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Cocoanut Koala

I really should pay more attention to that list-serve. It's on my e-mail and I don't look at that very often.

I'm glad - when I joined SL in February of 2005 - that I realized it was almost impossible to make it in entertainment, and decided to become a builder instead. Because with these suggestions above, it WILL be impossible.

Sorry, but SL just simply does not translate to RL. My shorthand explanation for this, which others have talked about at length, is, "You can't charge for virtual drinks."

The events list - and having just oodles of things on it - is one of the best things about SL. That a few people have decided they don't LIKE having to look at all the things we can choose from will hold sway over the Lindens (and have held sway over them) to remove these choices pisses me off mightily.

I'm sick to death of people telling me that events I enjoy aren't "real" events.

I guess it's worth it to lose all those players who enjoy having those events and who enjoy putting them on. Let's keep working at it, and pretty soon all we will have left is content creators trying to sell everything to each other.

At that point, there will be no more reason for me to create content, and I'll be gone, too.


Prokofy Neva

There was an interesting discussion over at Clickable Culture on the events issue. Eventful, an events listing service for anything on the Internet, whether some kid's soccer practice to La Boheme or whatever, talked to Philip at a conference, and then grabbed the feed off SL of its events list.

And I immediately worried they'd hate the clutter, listen to the FICerati tell them it is eyebleed material, and wind up shutting it off and substituting it with Flipper's Sanitized Feed (R)

But, like all things Internet, it tends toward the open rather than the closed system. Out there in Internet land, people are just more open and tolerant than they are in the fussy little walled garden of SL.

So the guy, even hearing about the eyebleed problem, just shrugged. He figures people will filter it. I pointed out that the internal SL filters might not work on his thingie. But in fact they did, for those who took the trouble to tag their events.

So sure, the Internetverse is now suffering, um, eyebleeds from Tringo at 7, 11, 1, 2, 3 and My Yardsale and My Sexy Av. But they also have lots of other interesting stuff and things like the Barnett reading or Lessing visit or whatever too. They can FILTER. They also just BROWSE using their MINDS, that wonderful built-in browser thing behind your eyes you can use to filter with.

I agree that the events list should not be tampered with, and should be free, like a free shopper on the corner of 23rd st or in the supermarket. Shoppers are the lifeblood of the economy. They post all kinds of ads and things -- often for free if the community is small enough. If larger, the shopper itself is free, but those putting in ads pay a fee. LL is trying to duplicate that model. I think it's not a good one yet for SL because events aren't just events or sales opportunities, they are entry-level jobs in the heavily stratified and Darwinistic economy.

Yard-sales, contests, dances, money-balls -- these are all entry-level jobs, or money-making opportunities for avatars just coming in and not either skilled enough or committed enough to buy Lindens or work at learning a craft. So don't alienate those people by insisting they pay. And if you start making all the event planners and clubs pay for ads, they'll have to find a way to charge admission or figure out some other way to make money which will involve vending, selling rentals, selling fashion shows or whatever.

Efforts to charge fees for the use of land can be made, and I do have an experiment going with that on the SL Public Land Preserve but it is no way in hell to get tier paid.

Remember the buffets in TSO? Even when you had to sell virtual food to keep the virtual avatars fed and greened, people wouldn't pay for it. A freebie culture developed because a few put out free buffets as loss-leaders to get people in the door in their clubs or skill lots.

Once a few big places have those loss-leaders, then others can't charge $30 for the buffet -- same principle.

The big wealthy clubs run by people either on daddy's trust fund who can buy traffic or who have the sex escort/fashion vending stuff locked in as a revenue stream, will not charge admissions, and will even put in money chairs to get people to come and earn money to buy the sex and the clothes.

You can't sell virtual drinks, but you can sell virtual sex and clothes. Those are really the only sources of income I see in SL as rapid start-ups and as rapid entry-level income.

Nobody is going to pay to study 18th century poetry. They *might* pay -- some of them -- to learn texturing or building. Remains to be tested.

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