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September 07, 2014


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I made many of the Russia-optimistic arguments on demography that Adomanis makes (indeed, a couple of years before Adomanis appeared on the scene), second I have actually met Eberstadt and rest assured he did not make a "run for my money," ( and since then my predictions if anything have been further vindicated ( Anyone forecasting that Russia would see positive population growth in 2014 (let alone natural increase) would have been dismissed as crazy in 2008 or even 2010.

Masha Gessen is a hack, an ideologue who does have a way with words but otherwise couldn't care less for far more minor journalistic/punditry requirements like factual accuracy, and as the recent episode with Arutunyan made clear, is also just a nasty piece of work in general.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Nick Eberstadt can run circles around a pathetic blogger like Adomanis.

I don't care about your predictions.

Everyone can read the facts (at least as we've gotten them from suspect Kremlin agencies -- and we do have to worry about them lying): they claim that 8 million people came out of nowhere to beef up the dwindling Russian population and reverse the trends.

Even if true, there are powerful forces fighting these positive results, if true, of the government being so desperate for people that they pay out cash to have babies.

And these forces as are well known are the huge statistics in Russia, dwarfing any others in Europe for:

o accidents
o suicide
o alcoholism
o drug abuse
o domestic abuse

So rant all you like, Karlin, you can't jump over the reality: Russia is in trouble, in many ways.

Gessen isn't a hack, but a real journalist, and you're jealous. You don't call people hacks just because you don't agree with them.

If she made an error, she can correct it. But her original article wasn't about nerdy fact-checking, it was about a more eloquent point: how hard it is to stay alive in Russia.

And since you're not in Russia, you must agree.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

As for Arutunyan -- totally disagree, as everything she said about Arutunyan was in fact true, and Rothrock in fact completely distorted the record on her supposed "defense," which was in fact an arcane argument with Arbats, not a defense.

I have an article on this coming out soon.

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