I've long wondered - how do you package up the cats to sell? This box is apparently it
Saelig is going to give Roy tips on breeding

This newborn is called Karney and is a petite. Like his eye colour

I just have a simple goal, to get a set of the kinds of cats you can have,
let's say I have one Bigga da Big, one teacup, so I could add petite like
this one, maybe there's a few others. I have no idea how you are supposed
to breed them for certain traits or rares and don't have time to learn. The
sions were like that too and I never mastered it, I just kept certain
colours I like.



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Ellen Ross

I currently have more cats than I need, so I would be glad to help you put together a collection. Since we have to feed them to breed them, most of mine are still sitting in their boxes in the online cattery.

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