So the Lindens, who read that, and are nasty, and like to stick it to me put this on auction -- then
You CAN partner a MegaPuss with a TeaCup -- It's All Fine

So if you look at the map of our little pond now you see it is threatened due to poor Linden mgt

When they first created this sim 12 years ago, they should have made all
the water Linden land. If that seems like "too much," let me suggest that
the abandonment they get at these locations due to people hijacking inland
water is way too much, and way too much more.

Note we also have a "water sale" here. I was offered first dibs to buy it,
but I don't have 14,000 tier and I refuse to buy the view. I thought of
trying to convince the owner to chop it up and only take the most emergency
border but then I said, no, I don't want to spend money and tier on a pond
that might be crapped up arbitrarily by a buyer over there on the other



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