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Ravenglass and SL Public Land Preserve Featured on "Designing Worlds"

This was quite remarkable! I was invited to show Ravenglass and SL Public Land Preserve on the "Designing Worlds" virtual world TV program.

The hosts are Saffia Widdershins and Elrik Riel and they do a remarkable job of rendering our world and its experiences. They are both professionals in RL.


DW374 - Prokofy Neva & Ravenglass from Richard Elen on Vimeo.

Two corrections -- and the mistakes are entirely my fault.

First, the "Italianate" village that we land on in Carlisle that I say is "French or Italian or something" is actually SPANISH. Goddamn, Americans are so dumb. I've been to Europe any number of times, I even studied French and I see Spanish every day in New York but somehow I had "Italy" on the brain with those bright villas. You can tell from words on the stores like "La Lubina" (which means "bass" as in the fish bass in Spanish) that this is a SPANISH build. Also there's a sign for Estrella Damm, which is a lager beer, brewed in Barcelona, Spain. Details, Prokofy! I wonder if the builder (Lichi Moonwall) will be pissed off, but you know, he spelled the lager "Damn" on the sign -- maybe an inside joke? And he named the build "Paisaxe Cuideiru Backdrop" -- which is why I thought "French" -- not entirely unreasonable (paysage?) but in fact it's Galician for the phrase "Landscape Care" according to Google Translate -- which BTW is terrible for Russian and many things which is why you need to still hire live translators like me : ).

BTW, if you want to see what this build is SUPPOSED to be besides jammed into Prokofy's rentals, see this fashion blog or this one or this one. See what I mean? So far I have one very happy tenant here, though, check out the vacant ones, the Bellagio villa in the sky in marvelous.

SO then the other mistake I made that no one but one person will notice -- but that matters! -- the person who is a very frequent visitor to this sim who said it is "the most beautiful in SL" is NOT RUSSIAN. He's BELARUSIAN. And I of all people know this and I can't believe I stupidly said "Russian" like an ignoramus would. Well, actually, he's American now but his heritage is BELARUSIAN which is definitely separate from Russia -- and not getting that is like saying "the Ukraine" -- you just can't do that.

Here's a list of the locations you'll see in the show, both in the film part and the stills taken by Wildstar Beaumont, with the main builders and content creators noted -- but do come and visit and see everything first hand!


Dryads' Retreat building by Markus Inkpen

Elf Homes
Vanya Sulis by Naeve Greybeard

(Referenced not shown)
Shaman's Hut

Ravenglass Commons
POST: Peel Farmhouse
LAQ, GreatScot McMillan, Nomad

Bed & Breakfast on Grote
Home by Barnesworth Anubis

The Atrium at Ravenglass Hall
[f] Maester's Ravenry {On the Road Kings & Queens v1} by Jane Fetiocci
{vespertine}- aviary RARE

Paisaxe Cuideiru Backdrop by The Bearded One

Apothecary store by Spell

Pharos Lighthouse at Alexandria - build by SuluMor Romulus

Ravenglass Hall Celtic Tower by Foolish Frost

Ravenglass Docks by Shack Dougall

Ravenglass Commons

Celtic Mystical Forest -- much of this builds comes from the CELTIC MYST series by *•..mAgIcK Designs..•*. Also parts by Green Fairy, ILOLAIR, 8f8, Simply Shelby.

Moon Temple by Dragon Magick Wares

Dryad's Retreat
Painting: Burning Bush by ToySoldier Thor
*IOLAIR* Round Table "Camielot" Mesh
Painting: Grass Gnome by ToySoldier Thor
Green Man (framed) by Magdalena Andrew
Dryad's Pitcher by Cerridwen's Cauldron
OTB! Peacock Plummage Lavender Vase and Music vase, Guitar music by Cassina Moonglow
*HEXtraordinary* Bonsai Dryad - Springtime Meadow

Cliff of the Dryad ( rocks ) by 3rd Eye Perceptions
*•..mAgIcK Designs..•*

Paisaxe Cuideiru Backdrop by The Bearded One


Pilot's Dream
Traveler's set by Ria Bazaar
Take the Teleporter for More Surprises in the Sky!

Pharos Lighthouse
Built by SuluMor Romulus
Planet Station
Mystic Mana Planet by Zyn

Belarus Whispering Witches
Scarlet Creative Nikolai Dacha
Russian Cabin by Adamorus
Shed and sim design by Jessica Ornitz

Botany's Grove (Botany is the wife of Foolish Frost)

Botany's Grove Pub by Foolish Frost
Mermaid's Falls by Styx Maven

The Alchemist
Alchemy Lab by Koshari Mahana

The Lost Garden of Slosser designed by Kei Mars
Snow White set by Spell

Installation by Prokofy Neva
The Disappeared
Belarus Free Theater directed by Nikolai (Kolya) Khalezin


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