50L Friday is a Bust; Redeux is OK; Rewind Summer of Love has a Few Things; Midsummer Enchantment Disappointing
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Ruthless Review and Editing of Redeux Gifts

SO, I'm never sentimental about free gifts at events, I think they should have less of them. I examine each one before I take it, then I still throw some out when I get home and unpack.

BTW among this batch you will likely see an earlier Redeux gifts round I didn't get to.


This is Tuliptree, where I have 0.66/prim rentals but you have to have PAYMENT ON FILE. It's my one community that has that, where people can hide from abusive partners who make alts.


So here's the Redeux loot, and maybe some other stray stuff.


So here's a Roawen sub stump -- nope, I never put out anything like that. A sign labelling somebody in disgrace to humiliate them? No thanks! In the bg there you can see the best thing out of this bunch -- the flower rack. I will put that out at the Whispering Witches and get a better pic.



This is from Myth, it did not make the cut even for motel art at the Flamingo.


The rugs are ugly, but shelter/tent things like this I tend to keep for the camp.


Spyralle had a Korean lamp -- there it is. Suitcases I collect or I'd throw this one out. I hate signs with words, and especially this Elizabeth Warren type stuff -- delete.


Simply Shelby's butterfly I might toss as I don't like words but it's good for the Hippie Witch. Tiara's crown is great, a keeper.


This wonderful. A nature mask. 30 prims. But I'll put it out at the Dryads' Retreat. F&M is the author.


This is Shelby again -- a shelf that I can't figure out, can't understand where I could fit it, so it goes.


The colour is what annoys me here.


Spyralle's hair comb, I think from an earlier round, is a keeper and this Myth crown from this round is also a keeper.

There was a dandelion poofer too -- can't find it now, will keep.



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