So, the Lindens read my forums comments under Mainland about Abandoned land -- here's a perfect ex
So if you look at the map of our little pond now you see it is threatened due to poor Linden mgt

So the Lindens, who read that, and are nasty, and like to stick it to me put this on auction -- then

likely seeing that land go purple, two tenants on the waterfront fled.
Maybe they fled for other reasons, but they had been there on and off for

This water which I was forced to buy from Mr. Kawaii Mall last year "to
save the view" is only half rented, i.e. I put up 4 skyboxes and they never
seem to rent. I've discovered that trying to put skyboxes over water as a
solution to having to buy water seldom works fully. Doesn't seem to be a
good reason for this.



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