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Thank god we've established you're not a stalker.


is that pic for real? are those clouds in the background? did you go spying on her skybox or something to get that?

so like, you're looking for aimee's name in the background of pictures on the sl website. and you are posting pics of her private design plans on the web.

wtf?! dude you need to put the breaks on before this gets more out of hand than it already has.

barnesworth anubis

Wow, you just like proved you are no better than a trashy tabloid.

You next article should be about how im in an abusive relationship with Phillip Linden, HE HITS ME BUT I DESERVE IT! Ill make you a picture of me with a photoshoped black eye and stuff

Prokofy Neva

Barnes, why isn't your name on one of those government buildings? Did you not sufficiently curry favour? Geez, and where's Ingrid???

Belaya Statosky

I was the only person who said 'So?'. No one else was really paying attention, certainly not Kex who was (AWAY) as usual. Just sayin'.


:) Nice to see my Desk and the Numba Tree getting *some* sort of exposure.

If you're still running talks on Friday I may try and visit again.

*Continues the semi-sabbatical.*



Your sick little obsession with Aimee is fucking creepy.

Prokofy Neva

Belaya, you already admitted to me that you are Collective Mind and none of you are separate entities in space and time. You know I cleared that with your first. So please, take responsibilities for all your parts, m'am.

Prokofy Neva

Yes, I still have talks on Fridays but many not make it this Friday, have been busy at work the last few. Watch the events calendar.

Prokofy Neva

Well, when Aimee gets over her sick little obsession with power and her sick little obsession with harassing me with "veiled" posts, I guess I'll stop rebutting her but until then...: )


i guess you will never stop "rebutting" aimee since the poor girl cant say HI without you pretending its an insult against you.

hey did you notice in her solar systme movie she talked about your anus? she didnt mention you by name but it was obvious she calling you an ass

Belaya Statosky

Liar. Here is EXACTLY what was said:

Prokofy Neva: Do you people always function in a swarm or do you ever separate out and become actual individual entities in space and time?
Belaya Statosky: We actually are all the same person using a bunch of computers in one room. It's really exhausting reaching for multiple keyboards.
Prokofy Neva: yeah I used to do that in the Sims Online it's tough
Belaya Statosky: Well, what better way to totally control LL by making them believe you're sixty or seventy different people?
Prokofy Neva: yeah I'm sure you got them cornered
Belaya Statosky: Totally. Like Ben? He once asked me how I was.
Prokofy Neva: and you had to say "which one of me" yeah
Belaya Statosky: Well, besides my medical problems where I sometimes think I'm Sally Field, multiboxing is a challenge.

On what planet that's to be taken seriously is beyond me.

Cocoanut Koala

I don't get it. Aimee has bought an island and is calling it a government? With a sign that says FIC headquarters? And offices for her friends?

Or what? And what's the purpose of it?

I thought Aimee wasn't even a premium account.

I see Infonut in the pic.



I had sex with an intern and was kicked out of the government.

Prokofy Neva

On Planet Prok, Belaya? Or actually, Planet FIC. You are all part of Collective Mind, so when one of you says "So?" it's as good as ALL of you saying "So?" and in fact you're all one person anyway! Duh! I knew that!

Coco, Aimee apparently did buy an island yes, and has a prototype for something that has the word "government centre" on it. The FIC Headquarters where you can see the InfoNut isn't Aimee's island, it's a picture from my rentals lot in Grace, where Belaya and the IRC Channel (not a rock group) set up shop to mock and torment me for a month as part of their winning me in the Katrina Relief auction.

Belaya Statosky

So let me get this straight. On Planet Prok:

- Misrepresenting who said what is okay, because:
- Asking someone if they're all the same collective hive/person/bowl of pudding and getting a completely sarcastic and over-the-top response means 'yes', which allows you to:
- Twist that to fit your agenda, since:
- You're never wrong, anyway, so it's not a misrepresentation when you do it.

I totally agree with you, Prok, those silly facts ain't got nothin on your TRUTH. With whom should I speak to so I may immigrate to your homeworld? I'm highly skilled -- I can even fold a paper crane!


You know, the greatest (sickest?) part of this whole thing is that there would be no "FIC HQ" if not for one Prokofy Neva.

Cocoanut Koala

Aimee has bought an island to set up a government on it? What for?



Clearly anyone who sets up a civic type building has clear intentions of a complete coupe over SL. Nobody would dare attempt such a creation even as a role playing type structure. Which is why I can't belive you have not noticed the new Boardman Townhall. Clearly they are up to something there! Prokofy, we count on you to expose the injustices of SL, WHY HAVE YOU FAILED US HERE?


Prokofy Neva

Barnes is it a coupe? or a sedan?

Well, I'm covered in shame for missing the Boardman Town Hall. I saw that...that...*apparition* that floats around pretending to be some sort of saint, and that distracted me.


"I saw that...that...*apparition* that floats around pretending to be some sort of saint, and that distracted me."

You need a monitor that doesn't reflect so well.

Prokofy Neva

Attn: Aimee Weber

I saw yet another one of your provocative posts on the forums about the need to "secure your skybox" (*rolls eyes*). I didn't "violate" your skybox to get this picture, hon. I didn't come near you, your residence,your shops, your store, or anything remotely related to you. Your photo was leaked : )

So rest secure, I'm not a stalker : )


Well since you think that your alts are all different people, I guess I can understand that Prokofy.

Sally Field says "hi".


hehe. this is priceless. prok spies on aimees private skybox and posts pictures of her private prototype on the internet.

then when aimee asks how she can secure her skybox... prok thinks SHE is the one being provocative.

coco should be on that thread any second now to yell at aimee for some imaginary insult.

Prokofy Neva

No, I don't think my alts are "different people". Why, do you?

I did not "spy on" Aimee's skybox (*shudders*) -- I have no idea where it is. Um, I guess her privacy isn't so privacy, at least, she needs to think about all the friends she's letting in there, at least some of whom leak pictures of it LOL.

Yes, Aimee *is* being provocative, nobody cares about her skybox. Geez.

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