$425 for Llorisen sky box
So the Lindens, who read that, and are nasty, and like to stick it to me put this on auction -- then

So, the Lindens read my forums comments under Mainland about Abandoned land -- here's a perfect ex

It's waterfront, it's prime (disregard the lumpy terraforming, that's
fixable), it's on a nice lake, it has sat here easily more than a year.
This is the land that the Kawaii Mall owner, now MIA, planned to get the
Lindens to put on the auction last year, and which he'd guarantee himself
to win by putting up the ugly mall in front of it so no one else would be

Now he's gone, and who knows what we'll get. I'm sure not going to bid for
Linden land on the wild auction and this parcel is 4608, so it eats up a
$25 US tier subscription with 4096 plus the "free" 512.

UPDATE: For those of you who complain that I'm seeing malice behind what is in fact good will, you don't know your Lindens like I do after 13 years living amongst them. Perhaps one might speculate that some well-meaning Linden who read my forums post said, oh, let's get some more of that waterfront abandoned land we've left sitting for years on the auction, Prokofy has a point!

But for them to put THIS waterfront that they have left for years and know about perfectly well (as they have run auctions on this little pond for other parcels in the last few years, some with disastrous results) does mean that YES, they are sticking it to me. There isn't a neighbour who wants to buy it -- I know all my neighbours and we cooperate constantly. There MIGHT be some land flipper who just chanced to see it and asked the Lindens to put it to auction. There might even be forums harassers who decided to harass me in this fashion even though they have no intention of buying this land -- that is VERY likely as always in anonymous and vindictive SL.

Still, my very long experience in these matters lets me know that the Lindens went and set this land knowing they could a) look good like they were "doing something" b) stick it to me c) for ever more, be able, like Eddie Haskell, to say they didn't mean anything bad by it and I'm the problem.

They know full well that a) I don't have the tier for this land and won't buy it b) I haven't bought anything on their auction for probably a year, because it's a fool's errand

They do know that because there isn't THAT many transactions on the Mainland such that they are overwhelmed with customers who buy their land. Please. 

Anyone who loses 15,000 items in an ridiculous inventory loss due to bugs, not my error, and who has experienced all kinds of other strange harassment, indulgence of griefing by them, strange one-day bans for mysterious reasons, etc. is simply not likely to buy land from them. And it's not about me. Others who have experienced inventory loss, griefing, view destruction problems (de-rendering does not solve these, please) etc. tend to not want to buy land from the Lindens. They need to fix all these things not just fix quick technical solutions or harass people like me who actually pay them tier.



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