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Good article Prokovy. "Voice is Reality." I like that too.

I guess today I'm just saddened. I feared this day would come, but not so soon. I can't even begin to tell you how upset one of my Partners is right now.

There's been so many events and even classes where I've had to type out whats going on, so she could participate.

People have been resorting to voice on their own in many different ways, but to have it start getting sanctioned like this from "on high" is very disturbing to me.

I'll have to find out if LL has more that 15 employees, if so then I'm starting paperwork regarding the ADA. I'm not Katywiki, but it just so happens I know this legislature inside and out.

Most likely it doesn't apply here, but it might do some good to have philly slap his eyes on it anyhow, since he obviously isn't thinking as globally as he thinks he is.

Prokofy Neva

Seeing threads like this on voice vs. text:

I can see this is shaping up to be one of those endless debates like "cloth vs. disposable diapers" or "telehub vs. p2p" that will never be won or lost.

My overall takehome from this right now is:

Um...Philip can't type, so Robin has to???

THAT's progress??? This sounds like an office in 1956 with the boss saying the girl's pretty...but can she type?

I'm amazed that Philip is claiming he answered *more* questions. I don't know what psychological/perceptually happened to make him think/feel that. You only have to look at the transcript to see that in fact he didn't. I went to the store at one point and came back 15 minutes later and was astounded to see hardly any questions moved. That's because some overdriving types got to chat and shine on and do their whole star-fucker dance to impress the Lindens -- at least with type, you cut and paste.

It's funny to me how no one seems to get my point about FEEDBACK. When there is a typed list of questions on the forums, everybody knows the input into Philip. When he types, everybody can see the output and scroll back. So even in using voice, they need to preserve that FEEDBACK quality.

They can do it by keeping 2 sets of group IMs going, manned by 2 Lindens or Johnny's assistants.

In one group IM, the typists congregate and Typist Linden types the transcript. They watch the group IM, which they've configured not to intersperse with room chat on their edit/preferences -- that way they have a surgical field clear in which they can see the all-important one's transcribed remarks without the peanut gallery.

In another Group IM -- you join that group just for that meeting, then it disbands possibly -- you might even rotate it and let only one time membership for 90 days or something -- you have the Skype callers. Then somebody preps them and prevents them from knocking their pen on the microphone and squealing IS THIS ON? AM I LIVE? OHH WOOWW HI PHIL HI MOM!

In both these group chats there is FEEDBACK which consists of Jeska or whoever saying "That question was already asked" (which also can be SEEN by following the chat) or "that's similar -- can we cluster those 2?"

At a certain point also Jeska could say, sorry, time's up, we have only so much air time, try again next time. I'm pretty confident that if they tighten up the management of the question process and answer process they'll actually be hurting for questions, or at least have enough.

I would also urge Torley or whomever to *leave the room chat typists alone*. Let the chat. Let them talk to their heart's content. Let them shine, do star turns, impress their friends, call out funny jokes to the guy who's droning away in Voice -- it's the only way. Let it be free. It's absolutely cost-free to let it be free.

No need for special coloured Linden text -- bleh, stupid. Just put the entire thing into a group IM. Use Group IMs. All groups in SL trying to accomplish something use them to good advantage, chiefly because they sort out room chat, IMs, etc. into a separate box to focus on.

The Eels

"I'll have to find out if LL has more that 15 employees, if so then I'm starting paperwork regarding the ADA. I'm not Katywiki, but it just so happens I know this legislature inside and out."

Are you high? I mean, really. Do you file ADA provisions against political rallies that don't have sign language handlers? What about local town halls? Village council meetings?

SL is entertainment; this isn't life-or-death stuff.

If you file a motion for this, I'm immediately filing another motion accusing LLab of discriminating against blind people. Because, you know. You can't read text IF YOU CANT FUCKING SEE.


Prokofy Neva

I see no harm in Brace researching the application of the ADA. Of course, we're not in America here. We're on some kind of pet rock in the sky -- some indeterminate place where the laws don't apply, and maybe can't apply. If LL found itself fending off lawsuits under the ADA or any torts claims they'd probably go under, or cease functioning. They recently changed their TOS to call themselves a "common carrier". I'm not sure if that means they are something like a public bus that has to provide disabled access -- maybe only in some states -- and they are mainly only a state of mind right now.

I don't think ultimately lawsuits, claims, torts, etc. are the way to go with Linden Lab. I think they won't work, aren't effective for any kind of even rhetorical/media value, and will only make them expel you from their game, which they can do "at any time or any reason or no reason".

I think rather you either need to stay with them and try to engage them and keep them challenged with things like that but simultaneously offer them the solutions of how they could fix it. Once they have someone who can type faster than Robin, as pretty as she is, and who can organize the transcription process more coherently, it won't be at issue. I agree that you shouldn't have to wait for the summary record or transcription.

Yet a lot of the world functions with only part translation or captions -- it's sad that accommodations can't always be made for the deaf or those for whom English isn't a first language, but people are trying here. Robin immediately went to work typing furiously, as did others -- and I think they deserve a round of applause for that, not a lawsuit.

There are many troubling things about this voice/text thing that they sprung on us with absolutely no prior discussion. I guess they feel they need to have voice just like, I dunno, X-Box, Final Fantasy or WoW users tend to have voice.


I suppose they could always hire someone who happens to have experience as a court reporter, or Business Shorthand (gods, does *anyone* still teach that?).

Anyway, this is why I had a bit of a bad taste in my mouth the first few times I tried There. The free account had no voice support, and it was instantly apparent - in the way they set it up - that those folks would be a set of 'have-nots.' Mind you, the voice support and all the other basic stuff came for US$10 so in theory the *real* There starting account is the same as an original SL Basic. *shrug*


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