FINALLY all this stuff is rezzed. I can't see the point of Meowmat
This newborn is called Karney and is a petite. Like his eye colour

I've long wondered - how do you package up the cats to sell? This box is apparently it

But it doesn't say that. And it doesn't say that ANYWHERE on the Google
docs manual or anything I could find.

They always tell you to "join the group". No I don't want to listen to
chatter all day and deal with precious and touchy mods that always haunt
these groups.

They should have a kittycats Quickstart:

1. How do I feed my cat? By the food in the store here, the more expensive
is the better buy per unit.

2. How do I breed my cat? Make sure they have energy, fun, love (or
whatever those things are called) at X levels and away you go.

3. What happens if I can't take care of my cat, can I pause it?



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Ellen Ross

That's the repacker for a KittyCat less than 24 hours old.

You don't actually need to put a KittyCat in a box to sell it. A KittyCat can be sold either boxed (New Born Kitten) or live (the price is set from an edit menu) except for the free cats given away by the KC company about three times a year. Those free ones are non-transferable unless they are permapetted.

I wish it were possible to pause a cat and keep it from aging! If you put it in your online cattery without food, or leave it in your inventory (it can't eat while it is in inventory), after three days it will hit 100% hunger and it will be "sick," requiring a week's food or a special vitamin to recover. On the brighter side, the sick cats with their little beds and thermometers are actually rather cute, and they never die. They just age out of breeding.

Ellen Ross

You might be thinking of the live cats that are "set to image" (I call it flat-catting them) but although they look more box-like, and they take up fewer prims so a shop can display more of them, they aren't boxes and they still need to eat.

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