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Food Court Press: But Does It Dispense?

Trash Can_924

There's a new kid on the block in the merchants' events, Food Court. Just when I was going to save my Linden dollars in the New Year! Others have done food display events, but not as good as this. First, let's pause and admire this delicious build by
Ramadiez Carter. I love it when an event builder, who must know that no one is looking at his build in the lag and rush to buy the goods, goes to the trouble to make it look nice and puts little details like these chef hats.

I want to live in this building, roam it forever, and come out back and look at these beautifully detailed garbage dumpsters -- see what I mean by quality?


Trash Can_925

And a bus, like you're on the Mega Bus? And it's stopped at that food court in...where is it? Pennsylvania? On the way to DC? You know the one. It's EXACTLY like this. And some day they are going to leave me behind because I can't get out of the Burger King fast enough...

Trash Can_927

There is only one thing to determine quality at this event: does the food dispense? Into your hand or into your inventory. You know how I am on this subject. Well, two things -- it can be good linking and not dispense in some cases but then it has to be on mod so we can MAKE it dispense.

Since bento came in, more and more creators are adding dispensables but often it's only a separate prop that you as an avatar wear yourself, out of inventory, but it isn't there for your friends to also receive. 

With something like all the Dahlia delicatesse's, you ahve to pick one, it gets expensive. So I'll go with that white cup on the right with the macarons or whatever...

Trash Can_930

Trash Can_931

See? Beautiful AND dispenses AND bento -- I like the pattern. Maybe I will get all of them some day.

Trash Can_932

Pretty, but I have to say that since Ariskea made her bright orange retro teapot and toaster, which also BTW don't dispense, I don't feel the need for any more. And cupcakes, I got out the wazoo.

Trash Can_933

These things are all incomprehensible and it's impossible to know if they are eel eyeballs or what the hell they are, by Plaaka. I got exactly one roll on the gatcha with this one, and actually got a thing that had like 6 pots but the name was so long and smushed I couldn't even look it up. I will get back to you on this. Plaaka, I have time for and usually buy, mainly to go with the other Plaaka I bought (it's like that) but doesn't dispense.

Trash Can_934

Krescendo. Doesn't dispense. And it's a good thing because I don't know if I like the idea of flamingo roadkill as a dessert...


Trash Can_935

These are so aesthetic and so beautiful and so gleaming that avatars crossed the wide hall of the food court to gaze in wonder. AND while you'd likely buy it immediately as it may dispense with that intimation of bento holds, to be sure, there is a demo. So I will get back to you. Imagine, a demo, for a gleaming wonder like this...

Trash Can_936

This is not hair, but a bowl of ramen and sadly it's just for one, i.e. you have to hold it, and I don't want that, I want other people to click and get it.

Trash Can_937

Nobody said just because it's bento that it isn't awkward....

Trash Can_938

This designer, whom I had not seen, named dubu apparently, had the wit and foresight to match the food with some furniture so you don't have to. And it's very brown and beige, which I think are the new black this season, and would fit in my brown/beige/white/black Russian reclaimed house from Sharlett Creative that I'm going to make especially that little tripod table that had a cool name I forget now, but I am saving my Lindens for now. I will be back.

Trash Can_939

Elm wins the prize for best, most minimalist display. But no dispense. As for the next one, I do not want my food to be my buddy. I just want to eat it and forget about it.

Trash Can_940

andika, andika, andika. How you tempt with your past dispensables, even getting me to buy something thinking it will dispense -- then, sadly, it doesn't. So I am tempted no more, and test -- and these pretty things do not dispense. So, bye for now...

Trash Can_941

Look, making food is hard. Very hard. You know how I've dunked on Apple Falle for  not making food up to my gleaming luscious standards. Nutmeg comes from that same heavy, painterly school of food-making that I think just doesn't work. Too dead. Too heavy. Cartoony, as it needs to be for SL, like a dust bunny or a vespertine, but not good looking and tasty as they are. I do want anything with books and glasses, however especially for that Russian reclaimed wood place (Nutmeg is Russian -- the group Reka means "river" in Russian).  So I will buy expensive Nutmeg furniture, and just did by some crackly old leather thing and reclaimed table straight out of Restoration Hardware's catalogue which I happen to be reading to -- but not their food. I would say, brush up some oil, shiny, something on it, back in the oven, try again...

Trash Can_942

Like I said, I don't want my food to be my buddy and do tricks, I want to eat it and then forget about it.

Trash Can_943

luc is now a very sturdy charter member of the Dispensables, and this is no exception and well worth buying because it's different. Grapefruit juice! Whoever has that! With the grapefruit right in it, like a lemon or orange. Nobody does that in RL but that's ok, this is SL. This food is verging on the heavy/dead side because it is rounded and cartoony but I think it's enough over the edge into tasty -- and dispenses -- that I will be back to buy it. Funny how if it dispenses, you like it better...At least I do!

Trash Can_944

Now here's a good example of just too dead and heavy. It's a food memorial, a food still life, not for your table. The tea set is much better, but I have too many of those. Does not dispense.

Trash Can_945

Let's take a minute to admire the build again. Note that Carter has put out the tables for the food court to the fullest extent and put in all their details, the chair braces, the newspapers, and put in all of them. He could have done 4 at the corners. He could have left out details. No one will look. But no, he put them all out as it would be in RL and did due diligence. Marvelous.

Trash Can_946

Fourth Wall has a tea set. I have too many but this is ok. A little pricey given that it has no dispense and no nothing. As I just spent a day trying to find loose leaf tea on the MP, then make it myself with disastrous consequences, either on a lumpy sculpty or on a clear transparent prim, and finally put it in a dark corner of my new cabinet so it won't show, I appreciate anyone who makes tea. But then, sprinkle it out for me, plz.

Trash Can_947

On to Famesh'd where none other than David Cartier is in attendance. Always a sharp dresser, David, who has one of the very old SL last names that really spells old money, you know? Like Rockefellers. Not to mention it's like the diamond company. David knows Russian. I think he works for the government in RL if I'm not mistaken. Or is involved in govloop or something. He noted to me that Cristiano Midnight was also seen, and here he'd seen Cristiano and Prokofy and seen almost all the oldbies there are left in SL in one night, I guess. Cristiano was shopping at TMD, where I imagine he may be buying his first mesh outfit as he has not logged into SL for 50 years. He recently re-surfaced on the forums, even.  Perhaps, like me, he spends more time on SL now because of a painful, incurable rare disease like me. I never read his forums anymore. David noted that he believed Cristiano had banned him, too, and wasn't sure they got on...

Trash Can_948

I failed to ask David where he got his lovely morning jacket. Onward!