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You know Prokofy, you get to wound up over people's opinions. All they are is opinions. Are you really worried that LL is going to incorporate one person's ideas, especially when most of them are half-baked like Lauk's? Jesus Christ, I wouldn't trade my shoes for yours for a million dollars. To get so worked up over what amounts to whimsical spouting. I can almost feel you wringing your hands and pulling at your hair. If the folks you disagree with are really so much of a minority, you really have nothing to fear.

Or, if you truly believe that this minority dictates what LL does and will do, then your issue is not with them, and you will only harden their resolve by bitching at them non-stop. Your issue is then with Linden Lab itself, and you should focus on them. Not that I think they will really listen to you, from what I read and hear they don't care for you a whole lot. I would imagine that has to do with your method. You don't seem to be able to convey your thoughts and ideas without making personal attacks on people. People don't like that Prokofy, especially when you make assumptions about their RL, and keep jabbing at it.

I actually happen to think that had you approached the issues you have with SL and LL in a less shrill, more civil and diplomatic manner, you may well have effected some measure of change. However, you allow emotion to take over just as your about to hook your audience. Not many want to listen after that, especially when subjected to it over and over again.

"I often wonder about land I'm looking at to buy whether it is M or PG and they don't tell you unless you land there first. Annoying."

You can click "map" (this parcel), the map will pop up, and then you can mouse over the sim, and it tells you if it's mature or PG.

Prokofy Neva

"You can click "map" (this parcel), the map will pop up, and then you can mouse over the sim, and it tells you if it's mature or PG."

It doesn't do that anymore, if it ever did.


It did, and still does, I used it earlier today... err... yesterday, several times.

I am constantly trolling that find menu for deals, so I rely on that mouseover feature quite a lot.


Hmm, I just asked a friend if that mouseover works for them, and he said that sometimes it doesn't.

I guess I am just lucky to that end, as I have never had a problem with it.

Does it always not work for you Prokofy?

I'd bug report it, I told my friend to as well. I think it's quite a time saver, and therefore important.

What would be really nice is if they would just have the damned display in the land find window show the region's rating. Seems like a no-brainer.

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