Classic oak desk $100 Country Living
Copper Floor Lamp - Laramie Traders $75 at Timber Creek Outfitters

Banned -- and Unbanned From Country Living!

Had no idea the very creepy Sinister Sadist is associated with this store.




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Prokofy Neva

Why do I call for a boycott? Because I was banned from this store by Sinister Sadist, a documented bad actor.

The owner of the store then denied having anything to do with Sinister Sadist. I said maybe he is the owner of the sim from whom he rents, I often find that when I am banned, it's from the odious Kalyrra Rentals for example, someone I frequently condemned for crapping up the Mainland with ad farm signs to sell their island rentals -- until finally the Lindens stopped allowing that (after years of protests).

Then the owner said he rents from Blaccard Burke. Well, he's no favourite of mine either, I seem to recall him unable to take criticism, and perhaps I banned him somewhere so he is reciprocating, it doesn't matter.

I told the Country Living guy (Spanks) that Blaccard is indeed related to Sinister, just look at their group. I don't think he's an alt but he's in the group.

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