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Anthony Abbott

Fitzpatrick the clearly inaccurately self-described "... human rights activist, and long-time student of international affairs. Particularly interested in human rights, civil society, and liberal democracy." neglects to mention the fact an American newspaper columnist and Sarah Palin have both called for the hunting down and killing of the Australian civilian Julian Assange who still is NOT CHARGED BY AMERICAN AUTHORITIES.

Thankfully due to Julian's efforts with Wikileaks the world did get to see and hear the American Troops in a helicopter gunship killing innocent children, civilians and Reuters reporter and cameraman.

As a "long-time student of international affairs" and a "human rights activist" who is "Particularly interested in human rights, civil society, and liberal democracy." please tell us your human rights activist, and long-time student of international affairs on this Catherine?

Catherine Fitzpatrick

Why would the fact that a non-elected political figure, and another elected political figure (Huckabee)have spouted inappropriate extremities take away from my points here? It wouldn't at all. It doesn't matter what some official or civic figure says about the solution to the problem of the enormous challenge to the US posed by WikiLeaks' assault on a democratically-elected state.

Indeed, it's right of these officials to espouse any philosophy they like in a free society with a free press and free association. Their statements, while extreme, don' t rise to the test of "incitement of imminent violence" under the Supreme Court interpretation, so they can't be arrested.

Um, what, we're supposed to jail *them* for free speech yet not jail Assange?!

Assange is not only a thorough jerk; he's a cultic loon. I've trashed his lame ideology on my other blog 3dblogger.typepad.com/wired_state I don't know if his offenses rise to the test of qualifying as crimes, but that's not my problem, it's the FBI's problem. My job is to point out the immorality of his views, and their rabid nihilism -- far from actually "opening up governments" as he claims, he admits that his goal is to bring the US to its knees by deliberately forcibly opening classified information to harm the US and confuse it and make it close and be rendered ineffective.

I like and appreciate my free democratic country and I see no reason why WikiLeaks, which targets primarily the US, whatever its claims to occasionally caring about some African dictator, should succeed in its destructive and untenable mission. It attacks the freest country in the world with the most liberal press...because it can. Not because it deserves to be attacked. And has no plan at all for dealing with terrorism.

(I'm not aware of who the "newspaper columnist is," but so what).

The American troops did not deliberately kill innocent children. They couldn't even see there were children in the van. The question *I* ask about that disgraceful tendentious propaganda is: what kind of adult driving around with children stops in the middle of a combat scene to pick up a wounded person being shot at?! Good Samaritan, or combatant himself? Good Samaritan, or somebody who doesn't value his own children's safety?! Regardless of the story, there's no way that American troops could see that that van had kids in it, and they are not responsible for shooting *kids*. They shot at *armed persons wandering around with guns clearly on their shoulders*. End of story.


So I unabashedly and fearlessly push right back at your tendentious bullshit here. I'm a perceptive long-time student of international affairs and a good human rights activist. Precisely because I want the real facts to be told, and not tendentious nonsense concocted by snivelling kids who have only a completely outrageous and myopic and infantile rewarmed Leninist ideology to guide them, and not universal human rights and truth.


This is lame even by your standards, which is no mean achievement. LOL.

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