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Damn, I missed "What Hiro Erases Part One"!


Last time that happened I missed Harry Potter and the Prokofy Stone!


holy crap! only 2 mentions of aimee! that is only two more than zero! prok you are on the path to recovery.


you aint the commissar. you aint even the lord (so taking your name in vain is just more prok-madness)

i know you think of yourself as a hero but a more fitting way to describe you is that ass at a danceclub that gets bounced for creeping people out. you act like a jerk, and security shows you the door. no genius. no doctored phtoso. no conspiracies. just an ass and the door it was shown.


Icepick anyone?


Ms. Profoky writes, "Blah, blah, blah, ....no comments, no problem."




ok. i just wanna say, while i think 100% of proks blog is either stalking, lies, or total bullshit... i dont think the "blaa blaa blaa" guy should be doing that shit.

prok is gonna go down for what she is saying and doing. spamming the blog isnt gonna help. instead it distracts from proks insane message and almost make her seem right. so knock it off jackass.


"Lektor Hannibal has made a personal attack on me, accusing me of "holding the purse strings at LL" because some telehub barons are being offered compensation for their telehub lands."

What a load of horseshit!

So we see, that when Prokofy goes windmilling off, accusing certain indivduals of having the Lindens in their pocket, it's "reporting", but when some one says the same in reverse about Squawk-ofy, it's a "personal attack!!!"

What a crock.

Listen up dummy, what he said was that it was partially your whining which got LL to do something. He didn't say you were a land baron, or any of the idiotic, hyperbolic bullshit you are projecting onto him. True or untrue, it is NO DIFFERENT than your "reporting", which 99% of the time is exagerrated so much as to hardly resemble what actually took place, just like your bullshit interpretation of Lektor's statement above.

You're becoming more transparent by the minute you old fool.

Gee, putting comments in the wrong thread is SO MUCH FUN!

*Gets out icepick*

Cocoanut Koala

I agree completely about Lazarus. And, like you, I have never had any wish to see him banned. It surprises me that people on the forums have gone immediately to that - ban him! - when obviously asking him to cease the behavior in question would be the reasonable thing and sufficient thing to do.

As far as this erasing thing goes, it is totally nuts. If you are going to do something like that, you might as well not have SL. It is necessary to have a shared reality on some level, or you have no reality in common - just little parallel universes. And who needs SL for that?

I never understood people muting each other, either, for that matter - or putting each other on ignore. That only denies yourself knowledge. And who would want to be ignorant of knowledge?

As it is, those who really don't want to be bothered by other people and/or their builds can just go on a private island and not let anyone but their friends in.

There's a much simpler solution to the Lazarus thing here: The Lindens use their TOS to prevent one individual from ruining the game with an absurd blight upon the landscape, not even COUNTING the extortion and griefing aspects.

To come up instead with some way each individual can decide who and what will exist is just . . . nuts. It doesn't solve anything at all. And certainly solves nothing for new players, or media types, who drop in to see what the place looks like before they join, or before they write their article on it.

Maybe Joe Blow and friends have it just great because they've erased half of SL, but the game itself hasn't been made any more palatable. There IS a common society here. Without the common society, there is no SL.

As for the compensation for telehub landowners, I thought it was nice, and said so, despite four pages of people mostly screaming to high heaven about it. I think it is nice because I remember this girl or somebody getting on the forums to say she had just spent a bunch of money to buy land which was now not worth it.

The fact that they had this land on the auction, apparently knowing full well that they knew something we didn't about it, just made people spend more money than they would have otherwise. That wasn't quite kosher, really.

Nor do I think it sets any precedent for reimbursing everybody for everything, either.


Porkofy Beaver

"so knock it off jackass."

Hey Informer....shova youra heada upa youra arsa! (or proks for that matter)

Lecktor Hannibal

You could have at least spelled my name correctly psycho woman. You call that a personal attack? You're not even laughable anymore.

Kendra Bancrodt

"There's a much simpler solution to the Lazarus thing here: The Lindens use their TOS to prevent one individual from ruining the game with an absurd blight upon the landscape, not even COUNTING the extortion and griefing aspects."

::shrug:: The presence of Prok (and to some degree you) ruins the "game" for me far more than Lazarus.

Sure -- you are both more subtle --but your overall banality and unwillingness to adapt to changing circumstance make you both far more dangerous to an eclectic community than a goofball with serial signage.

Take your "Church Lady" mentalities the fuck out of the Metaverse already...or grow up. Your choice.

Kendra Bancrodt

Coco writes

"There IS a common society here. Without the common society, there is no SL."

You really don't see the irony of this coming from you -- do you.

LIke it or not, Laz is part of the society. Deal with it on a societal level. Don't go crying to the Linden -Mommy everytime you have an "issue"


"Take your "Church Lady" mentalities the fuck out of the Metaverse already...or grow up. Your choice."


Funny you say Church lady Kendra, because that is EXACTLY what I was thinking when I left the house last night!

stpaulsub Clio

Well YAY!!!!

Prokofy "The PEOPLES CHAMPION" Neva, is BACK!!!
"Then it becomes necessary for the Dictator to eliminate those complainers about the others eliminated..."
Standing up for teh Downtrodden...protecting the weak and the uneducated "I really my blog is pitched over the heads of most people with only minimal education but that's ok, those who get it will get it : )
to make the world safe for us poor poor wee lil folk,
hmm but wait...
what EVIL FIC back Coup took ove rteh blog?? OMG those nassty FIC'ers they must have used their evil Tekki Wekki ways to hack in. Cuz i know that my hero Prokofy "The PEOPLES CHAMPION" Neva
The Great Thinker who pointed out the evil of a dictator being able to eliminate what they want at a whim wuld never say
"removing it with their god-powers. They need to get at the source of the cancer"
it MUST be a plot!

"Prokofy Neva: um foolish consistency is the hob=goblin of little minds"

Prokofy Neva

"Church Ladies" are banal, conservative, rigid, hectoring, purse-slamming, bitter types -- and that's what you are, Delphi and Kendra -- insisting on conformity, group think, circling the wagons, protecting your little gal pals and constantly trying to badger and push people into line.

Lazarus isnt' a "goof-ball," he's a vindictive menace who takes great glea in causing emotional distress, property damage, and economic loss to others. I don't see anything creative in that. You people have lost any ability to feel the line between encouraging and discouraging creativity.

"Foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" is exactly the right eptithet to use on you, stpaulsub. I gather you're unaware of how banal, stupid, and mediocre you look here with your incessant stream of trolling and flaming with your silly "people's champion" crap. If I say "I don't buy content" to people on their vaunted store lot, it doesn't mean "I never ever buy any content like houses," it means I don't go around shopping for clothing or vehicles or whatever, I just don't have the time and don't wish to waste the money."

Your persistant niggling and naggling about this only reveals you to be questionable abilities.

Lektor, accusing a person of "holding the purse-streams of LL" isn't something I'd accuse even the FIC or Anshe Chung, both of which I'm very crditical of. It's the kind of absurd, over-the-top mendacious and malicious claim for which you are known, and for which you've spent time in the cornfield : )

There's no irony about asking the Lindens to enforce their existing and fine TOS about "disturbing the peace" against Lazarus' actual and malicious disturbance of the peace in all the ways defined in CS 2 and 6, Global Attacks, and Policing. They all fit. Read them. They more than fit. In fact that it so fits, you wonder what on earth the Lindens are waiting for, and what it would take for them to enforce those provisions which don't kill creativity, but ensure it for all.

A person engaging in bad behaviour universally recognized under the universal (for this world) TOS should be asked to stop that behaviour, given opportunityt to change, and sanctioned, but not just removed or erased like some non-person.

Kendra Bancroft

Prok writes:

""Church Ladies" are banal, conservative, rigid, hectoring, purse-slamming, bitter types -- and that's what you are, Delphi and Kendra -- insisting on conformity, group think, circling the wagons, protecting your little gal pals and constantly trying to badger and push people into line.

Really? News to me. My stance is was and will be that diversity wins out. Where I take exception with YOU, Mr Neva is your bloviating kvetchery which insists that YOU know what is good for the rest of us. You don't. I circle no wagons, I belong to no "group". I engage in no group-think.

I think, however, that your own narrowminded nosey-parker activities do great damage to those around you. You are toxic.

I think you're pretty much the Mrs. Kravitz (from Bewitched) of the Metaverse.

I think your worthless creation (yes --I blame YOU) of the leech-class of landlords bleeding newbies dry for an uneeded service is indicative of a bougie sense of entitlement. And further, I think your constant attacks on other's in the guise of "fighting back" is your form of "letters of mark" to engage in a pirate's version of consumer advocacy.

You are far worse for the good of the community then Lazarus, who I neither defend or attack. Lazarus will go when he gets bored. YOU won't go till you're booted out. Much as I suspect you were booted from Sims Online.

In any event -- I don't particularly care as bad elemnts come and go. YOU included.

Prokofy Neva

Kendra, there you go again. I stand up for my own beliefs and my own opinion. I'm not going to be sucked into yours at Kremneuberg, and not convinced to "change" -- this is like what Cristiano always nags me about, changing, accommodating to you all. Why? I have my beliefs and perceptions that appear right and correct to me, and it's perfectly legitimate to persuade others by argumentation to see the rightness of these views. This is normal democratic discourse. Others do the same thing, but that doesn't mean I have to cave to their pressures.

Of course you're in a group-think that constantly jabs at me no matter what I say, and you have a set of mind-memes and concepts about property, money, commerce, business, etc. that constitute a rigid, unacceptable ideology to me precisely because it is so ready to cancel out everything else in others -- their commercial entrpreneurial spirit, their inquiring minds, their experimentation, their debate, their application of fresh impressions. It's death.

Of course, being in group-think, you may not see it. In fact, I recently learned of an interesting experiment someone performed in which they took a list of my quotations, asked people what they thought, and they said, oh, I agree with that. Then they were surprised to understand they came from me.

That's the most banal, kneejerk thing. You never have anything but a snarky, withering, dumb retort to say to me. It's not effective.

I was never booted from Sims Online and I remain there in good standing. You need to stop believing lies you read in the Herald or whatever.

The hysterical notion of "bad elements" and "people who should be booted" comes right out of the Communist playbook. There's always someone not only "politically incorrect" but who "should die". It lets me know just what source of inspiration you draw your ideology from and its true nature. Any debate that relies for its arguments on things like "I can menace you with getting you kicked from the game" or "there's the door" or "you will be booted out" or "bad elements come and go" is an entirely impoverished one, but I suppose it's a useful exercise to have you expose yourself here so that others are warned about the evils of Kremneuberg.

I hardly think I bleed newbies dry lol. In fact, I bleed myself dry as they hit the money trees or balls or chairs or whatever. In fact, I ended the chair experiment because it was completely hosing me down. I provide subsidized low cost rentals for newbies -- $50/512/120 prims is hardly a rip-off. Everybody can pay something. I have free vendors to help people break into business. But I believe everyone can pay something, and that freebies should be limited to just the bottom threshold of a plan for loss leaders to bring in other business for other levels of products and services. That's just normal.

The idea that you can in this day and age label someone as "bougie" just has me convulsed in laughter. Somehow, you got stuck in Alcove I or II in the 1930s I guess, in some sectarian hell-hole grouplet. If you're too young for the 1930s, and it seems so, then you've had the awful misfortune of inheriting a political grandfather or grandmother who gave you these Leninist and Deutcherite concepts that continue to hobble your thinking.

Gosh, what a trip, I'm blamed for creating the leeching class of landlords??? I have to goggle at that one. There are literally hundreds of people providing rentals of all types in SL, fly around. In fact, cough, doesn't Kremneuberg?

And consumer advocacy a form of piracy? What ARE you smoking today Kendra?

Next, you're going to tell me some sectarian wild thing like "All property is theft." So...release your land, bougie lol.

I hardly think that rebuttals to these chronic silly attacks on me in the forums are themselves to be characterized as "attacks".


You two little knitting circle busybodies need to fucking get over yourselves. Yes, YOU too Coco, you self-righteous, hypocritical, RL laurel dropping, suck-up harpy. At least Prokofy has original thoughts, despite her atrocious social skills, Thank god there aren't too many like you two needling little Mrs. Kravitz's (tips hat to Kendra) in this world, or we'd all be doomed.

Whatever it is that you've done in your real lives that makes you think that you know whats best for EVERYONE else, is simply a couple old ladies who think raising a couple of kids makes them qualified to be everyone elses mother.

Shove off already.

I've got news for you, many of us have raised kids, and yet somehow we manage to get through our lives without feeling some irrepressable urge to parent the world. Fuck off with your June Cleaver meets the Stepford wives act. It has no place in an online world. None.

I liked it better when you two chatty Cathys were threatening to tier down and Coco the Clown was threatening to leave SL. So much more befitting your toddler-esque tantrum style of lobbying. Can we go back to that?


"This is normal democratic"

There's NOTHING normal about you.

Prokofy Neva

And it's a good thing, too, normal is dull!

Cocoanut Koala

Yes, he is part of the society, Kendra, and I WANT him to be part of the society. I hate this "ban Lazarus" thing some people get going.

And I also don't like to "cry to Mommy" over it, but I gotta tell ya, Mommy holds all the strings here.

If I am "crying to Mommy" it is only in the same sense that I vote irl, or lobby for my interests irl, or write letters to the editor irl, or any of those things.

The difference is that in our case, the government - "Mommy" - has all the power and all the rules and is the final interpretation of all the rules and all we CAN do is give our opinion on it.

The only logical opposite to doing that is to shut up and say nothing about anything. Both irl and on the game.

As for your other comments, people who make such comments about "church lady" and "get the fuck out of the metaverse" are the people who need to grow up and learn to live with other people, not me.

I'm happy and willing to live my second life OR my first one with you in it, Kendra. I'm not willing to go so far as to shup up and get out of your metaverse, however.

I am doing something about it societally, in addition to making my views known to the Lindens (who hold the real power to apply their own TOS). You, Kendra, may choose to sit at the sidelines of everything, declaring yourself not to be "nosy parker" and all that, but you don't get to insist everyone else the same.


Prokofy Neva

Yes, well said, Coco, that's how I see it too. I wouldn't dream of having Kendra banned, or hoping she'd leave, or expecting that "people like her should get out" or anything of the kind. I loathe Leninist views of the type she holds, I loathe Neualtenberg. But it has a right to exist. It's legitimate political expression. It's a sim that people voluntarily join and can do as it wishes of course. It's only when it begins to campaign with ideas like "let's have flat tier" across the grid that I cry 'to arms' and man the battle stations. My battle then would be against its encroachments and for my own freedoms and yours, but not to abolish it, shut it down. That would be wrong.

Kendra's constant pushing out of people from her magic circle is very troublesome to me. It's not enough to ignore and go about your life, or just put someone on ignore -- you have to obliterate their existence as well. This is the supreme intolerance; it's the logic of the deathcamps. I'm never suprised that it comes from the logic of socialism of the kind Kendra espouses, because socialism is crime and crime leads to death.

Cocoanut Koala

You are definitely the worst sort of male chauvinist pig I have run into in years, Delphi.

I tried knitting once, but I didn't much care for it, and the purse I made sagged like hell. I preferred crocheting, but I haven't done that in years.

I have other hobbies, too - scrapbooking, playing piano, crafting, cooking, organizing.

YOU have defined all traditionally female activities - such as knitting - and decided they are a pejorative.

I have fought against the line of thinking that says if women have traditionally enjoyed it, it is inferior, all my life.

I have never seen such a concentration of stereotypical female-bashing terms as I read in that one, five-paragraph post of yours above. Your true self shows there, and horribly.

You are without doubt the most horrid female-bashing person I've run into . . . maybe ever.

And if you could read, you'd know I don't suck up to Prok.


Kendra Bancroft

Prok writes without irony?

"It's not enough to ignore and go about your life, or just put someone on ignore -- you have to obliterate their existence as well."

This is precisely my point. While I WISH you would leave SL, I don't insist upon it.

I can't say the same about your attitude towards Lazarus. You're the one beating the warpaths to ban Laz. Not me.

Two other things worth mentioning. You clearly don't understand what Neualtenburg is about if you believe it's a feudalist (despite the pretty bavarian buildings) system like your Ravenglass rentals.

Secondly, If you state that I think of "consumer Advocay" as piracy. I do not. I'm a consumer advocate in RL. I think YOUR brand of preening (pun unintended) soapbox posing drivel that purports to be consumer advocay is nothing but more self-involved leechcraft on your part.

Learn a trade. The problem with capitalism is that no-talent loudmouth's like you can scratch out a living while seeking to make more talented people (like scripters who you refer to as garage mechanics) live under your fat thumb.

Your vision of Metaverse as Scarsdale sickens me beyond belief.

Cocoanut Koala

I think he has a trade.


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