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August 03, 2014


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Catherine Fitzpatrick

I notice Casey Michael -- who is always very "subtly" pro-Kremlin and pro-regime in Central Asia, questions this statement:

"We all seem to forget in analyzing Ukraine endlessly that Putin has already been propping up Assad for years and leaving us utterly unable to cope with the largest crimes against humanity since Hitler and Stalin."

Why? Because Pol Pot comes after Hitler and Stalin, and he killed 1-3 million people.

So far, Assad has killed "only" one million so he is technically under-performing by contrast with Pol Pot.

Of course, the context here was Russia, and Russia's crimes after Stalin.

But whatever -- we can say "among the largest crimes" to satisfy the tender sensibilities of those so keen to make sure Putin never looks the worst.


One word: clarity

Two words: moral clarity

Excellent post.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

See this ridiculous twit fight which is predicated on Casey Michel's need to exonerate Putin:

My post was clearly in a context of Russia/Eurasia/Europe -- it's on the Minding *Russia* blog.

That's why I spoke of Putin's abetting of crimes against humanity as "the worst since Hitler and Stalin," because in this region, in situations involving RUSSIA, it sure is.

Michel intervened to fuss about Pol Pot to take the statement literally and imply "worldwide". I then incorrectly stated that Assad's victims numbered a million -- I mean at least 100,000 (not good with math, a great sufferer from dyscalcula).

In fact, as we know, and as any cursory Internet search can prove (and that's why it's silly to waste time trolling on something like this), the number of Assad's victims rapidly went from 80,000 to 170,000 and some would say even higher, 200,000. So let's say "only a quarter of a million" for Assad at the most.

Given that Pol Pot is "1-3 million," then sure, Pol Pot is worse than Putin-abetted crimes, including Assad.

But all you have to do to show that Casey Michel isn't operating in good faith here, and doesn't care about accuracy REALLY, or worldwide balance REALLY and is ONLY interested in letting Putin off the hook, is note what he forgot, in his keen quest to be "worldwide" -- as I mentioned: Bashir.

Bashir's victims (the Darfurians) number at least 200,000 or more. So on par with, or worse, by official tallies, than Assad. Yet he didn't think of Bashir. Bashir didn't matter. Only Pol Pot mattered.

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