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Squeedoo S.

:D Okay, how in the WORLD is Philip gonna manage to "reach everyone in the world" with SL?

Maybe this is one of those "in the fuuuuture" things.

Okay, well at least your question was answered. Interesting speculation, though.


Well Squeedoo we remember people laughing at Bill Gates for having such lofty goals as "Windows sold with every PC." Philip is at least as talented in his abilities to focus and promote a project.

But Prok, Philip's answer is cut and paste from early 1.2 when we began asking this question. The difference now is that we have two years worth of them doing exactly the opposite of what he says by catering to the gaming crowd lock, stock and barrel.

It's incredible that the fact surprises anyone any longer. Don't beam up yet though. There's nowhere to beam to.

Prokofy Neva

Oops...too late...I beamed...eeek...get me outta here...

Squeedoo S.

Oh yeah, I remember, Khamon, which is why I just remembered how "digitzied" the world is getting and I refrained from going into my first comment...soon, everyone will probably be able to hook up to SL (by VR, perhaps? Who knows?).

Heehee, Prokofy ish silly. :3

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