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"Still, forums skirmishes, ideological differences -- frankly, it would never occur to me to hold such things so close as to actually ban a person from my land, or refuse to talk to them and put them on mute (there's only a few truly psychotic or maliciously persistent that I'd do that with). If someone does a good build, and it gets mentioned by the RL media as a coup for SL -- you could only be happy for them and SL."

Nor would it occur to me.

I have had nothing but positive experiences of Lauk since I first met her when I was new and had flown to her money tree.

She was there, and talked to me quite sweetly, and I complimented her little portion of the world profusely. I loved it, and I've always been a fan of her and her work.

Since then, all the experiences of her and with her I can remember have been similarly positive.

But Lauk! What you do here! Banning a person from your land for their positions on issues, or just because you don't like them!

Don't you want everyone to see it?

These people you may not like have friends, like me, who may not like your banning them just because of what they have said regarding issues!

Prok, the end result of this sort of thing is indeed entropy. I have always been totally aghast that people would actually seek out such isolation; would actually turn off others for slight reasons, and turn off the others' friends, to boot. It has a more far-reaching effect than they might imagine.

This does indeed result in "a world made up only of likeminded under glass, in a bell jar, watching things grow and admiring each other endlessly."

As such, it marginalizes its own self.

Because of that, it can never be very important.

OK, so why would people deliberately indulge in this petty sort of thing?

Well, I have thought about it, and think sometimes it might be because other people - regular people - don't really matter to them, since what they are doing is actually making something under a bell jar to then present the bell jar to corporations, as a resume thing of the type you often talk about.

But a lifetime of experience tells me loudly that how you treat the people on your way up counts a lot. Not only are those the same people you are going to meet on your way down, but the truly successful - who are already on top - don't particularly approve of such methods themselves.

If they did, they wouldn't be on top in the first place.

People need to understand that their own circle of friends is not the world. Even particular potential employers are not the world.

If there's a birthday party and everyone in the class is invited except so-and-so and such-and-such because the birthday girl doesn't like them, then that's a party I won't attend.

And ultimately, it's a party that most people won't attend.

I guess there's room in the world for plenty of these little closed bell jar parties, but I don't know why anyone would deliberately marginalize themselves and their projects and ultimately the importance of their contribution in this way.

If I had made such a thing as Lauk has, I would want everyone to see it.


S McLuhan

I was trying to explain to my father why it was so important to me to be able to have access to people all across the world from within Second Life - and my exact reasoning was this: that I have greater exposure to a wide range of views and ideas. Thus I too am concerned with the idea of Residents becoming too insular (no pun intended). I strongly believe in the absolute right of all people to be able to share in that which is labelled public; this does not include destructive behaviour, of course, which precludes the ability of the thing to be shared.


I can't comment on these particular circumstances, as I've had no interraction with Lauk or her nest, save it being pointed out to me by someone as I was out testing my blimp.

However, I live by the credo of "Know Thy Enemy". I can't live in any world VR or otherwise without securing at least SOME knowledge and background concerning all aspects, whether I'm in agreement with them or not.

You gotta know your stuff. You gotta share your visions so that others can learn. They don't have to accept them or even like them. But they should have the choice and/or opportunity to be able to see it.

But glomming around in our special little groups and special little islands to the exclusion of "them" or "others" serves noone and nothing save stagnation and the perpetuation of ignorance.

It would crack me up when people would wander into the Hedonist HQ and ask if it was ok for them to be there, or were they interrupting or disturbing anything.

There were NO doors! Just open archways with maybe a phantomed curtain or two. On purpose: Come in, check it out. Hang out or run away screaming. Whatever floats yer boat - but I'm not keeping anyone out.

Pathfinder is not one of my favorite people, but when he wandered into one of my weekend dancing events, he was more than welcome to hang out and enjoy.

The second time Jesse Linden showed up at my NCI class "to check on the host's attendance" I'm guessing - I actually had to tools to kick him into the stratosphere - or to at least try.

Don't think the thought didn't occur to me, because he makes me twitch horribly in the WORST way, and I don't appreciate having one lapse of non-attendance - hey RL gets in the way, and in my book ALWAYS comes first - as an excuse to "keep tabs" on my future classes.

But I just let him be.

Prokovy, I'm not surprised that you get banned and tossed from places based on the most specious and flimsy reasons.

Those folks have gotten the open door on that type of behaviour from LL itself. Banning you from the forums because you dared show their little pets for who they really are.

Heck, you weren't even selling babies in boxes!

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