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« Sensational Document Published by Novaya Gazeta: ‘It is Seen as Correct to Initiate Annexation of Eastern Regions of Ukraine to Russia’ | Main | What I Think Is Going on In Moscow »

March 04, 2015


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I think you are right here Catherine. You're not the only one BTW. Luke Harding agrees that Putin could have done it.

The last part of VICE's investigation of Russian soldier deaths has an amazing scene where the reporter gets in a tazi after visiting a military hospital. Within a minute the taxi driver gets a call asking him questions about his fare.

Of course Nemtsov was monitored.

Robert Marchenoir

Dear Mrs. Fitzpatrick,

I'd like to ask you a question regarding your translation of Alexey Navalny's notable article about Nemtsov's murder in The Interpreter :

His theory, if I understand it correctly, is that Nemtsov was probably killed on direct orders from Russia's leadership, likely from Putin himself. Barring that, he might have been murdered because of regional politics.

He takes care to dismiss the "atmosphere of hatred" theory, according to which some nationalist group could have taken the initative without orders from the Kremlin, making the latter responsible but only in a political, not legal way.

Why, then, does he say : "I believe that Nemtsov was killed by members of a government (intelligence) or pro-government organization on orders from the political leadership of the country (including Vladimir Putin)" ?

The words used might be construed to cover some of the theories put forth by the Kremlin, including that Nemtsov was murdered by the CIA or the Ukrainian secret service.

Was it Navalny's intention to include those hypotheses, maybe in order not to antagonise Putin too directly ? Or did he mean to point only to the Russian government ?

CatherineFitzpatrick (@catfitz)

It isn't that Navalny dismisses the "atmosphere of hate" as a factor in political life -- he knows all too well its existence. But he points out it has been around for some years, and that the murder was likely perpetrated by a specific person with an agenda, not moved merely by an atmosphere.

Navalny is not at all talking about the CIA. The context here is definitely Russia. The Russian language doesn't have articles like "a, an, the" and therefore things that seem to be clear in a Russian context even without an article somehow can becoming ambiguous once they have an article in the English language.

The context of the sentence is his phrase "from the political leadership of the country (including Vladimir Putin). This isn't just any country but Russia, led by Putin, and it means his intelligence services.

If he wanted to float a hypotheses about foreigners, Ukrainians or the CIA he would have, but that's definitely not part of his point anywhere.

Catherine Fitzpatrick

It's also important to note -- as I did on Twitter -- that in the case of Nemtsov, there is proof that he was followed -- there are the photographs that Albats took of the agents following him outside the restaurant during his birthday party -- and the testimony of the waiters in the restaurant that he was followed. She has posted those photos.

Of course Nemtsov was STALKED by the killers too! The court testimony and findings of the Investigative Committee -- officially -- show that he was watched at his home as early as September 2014 -- which means that "Charlie Hebdo" -- January 2015 -- could not be the reason for any animosity against him by Muslims. The Chechens were contract killers and it was not about any perception of insult of Muslims -- which soliarity with journalists massacred by Islamist terrorists wouldn't mean in any event.

There are the women on the bridge observed to follow him, then make a quick getaway down the stairs on the bridge when he is shot. There is reason to believe they are the FSB agents (it's not only male agents who follow males!)

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