Home & Garden Expo Contest -- MJ Zaurak and the Granelda House
Home & Garden Expo Design Contest: A Retired British Civil Servant's Paradise

My Entry in the Home & Garden Expo Decoration Contest -- Final

So here I'm going to do a final walk-through and shopping guide of my entry in Home & Garden Expo Design Contest -- more than you wanted to hear, but it's more for my own benefit because it involved thinking through certain problems and solutions.

The back story is this: The time is the 1960s -- the furthermost date we have is the snippet of "Yesterday" on the bulletin board which would put us in 1965. If this fellow fought in the Spanish Civil War, that would make him born around 1918; let's say he was 21 during the war (1936-1939) and now in 1965 he's already in his late 40s. He has worked as a journalist, explorer etc. and then later as a travel writer. He continued to spend some free time hunting. He has this "Writer's Retreat" which is like a camp in the Adirondacks with this rustic house. There was this girlfriend, but "Why she had to go? I don't know, she wouldn't say. I said something wrong. Now I long for yesterday.  Most likely, but maybe she died.

Front yard of the Buccaneer house:

H&G Contest_022

Front entrance

H&G Contest_023

Living room.


H&G Contest_024


H&G Contest_025

Hunting corner

H&G Contest_026

"Psycho" cabinet.

H&G Contest_027


H&G Contest_028

Den wall.

H&G Contest_029

Artisan Fantasy cabinet

H&G Contest_030

"Kitchen"/food prep area

H&G Contest_031

Spanish Civil War photos (converted from "Genoa" photos by THOR) PS Did you know that Capra has been exonerated from the claim that this was a staged photograph after exhaustive research?

H&G Contest_032

You could cam around a house a hundred times as I did and still miss this little hidey-hole -- behind the staircase. Too bad I didn't notice, I would have put something in there. I'm not sure what...That lamp is the house creator's.

H&G Contest_033


H&G Contest_034

Study wall and Hemingway chair.

H&G Contest_035

Side garden.

H&G Contest_036

Roof-top patio.

H&G Contest_037

Roof garden.

H&G Contest_038

Back porch.

H&G Contest_039

Back porch.

H&G Contest_040

"Security". Now, how can there be such an anachronistic thing as a mini-drone in 1965? Well, maybe in his adventures he got one that the government was experimenting with... But I actually think it's good to have a marker somewhere that this is a story, a scene, an invention, and one way to do that is to stick something anachronistic into it.


H&G Contest_041

Here's the Shopping Guide:


RFL Items (purchased at the Expo):
Front entrance -- HHVET Victoriana - Pupper Planter by Ivy Delacrux
Back porch -- ~AB~ Pachypodium Palm and ~AB~ Chinese Palm by Azalea Bluebell
Study -- Z.O.E. Staircase Bookends


Other credits:
Outside front yard:
T-Spot Wild Carrot Plants in a Line Color A
T-Spot Wild Carrot Plants in a Line Color C
HHVET Victoriana - Pupper Plante

Side yard:
[Schultz Bros.] 12. Cherry Tomatoes
BOX [Schultz Bros.] 12. Cherry Tomatoes

Roof Deck:
Turtle Pond by Simply Shelby
Apple Fall Chester Outdoor Dining Table
[SF] Sirloin Steak
Steak Sauce by Thaino Designs
Bad Katz Steak Dinner
*:..Silvery K..:*Tomato Giver(2Li)
Kitchen Korner KK - BBQ Ribs Basket
Zinnias Adobe BBQ CJLGG Hunt Prize 2017
{what next} Dahlia Outdoor Drinks Cart (tintable wood)
Single Row of Growing Strawberry Plants by Lunar Tripsa
Sparrows Love Strawberries by Lunar Tripsa
Cosmos Small Round Garden with Summer plants
7 - Seven Scientific Telescope
7 - Telescope Box

Back Porch and Entrances:
[ContraptioN] Wainwright's Toys: Ornament Drone *???* v1.0
~AB~ Pachypodium Palm
~AB~ Chinese Palm
Atmo-Wind - Cornfield Rustling 1:50 by Hastur Pierterson
Cricket by Apotheus Silverman with loop by Eep Quirk
Lark - FC Rocking Chair (A)
{LORE} Woodland Table
R(S)W Cookie Tin - No-Drama Llama

Front Entrance:
[DDD] New Onion Garden Plot - 1x4
[ keke ] watering can - zinc
..::THOR::.. Vintage DIY Entryway
[ keke ] rug 43 . deer . cream
Lark - Flower Press Closed - 2 2
8f8 - 11. Our Secret Hideout - Bird Spot with loopsound + on/off for instruments by Eep Quirk and Birds by eudois of Ed's Place.

POE6 * Winter Dressing Screen by SEQUOIASTYLE by Sequoia Nightfire
Vagabond - Paisley's Wardrobe
Apple Fall Fern Specimen
Apple Fall Unknown Specimen
[V/W] Breeze Perfume C05
~TBR~ Lilly of the Valley PERFUME (Wear Me)
[CB] Upstairs Armoire (touch drawers for rezzer menu) - Cedar Bay
POST: DeWitt All-Purpose Console (sm)
POST: DeWitt Shaving Mirror
POST: DeWitt Enamelware Basin (water)
POST: Fabron Aftershave (group)
POST: DeWitt Straight Razor
Lilith's Den Rustic Wedding Bed Couch
ERSCH & Le Coq D'or - TRIBE Gacha 07 Hair Clip
..::THOR::.. 4- The Stacked Blankets
Lark - Imaginarium Librarium Roots
LISP - Mulberry Vintage Jewel Rug - Mint
LISP - Mulberry Vintage Jewel Rug - Chocolate

Living Room:
cinphul // specimen [aerq - feint]
Lark - Flower Press Open - 1 RARE with Rez Object on Touch by Old Bohemian and Dried Leaf Flower Texture 2 by Enchantedgal-Stock
[IK] Craft Room - Table (Insurrection)
.::THOR::.. Skull Dreamcatcher RARE
Hunters Kiss - Deer - by hyasynth Tiramisu
..::THOR::.. Old Hunting Trophy with Play sound on touch by Medhue Simoni and deer sound by DD Graced
(luc) Driftwood Glass Bowl V1
~RB~ Red Deer Terrarium
(luc) Driftwood Glass Bowl V1
Shaman by Loren Zafeiri
~RB~ Red Deer Terrarium (Raikira Belfire)
..::THOR::.. Mojave Rug
Lark - Homemade Paper - 5 1
Dark Wood Tantalus - Kittycat's (Kittycat Ninetails)
Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper
..::THOR::.. Handmade Coffeetable
*AF* Hacienda Arm Chair
*AF* Hacienda Couch - Cuddles
[-BLUE SKY-] Mohave Cactus - Tribal
Fancy Decor: Geode Mobile (touch to spin)

Back Entrance:
rifle in chest 4 prim complete by Laika
FAC Deer Trophy And Rifle Display (Fairy Angel Creations) with shotgun by Kaboom Karlfeldt
Binoculars by Ex Machina
Saddle Ridge logo Cap - Duck Hunter
[IK] Craft Room - Bureau
{CdB} Japanese Cabinet (Casa de Bebe)
[ keke ] seven secrets
[ keke ] the psychopath
[WT] 7.62x54 Spam Can by Michael Hatfield
SPELL : Absinthe Safebook (modified)
:BAMSE: The Poet - Gun
::GB::Western boots / Black
Concept} 02. Escape. Suit case + books

LISP - Craftsman Fireplace - Touch on/off Fire - Jade (modified)
FLWVM 1yr Lantern-v.2-green by Terra Tepper
Midwinter Candlestick 3LI by Del-ka Aedilus
*AF* Milltown Hand Blown Glass Sculpture
LISP - Mulberry Vintage Jewel Rug - Chocolate
LISP - Art Deco Sofa - Blue - touch shadow for phone - swirl
LISP - Reclaimed Grandma Chair - Birds Green
FINAL TurnbuckleSideTable by Maxwell Graf (thanks for donation)
-tb- Rotary Phone - Yellow with dial sound by Kaboom Karlfeldt and sound script by Medhue Simoni
Mesh Old Wooden Tray by Katelyn Barom
[AG] Round Geode - High LI by Logan Bauer
NOMAD // Lily of the Valley A
Fancy Decor: Turtle Shell 2
Haruka Aoyagi ART PANEL - Evening
YURI ART PANEL - White Coat Goddess of Mersy
Fancy Decor: Turtle Shell 1
Haruka Aoyagi ART PANEL - Sweet scent
*AF* Collector's Chest Ultra Rare (Artisan Fantasy - thanks for donation after my inventory loss).

..::THOR::.. Old Halfmoon Table
*MC* Last Summer Days / Books Letters & Paperweight #16
brocante. farm bucket sapling / green
ionic : la mesa del pueblo with ax chopping by ekaterina visconit
Ogi Crate cutting block by Ama Galaxy
Adorably Strange Wares/SIGMA/ tray (AO) (modified)
[MB] Sushi Restaurant-Soy soce
..::THOR::.. Old Genoa Photo Holder
Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Knife Strip
*AF* Juice Stand Cutting Board Veggies with play sound on touch by Medhue Simoni and chopping kale sl by Mark Winterfield
[ keke ] hard to find bowl 3 - mint
-David Heather-Soap Dish
..::THOR::.. Dirty Coffeeshop Sink (modified)
Vintage Ice Box Eb by StoraxTree
brocante. farm bucket stack / green
..::THOR::.. Hunting Knife With Polaroid (draggable) with Madonna image
..::TH::.. Cutter
*LODE* Head Accessory - Iris [red] 2
..::TH::.. Leaf 3
..::TH::.. Magnifying Glass..:
:TH::.. Botanical Book
..::TH::.. Wooden Plank Table
..::TH::.. Wood Slice Stool
Kellye's Kitchen Pistachio Salad
Marrakesh Door by RubyStarlight Writer

Music: Kurt Elling - Bonita Cuba (Media On a Prim). Thanks to Whirly Fizzle for tech assistance.
floorplan. hemingway chair
OHeMO - decor pillow (resizeable) extra object
:: N :: Lancaster Worktable (Newchurch)
Road to Morocco Camel Music Box v1.5 by Liam Metaluna
..::THOR::.. Model Kit Box with mortar sound by Kaboom Karlfeldt and sound script by Medhue Simoni
Map and Map holder - Ex Machina Livingstone
..::THOR::..11-The Travel Memories
*Secret Shelf* Texture Change Map
..::THOR::.. 11-The Travel Memories 3
..::THOR::..11-The Travel Memories 2
ionic : Stories From the Mountain (Frames)
Pewpew! Plane Toy - Mustard (Touch for Rotation)
Apple Fall Model Plane - Large

ionic : Young and beautiful Drawing by Duluduleau <3
:BAMSE: The Poet - Desk RARE
:BAMSE: The Poet - Chair RARE
:BAMSE: The Poet - Typewriter
:BAMSE: The Poet - Documents with Apple Recycle Sound by Whirly Fizzle and sound script by Medhue Simoni
1984 by George Orwell prop by Prokofy Neva with Summon Spirit script by Innula Zenovka
..::THOR::.. Vintage Aircraft Project1 with sound by Kaboom Karlfeldt and sound script by Medhue Simoni
Ocean Paperweight by Prokofy Neva with coral by Akira Iceghost and ocean sound by Ed's Place
..::THOR:::. Donkey Cap with donkey sound by Ed's Place and sound script by Medhue Simoni
[ keke ] metal box w thyme
[Merak] - Old Travel Documents
32 - 8f8 - Storyteller's Burrow - Pipe Set with match sound by Ed's Place and sound script by Medhue Simoni
[BMS] FT Film Can by blossom Adamski
Milly keepsake box by Thaino Designs
AsteroidBox. 1940s Camera - Dirty Decor with camera sound by Ed's Place and sound script by Medhue Simoni
..::TH::.. Metches Box "Kraken Book"
[ zerkalo ] Antique Memories - Leather Journal
:BAMSE: The Poet - Steel Vault with click by kaboom Karlfeldt and sound script by Medhue Simoni

Raindale - Bitterwood bookshelf
Apple Fall Old Coat
:: N :: Dakkar Shipyard Shelving, Copper (Newchurch)
Z.O.E. Staircase Bookends
Art Oluja Blinking CYlent
cinphul // Gotrik Offering Platter [Nite]
*AF* Collector's Beetle Dome
*AF* Collector's Butterfly Dome
..::TH::.. Inkwell Storyteller
..::TH::.. Nautilus Static Model with sound by Mark Winterfield and sound script by Medhue Simoni
{C&C} Lapis Lazuli Pyramid on Pillow (Candle and Cauldron)
*AF* Collector's Arrowheads
.Bee designs :. Indian gacha Godess
..::TH::.. Adventure Book Set 2..
..::TH::.. Adventure Book Set 1
~Libertine~ Collectable Egg 02 "Odyssey"
*AF* Collector's Prized Egg
PILOT - Aviation Book Stack
SQ Carpet "Indian Ruins" - (SunQueen Ginsburg Another Fantastic Carpet from Where Worlds Collide)


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