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« Snowden Follows His TV Stunt with Putin with a Cloying, Self-Serving Op-Ed Piece | Main | The Counterpropaganda Program the US Government Must Urgently Undertake »

April 20, 2014


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David McDuff

I stopped reading Soldatov's articles about 6 months ago.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Why? What do you think happened?

I began to get actively troubled when he critiqued the Western news coverage of FSB surveillance of Sochi -- even while conceding it. He picked on factoids that were irrelevant, in my view.

David McDuff

My sense is that practically all intelligence-related journalism originating in Russia now is likely to be distorted by the rapidly increasing political pressure there - it's possible to read between the lines of the reports and articles, of course, but am not sure that it's really worth the trouble in the end.

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