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June 29, 2015


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Anon Ankle-biter

Sorry, I don't get it. You've invested all this work—stalking, really—just to prove that Ms. Mills is in Moscow. Since Glenn Greenwald reported at The Intercept in October 2014 that "EDWARD SNOWDEN'S GIRLFRIEND, LINDSAY MILLS, MOVED TO MOSCOW TO LIVE WITH HIM," has anyone seriously questioned that she is there? What you're doing here is creepy.

Aron Cikac

I don't get it. She's in Moscow? So what?

Prokofy Neva (@Prokofy)

I don't accept Edward Snowden's statements on *anything*, even what day it is (especially what day it is, given his chronic lies about being "stranded" when the State Department "pulled his passport in mid-air" when in fact it is reliably established that it was pulled THE DAY BEFORE the day he boarded a plane for Moscow.)

Nor do I accept anything said by his scribes and fanboyz. I like to find outside verification of the claims. I think this is pretty compelling information from my geolocation here that she visited Moscow; we don't know if she MOVED there.


great work!
It's quite easy. Take it as a game. Snowden is hidding / hidden in Moscow. Who can localize him first?

Let me help you a bit. Update your work with the following information:
Lindsay is standing at this bridge:,37.5775926,3a,60y,328.16h,92.89t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sCY7LSyL1G7X0ServgjRPmg!2e0!7i13312!8i6656!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x46b54b7f3fa078f7:0x1d367cda2339e338!2sVorobyovy+gory!8m2!3d55.7115933!4d37.561049!3m4!1s0x46b54c65861c8b15:0xdd919056f6d7dd2c!8m2!3d55.7050671!4d37.5278445!6m1!1e1

Still close to where you point her out. As she is running, this photo might be further away from their apartment than the other photo near the stadium. Obviously there they went by feet. But maybe they simply photograph in specific distance from their apartment.

What would help your readers is a map of locations that you found snowden / his girlfriend. Then you can do the next step of logical assumptions / hypothesis. I leave this step up to you. Looking forward to see your updated report!

Catherine Fitzpatrick

@Aleksey - um, in the second photo, Lindsay is not "standing on a bridge," she's sitting on the edge of a river which would be under a bridge. That's what I started with the geolocate the buildings on the horizon.

The pink pastel building to the left of the bridge which I geolocate here is the exact same pink pastel building from the bridge you showed in Google Street View, which I looked at in getting these geolocations.

So there is nothing to "update" and you're just trying to be a smart-ass.

We don't know if this is near their apartment, and I didn't say it was. The only thing established here is that she was in Moscow. She may not even STILL be in Moscow but likely she is.

The apartment is heavily guarded by the GRU/FSB/whatever and is not something they will photograph.

I don't believe it is possible to locate Snowden given the information we had. I did spend a lot of time geolocating the curb, the shopping cart etc from that picture of him in the supermarket shopping lot. But it was imprecise. My guess is he is the GRU complex in a safe apartment there in the southwest of Moscow. But who knows.

There isn't any map and I'm not playing any game. Lindsay was geolocated. By the bridge you showed -- but she was not standing on it, she is in the picture SITTING on the edge of the river.

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