Nowadays we hear talking about extra-territoriality of american law, agressive pressure of US, etc. It is confusing... Maybe you have thought these questions and could bring some light here.

All the best

Catherine Fitzpatrick

If you used to believe the Kremlin's propaganda, than you had absorbed that kneejerk reaction to always say "What about?!" -- known as whataboutism -- in that endless quest to discredit the West.

It isn't hard at all to fight the "relativism" because it's malign and disregards proportion and scale and motivation.

All disinformation has elements of the truth, the best disinformation is "mainly true."

So what if the US is accused of abetting human rights violations? If it isn't this story it's another old story like Guatemala and El Salvador.

First of all, it actually isn't true that the US "keeps their mouth shut" -- read the State Department Country Reports which are often better than the State Department itself and its own statements.

It's not true that no one ever looks at Saudi human rights violations or Yemen's war because in fact they get enormous scrutiny and publicity as the "evidence of US hypocrisy" -- if the energy that people interested in exposing the US as hypocritical were applied as directly to the governments themselves which are the prime guilty parties perhaps we'd see more progress but the theory of "surrogate advocacy" perfected by Human Rights Watch always applies.

If you don't like Saudi policy -- and who could justify it -- then think about why it exists in the first place -- because Israel is surrounded by hostile Arab states who want to destroy it and because the US has few friends in the Middle East due to its determination to back Israel -- which is the right thing to do. Often Europeans don't think so, which is of course a disgrace.

So once the US has those policy goals, it is forced to pick such friends as it can, and they are not pretty. But the prime problem isn't Israel or the US but the hostile authoritarian Arab states and their anti-Israel hysteria and perpetuation of Palestinian aggression.

The same with Yemen -- don't like that policy? Then do something about anti-American terrorists, which is the original problem and not justified. And so on.

Then you don't like this crew that the US supports to fight Assad? Did you have some more perfect or even less bad coalition in the region to support against Assad, Iran, Hezbollah and their Russian benefactor? I didn't think so! So, again, highly imperfect, but it is what it is, and a reaction, not the original program.

As for asking why Russia protects Assad, I don't know where to start. Iran, Iraq and Syria have always been Soviet allies and recipients of Soviet aid and trade as part of Moscow's desire to dominate the Middle East, which included backing the PLA and other terrorist groups, setting up many of today's problems.

As for the "extra-terroritoriality of American law" -- quite a word for Scrabble -- again, so what? Don't like this thing you can use in Scrabble? Then settle the original problems that this is a reaction to, because a theory that might involve American world dominion due to the need for oil and gas doesn't work anymore nowadays.

There's nothing confusing here unless you need to "blame America first," and can't see the roots of the problem. Putin will always try to invoke US hypocrisy but it's not as if Russia is an effective tool to stop human rights abuses by Saudi or Yemen, given their history in the region.

Since so many of these issues have their root in the pan-Arabic determination to discredit and destroy Israel, ask yourself why that would be a good thing, and look at the map and see if the hysteria around Israel is justified. Also, see Soviet history.


Jy praat die grootste klomp poes wat ek al ooit in my lewe gehoor het
Daar is tog 'n rede hoekom mense altyd amerika eerste blameer, nie dat ek sê die russe is engeltjies nie, maar wow...
Ek weet eerste hands watse kak julle aanjaag. Dit is uiters immoreel om israel te verdedig. Hulle is niks anders as wat ons regering was nie. Jy behoort jouself te skaam

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