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May 04, 2014


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Lana D

Now that several dozen decent videos exist & there are also a few eye witness accounts INCLUDING one of the chiefs from the fire brigade/emergency services, it is so obvious your conjectures were mainly incorrect.

I wonder why you bothered writing such a long laborious & obviously biased piece?

Better yet - who is paying you?

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Nothing of the sort. I've been watching all kinds of films and I don't see anything that supports the Kremlin narrative or the separatist narrative wholly at all.

As I've indicated in subsequent posts here after this one, there is a mixture of blame. The Russian separatists decided to stand and fight. They knew an attack on their tent camp was coming. They deliberately gathered arms, food and medicine to have a fight -- their own supporters tell us this on videos.

The Ukrainians retaliated for the shootings at the soccer fan match, but they were also planning to destroy the tent camp. They didn't have a deliberate plan to chase people into a building and kill them with a fire. In fact, they helped them out of the building.

The most important thing these videos show is what a long period of time there was before the building caught on fire from the tent fire. Some people left. Others didn't. To their tragic fate.

Nobody is "paying me". That's ridiculous. This is an independent blog I do on my own for free in my spare time. Who pays you, that you think in these terms?

Ukrainian authorities have announced that they found guns in the building. When were you going to tell us that? There's the medical examiners' report -- I've reported on it. And so on. You're a provocateur.

us sitizen

The author of this article forgot to mention that pro-ukraines were finishing those who jumped out the windows but still were alive. What? conviniently forgot to mention that.Accidental fire? They were yelling burn them all inside befor fire spread.Are u ignorant or plain stupid?

Catherine Fitzpatrick

You don't sound very literate or very intelligence, "US Sitizen".

I've written extensively about the Odessa fire here, and I don't share your views at all. Perhaps people shouted "burn them," but Ukrainians also *saved them*. They did not force anyone to run into a building; they decided to occupy the building in advance, and brought in food and equipment.

There was a gunman on the roof who shot and injured and evidently killed some people below. People also threw Molotov cocktails from the roof, some of which caught the tents fire.

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