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Ravenglass and SL Public Land Preserve Featured on "Designing Worlds"

This was quite remarkable! I was invited to show Ravenglass and SL Public Land Preserve on the "Designing Worlds" virtual world TV program.

The hosts are Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Riel and they do a remarkable job of rendering our world and its experiences. They are both professionals in RL.


DW374 - Prokofy Neva & Ravenglass from Richard Elen on Vimeo.

Two corrections -- and the mistakes are entirely my fault.

First, the "Italianate" village that we land on in Carlisle that I say is "French or Italian or something" is actually SPANISH. Goddamn, Americans are so dumb. I've been to Europe any number of times, I even studied French and I see Spanish every day in New York but somehow I had "Italy" on the brain with those bright villas. You can tell from words on the stores like "La Lubina" (which means "bass" as in the fish bass in Spanish) that this is a SPANISH build. Also there's a sign for Estrella Damm, which is a lager beer, brewed in Barcelona, Spain. Details, Prokofy! I wonder if the builder (Lichi Moonwall) will be pissed off, but you know, he spelled the lager "Damn" on the sign -- maybe an inside joke? And he named the build "Paisaxe Cuideiru Backdrop" -- which is why I thought "French" -- not entirely unreasonable (paysage?) but in fact it's Galician for the phrase "Landscape Care" according to Google Translate -- which BTW is terrible for Russian and many things which is why you need to still hire live translators like me : ).

BTW, if you want to see what this build is SUPPOSED to be besides jammed into Prokofy's rentals, see this fashion blog or this one or this one. See what I mean? So far I have one very happy tenant here, though, check out the vacant ones, the Bellagio villa in the sky in marvelous.

SO then the other mistake I made that no one but one person will notice -- but that matters! -- the person who is a very frequent visitor to this sim who said it is "the most beautiful in SL" is NOT RUSSIAN. He's BELARUSIAN. And I of all people know this and I can't believe I stupidly said "Russian" like an ignoramus would. Well, actually, he's American now but his heritage is BELARUSIAN which is definitely separate from Russia -- and not getting that is like saying "the Ukraine" -- you just can't do that.

Here's a list of the locations you'll see in the show, both in the film part and the stills taken by Wildstar Beaumont, with the main builders and content creators noted -- but do come and visit and see everything first hand!


Dryads' Retreat building by Markus Inkpen

Elf Homes
Vanya Sulis by Naeve Greybeard

(Referenced not shown)
Shaman's Hut

Ravenglass Commons
POST: Peel Farmhouse
LAQ, GreatScot McMillan, Nomad

Bed & Breakfast on Grote
Home by Barnesworth Anubis

The Atrium at Ravenglass Hall
[f] Maester's Ravenry {On the Road Kings & Queens v1} by Jane Fetiocci
{vespertine}- aviary RARE

Paisaxe Cuideiru Backdrop by The Bearded One

Apothecary store by Spell

Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria - build by SuluMor Romulus

Ravenglass Hall Celtic Tower by Foolish Frost

Ravenglass Docks by Shack Dougall

Ravenglass Commons

Celtic Mystical Forest -- much of this builds comes from the CELTIC MYST series by *•..mAgIcK Designs..•*. Also parts by Green Fairy, ILOLAIR, 8f8, Simply Shelby.

Moon Temple by Dragon Magick Wares

Dryad's Retreat
Painting: Burning Bush by ToySoldier Thor
*IOLAIR* Round Table "Camielot" Mesh
Painting: Grass Gnome by ToySoldier Thor
Green Man (framed) by Magdalena Andrew
Dryad's Pitcher by Cerridwen's Cauldron
OTB! Peacock Plummage Lavender Vase and Music vase, Guitar music by Cassina Moonglow
*HEXtraordinary* Bonsai Dryad - Springtime Meadow

Cliff of the Dryad ( rocks ) by 3rd Eye Perceptions
*•..mAgIcK Designs..•*

Paisaxe Cuideiru Backdrop by The Bearded One


Pilot's Dream
Traveler's set by Ria Bazaar
Take the Teleporter for More Surprises in the Sky!

Pharos Lighthouse
Built by SuluMor Romulus
Planet Station
Mystic Mana Planet by Zyn

Belarus Whispering Witches
Scarlet Creative Nikolai Dacha
Russian Cabin by Adamorus
Shed and sim design by Jessica Ornitz

Botany's Grove (Botany is the wife of Foolish Frost)

Botany's Grove Pub by Foolish Frost
Mermaid's Falls by Styx Maven

The Alchemist
Alchemy Lab by Koshari Mahana

The Lost Garden of Slosser designed by Kei Mars
Snow White set by Spell

Installation by Prokofy Neva
The Disappeared
Belarus Free Theater directed by Nikolai (Kolya) Khalezin

Ruthless Review and Editing of Redeux Gifts

SO, I'm never sentimental about free gifts at events, I think they should have less of them. I examine each one before I take it, then I still throw some out when I get home and unpack.

BTW among this batch you will likely see an earlier Redeux gifts round I didn't get to.


This is Tuliptree, where I have 0.66/prim rentals but you have to have PAYMENT ON FILE. It's my one community that has that, where people can hide from abusive partners who make alts.


So here's the Redeux loot, and maybe some other stray stuff.


So here's a Roawen sub stump -- nope, I never put out anything like that. A sign labelling somebody in disgrace to humiliate them? No thanks! In the bg there you can see the best thing out of this bunch -- the flower rack. I will put that out at the Whispering Witches and get a better pic.



This is from Myth, it did not make the cut even for motel art at the Flamingo.


The rugs are ugly, but shelter/tent things like this I tend to keep for the camp.


Spyralle had a Korean lamp -- there it is. Suitcases I collect or I'd throw this one out. I hate signs with words, and especially this Elizabeth Warren type stuff -- delete.


Simply Shelby's butterfly I might toss as I don't like words but it's good for the Hippie Witch. Tiara's crown is great, a keeper.


This wonderful. A nature mask. 30 prims. But I'll put it out at the Dryads' Retreat. F&M is the author.


This is Shelby again -- a shelf that I can't figure out, can't understand where I could fit it, so it goes.


The colour is what annoys me here.


Spyralle's hair comb, I think from an earlier round, is a keeper and this Myth crown from this round is also a keeper.

There was a dandelion poofer too -- can't find it now, will keep.


50L Friday is a Bust; Redeux is OK; Rewind Summer of Love has a Few Things; Midsummer Enchantment Disappointing

Mixed up

50L Friday was awful today -- not a single thing to get, in my view. I mean Home & Garden because I don't bother with clothes.

I was thinking Midsummer Enchantment would have things I like -- nope, stuff I have, or like what I have. I love LORE, and get practically everything of hers, but I don't need one of those stone circles you port through, or sparkly rocks.

So first Redeux, which I get really, really sick of -- I've even stopped going to 30L Saturdays, can you imagine? But I guess the best thing there was the Astralia - Summer Love camp (below).

Then, Rewind, Summer of Love.With Postcards broken, or requiring me to post, then come back and upload pictures, you know? I'm too tired. It's Friday, had a lot of errands today, so now. Go to SeraphimSL and go to the event to look it up.

Mixed up_001

This corduroy couch was great. Not the rest of the stuff. I recall call it was cheap, too.

Mixed up_002

I felt a certain pang when I saw that fountain. That was a full-perms builder's buddy sort of thing from Lunar Tripsa which I bought, and could not get textured to save my life. She said go off line to Gimp...and I got lost. Tabled. Next!

Arabian Carpets

I got this because I want to be like Mari Moonbeam's British civil servant who has the rolled up rugs at his house.

Arabian Carpets_001

So this was Astralia camp was $699 which is way more than I ever spend but since it's a self-contained, ready-made camp I thought it was perfect for the Grote camp to replace another wan thing I have from yesteryear. The guitar literally plays like 3 chords, it's just like the way hippies in the 1960s, if they weren't famous rock bands, would play like 3 chords. Amazingly realistically LOL.

It has tex change for the tent and ground, which I justified my purchase with, and it has both PG and Adult versions.


Arabian Carpets_002

I only wanted one thing here for my spa at the Hot Springs in Jaunita -- the hair wash lounger. And I got it on the second try!

Arabian Carpets_003

This bus wasn't for sale anywhere.

Arabian Carpets_004

This one was, but it doesn't move. It's a bed, essentially. I have too many things like this already.


Commies -- And A Dark Avenging Angel Farmsteader -- and A Delightful Furniture Store Antiki-Taki


So I had to fly out to Marietta, which I usually have to do when these awful Communists (yes, there are still Communists in this day and age, despite everything!) attack my Memorial to the Victims of Communism there, which I deliberately stationed next to the PCI or whatever it is Communist Party from RL. No Pasaran, they say. Well, right back atcha, comrades.

This time, I found that in fact it was a civilian who was returning my trees that slightly encroached on what was previously abandoned land. Since he had a name like "darkangelXXX" (there being so many dark angels in SL!), I figured he was "with them". I think he's not, however, as he had a kind of newbie farmstead with no commie stuff.

When people return encroaching things to me without a comment (I always try to warn people that I'm doing this and send them a message so they don't feel insulted), I do the same thing right back. Usually it's never hard to do. I immediately found bunches of trees, grasses, fences, etc. etc. all encroaching on my land from his side, and returned them back, and kept returning them as he kept replacing them. I rearranged my signs that face the PCI camp. 

I then decided to fix up the flowers -- it's funny how you keep going through stages of flowers and ones you liked in the past you don't now, and especially if they were planar or just ugly, you need to replace them. So I did.

This newbie farmsteader was furiously now putting up big black walls all around his little plot, and putting photo-real scenes on them. Super sad! Well, that warrants a sign on Deadly Communism his way, on glow. Eventually this will go away. The Commies next door never do, however their once big empire on that sim is now dwindled to a small plot.

I was just reading how HORRIBLE the Italian Communist Party was today, and how they cooperated with the KGB extensively. Small wonder.

ANYWAY, all of this is by way of explaining this gem:

Trajan Hallard
Antiki-Taki Double Pair of Riesener Jewel Cabinets


That's the picture above. Must have! I think it was like $499. I will be back Yes, it is photo-real in its own right, i.e. a photo glued on to a prim. But still. It's great craftsmanship. It opens up. Then the back recedes. It's a gem! 

And yes, I will have to fetch the address. But go to Marietta, past the Commie and Anti-Commie stuff and the black walls, and you see this sort of pedestal, and a TP up to the sky. 

Succulents from Kaerri


These are great. And I may go back and get them. They were at Cosmopolitan (I think). I'm just saving my money at the moment.

There is nothing wrong with not buying everything you want at an event, and then paying 20% more for it later when you want to spend that money. Especially if you don't buy 10 things and go back and only buy 2 LOL.

At this point, I feel like only buying things that are directly relevant to a project I'm working on at the time, or seem like a real "find" like those rugs.

Duvet Day Kitchen


I saw this kitchen by Duvet Day, and I thought, this is a great kitchen solution for those who fear kitchens. I like the olive drab colour.

Last night I put in this bright blue Merak kitchen which I also bought at the time thinking, "I need all-in-one kitchens so I don't have to worry about them," but I was really unhappy. I didn't like it. I didn't like the way the sink and the island were welded together. But the customer seemed happy.

Kitchens are things that I have made VERY VERY SLOWLY, piece by piece, like the one in Itame, which is the only one I'm happy with (and have left for nearly a year because I'm happy). 

Like bathrooms, the inherent problem with kitchens in SL is of course the fact that you don't really need to make food. I'm a big believer in versimilitude and like dispensing food and food and drink anims and put them in all the time, but I don't like kitchens much less bathrooms. They seem like a stupid waste of prims.

Sources Tent

I am just avoiding most of the events. I felt the need for a break. I then maybe take a peek at SeraphimSL as a break from my RL work slogs -- and then I say "yuck, I'm going back to my fast."

I might then drop in and spend $50 at most.

I appreciate Sources work. It's always interesting and different. I like some of it. But I just don't think customers will so I don't get it.


These are GLORIOUS rugs!


I got them at Cosmopolitan Shopping Sim. And now I can't remember who made them or what they cost although I already put them in a customer's sky home that he wanted me to decorate because they are wonderful and versatile. So I will be back with these credits soon.


Mystery Lamps


These lamps were at Twelve, I think, an event that always comes through pretty much. Go and look on SeraphimSL to find it. These are retro and space. That guy who made the Astronaut's House might like them. I will put them in the space installation and maybe the Flamingo.