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Oh my gosh I've argued in circles in support of both sides and you've deemed me dead wrong either way.

It is true that I don't switch gears in midstream very well. I'm too terse. All those graduate lessons in adding loads of useless verbiage to arugments and switching sides half-a-dozen times to wear people down went over my head.

I bow to your intelligentia ability to shred my arguments and expose me for the shallow fool I am.

It's good that we have persistent watchdogs plugging away, keeping us in line, working brains and fingers to the bone to make the Lindens do the right thing. It's really too bad that you'll never be paid any kind of way for it all, especially the colossal amount of time.

Prokofy Neva

Khamon, it's a fool's errand. I've always said that. Of course you're right, but I just don't believe in Balkanization, so I try to cling to my absurd federalist beliefs, of course in the face of the facts, which all point to the most bloody sort of Balkanization, with all sorts of basement brews that will make the current basement brews look like child's play -- and of course with this weeks' horror, Grim Babies, I guess we can expect it can and will get worse...

It's the definition of insanity, running mainland rentals, and expecting it's going to be different today, or tomorrow. No sooner do I defense-buy a parcel in Cub off the auction, and think, God, I'm done, never again, then whoops, suddenly, for my sins, I see this neighbour's vast plot seized by Governor Linden in Refugio, with absolutely no announcement or expectation, somebody who has been my neighbour with a thriving casino concern for 18 months at least. Boggles the mind. And another HUGE vulnerable patch opens up, and you know this time, no, I can't defense-buy it, I can't even watch helplessly as Anshe chops it and it gets poseballs everywhere for sale, it's going to be far far worse. In fact, all my hard work there for over a year will go up in complete smoke, as the club that will likely buy that, Barbie's, which has not been a nice neighbour in a 100 ways, mainly by putting 33 avs on the sim day after day so that you can't even get home to your property, is likely to buy that patch and control what little FPS I had managed to snag for myself.

I suppose I could keep my part as something like one of those low-prim sims that Dana is selling. A parcel with nothing happening on it at all, where there is no expectation for building or for scripts to execute, just a place to chill. Perhaps I can put out your purple particle tree and look at it fondly and remember better days when I could actually move on that sim....

Ordinal Malaprop

I must admit that this new 200m-banline thing has really depressed me about the mainland. It was bad enough before, but at least you could zoom up above all the red lines left there by absent landowners and still see the ground. Now it'll just be av pinball, and it won't make a blind bit of difference to griefers because they can just re-register and avoid the block (not to mention drop things from 200m or shoot from outside the parcel).

Ordinal Malaprop

Oh. And now it appears that LL put this in at the last minute after hearing from a couple of people and not even bothering to consult anyone else about it - when those people *didn't even realise that it would affect whitelists as well as blacklists*.

I am really, really fucked off about this. If there was ever an illustration why they should actually *consult* people rather than just listen to a chosen few, this is it.

Prokofy Neva

People doubt me when I tell them that a tiny group of few are always able to throw the platform their way. This is a good example. p2p is another (while there is broad support for p2p, it didn't have to be accompanied by eradication of telehubs. There was no reason in hell telehubs could not have remained, and facilitated business at some hubs. And the irony of it is, the private islands got to KEEP their telehubs and make people land centrally, and vector, and fly to stuff and fly over stuff to get somewhere, having the business-axis effect that was stolen away from the mainland, where people type in a sim name now and land in the bushes or the water at 128/128 instead of a hub. Bleh. Plus they have grey squares.

The 200 m2 ban seems reasonable on one hand, because an annoying thing about griefers is the way they kept hovering right over your house and lobbing shit in on you. It's that part I wish they could get rid of -- ban me, ban my prims simulataneously, that's how it should work, I guess it's not so easy to code though.

You're right, it harms flying and airways.

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