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forseti svarog

I like that, prok. I remember you said you had written a primer and I think it's good -- comprehensive and in accessible language. (side note: you still have the telehub section in there).

"I guess it's my conviction, too, that each business in SL should have newbie orientation geared to whatever its business is, and that motivates both customer and service provider to help newbies."

I agree with you. Local businesses in SL shouldn't wait/depend on Linden Lab, and RL businesses who are bringing their fans/customer bases *into* SL need to take the initiative and smooth out the noobie bumps any way possible.

My slog post wasn't meant as a primer for new residents. It's pretty useless for that purpose i agree. As you know, I now spend a lot of time talking to RL businesses who are examining SL versus online games, virtual worlds, and web environments, and making choices as to where they want to focus their online efforts. A decent percentage of them haven't logged into SL or if they have, just at a preliminary level. They are curious as to what all the noise is about. The blurb intended twofold: 1. an attempt at structuring some of my own thoughts; 2. a way to encourage more debate/discourse among all of us Slers to improve the language we use to define this world. I think that you are right -- the language is a bit heavy.

At the end of the day, I'm not convinced words can ever do the job, even though I took a stab at it. For now, the best thing to explain SL is video with a live or recorded audio overlay. SL doesn't really click until people SEE it.

Prokofy Neva

Yes, I noticed that about the telehubs, it's quaint! I will take it out of my copy ingame, that was from my desktop LOL.

I think if you can stand some criticism, forseti, you shouldn't use a document that you have to use to impress clients to "structure your own thoughts" and a document to "structure your own thoughts" maybe isn't even best put on your blog, because potential clients could read it.

A primer to get new clients who are still in fact newbies like any newbies should probably be cleaner and shorter, but I imagine your clients are all tekkies themselves, or managers or tekkies (whom tekkies hate lol) so perhaps it works.

The movie you reference is one I commented about at 3pointD. It's a movie that works better than the movie that won the prizes or that was put on the website by the Lindens (I think by Javier Puff, not to be confused with Jiggly Puff). That movie is good and fast-pasted, but terribly misleading, because you're just not going to go jetski on day one, much like you can't jetski on day one of real life, either.

I still think the Lindens had a good thing by having the map have photos on it that people could click on. They dumped that in favour of these SLURLS I guess but I'm puzzled why they are all stuck on just a few entries. I've queried that, and it gets nowhere.

I think sooner or later, if not the Lindens, residents are going to have to create an application and site that lets you click on a location to see a movie filed from that location, or a photo.

Ordinal Malaprop

In-world movies: I think it's quite likely, yes. I've been experimenting with it myself and it's possible for a non-specialist to produce something even at the moment - in a little while it'll be possible for anyone to take a recording and upload it somewhere as easily as taking a screenshot.

At the moment, Google Video and YouTube are the best places to send videos to, but there are also sites like Vimeo which are more social, along the lines of Flickr.

There's an issue that videos tend to be rather large and expensive to host, but people used to say that about picture galleries - this stuff is always getting cheaper. In a year's time, we'll wonder why anyone bothered with screenshots.

Prokofy Neva

There is a button to push to record video in SL, but it's not some slam-dunk, you have to be able to edit it, and then of course upload the product somewhere on a site that can read it and play it.

I have to say that I view Youtube with a somewhat jaundiced eye. It seems to have inspired kids with endless ideas for doing things like: let's buy up all the steel wool in the supermarket and set it on fire because it does something cool! oops...that wasn't the right kind of steel wool now was it! Let's knot up plastic garbage bags and set them on fire and hear them go ZOOT. Um...why didn't they go ZOOT yet? Ouch...Mooommmm. Popping a balloon by your ear and suffering hearing loss is another favourite. Also add to this links to clips on the deadly "sport" of elevator surfing, unauthorized spycams of one's sister used to embarrass her with her school friends, and all those ugly people that have their pictures up on the Internet, you know the ones, that are endlessly circulating. Between myspace and youtube, I think we've got a race to the bottom here as far as Stupid Kid Tricks. I'm waiting for the one where the kid puts his tongue in the refrigerator to see if it sticks.

No, screenshots have an eloquence like photographs that movies won't always capture.

Ordinal Malaprop

Oh, hell no, I wouldn't encourage anybody to put anything on YouTube, ghastly site. It is *easy* though, I must say, which counts for a lot.

Funnily enough I think my comment on the thread about possible additions to the profiles was along the lines of "we don't want this to become bloody MySpace".

forseti svarog

another problem with YouTube from an SL perspective is that you can't watch your video from within the SL client

Prokofy Neva

It already *is* MySpace, ordinal. Page through my tenants profiles some times lol. It's all pictures of my boyfriend, my cat, my cool thing, whatever. It's filled with kitschy stuff, not just favourite places.

Damn, that's a real drag that you can't watch the YouTube from inside SL on your property. Why? And is there a site that you can read the machinima from?

Ace Albion

I *think* that now when you buy land that would raise your tier, it's part of the inworld interface confirmation. I don't remember having to manually set any tier on the website when I tiered up each time. My memory is far from reliable, though.

I did have to go to the website to tier down, though that was in the middle of a month I noticed I had an amount donated to group, which I pulled back.

Prokofy Neva

Yes, it now warns you with 3 checkpoint boxes that you have enough tier, or don't, and if you confirm, that it will tier you up.

It's also annoying that if you donate to a group, and that group doesn't even use the tier or you don't use it in the group, it sits there, and you will still be billed for it, even unattached to land, just because it's been put in the group. So you have to be sure to pull it out to tier down.

I will update those points on the card, thanks.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

That's a most excellent primer, Prokofy. Thanks for posting it publicly. Would you like to add it to http://sliki.info as well? (mind you, that site is a "work in progress")

Prokofy Neva

No, I don't want to add it to a wiki.

Wikis are always glorified because "anybody can come in and add stuff" and "we can all collaborate" and "isn't it great" etc.

But usually there is a tiny core of care-takers that try to tweak everything, who are then unaccountable to the group and the process. They won't declare themselves the editorial committee...they just ARE.

I'd rather not put it up there, and then have some GOV busybody come and wipe out my points that these mantras that people hear in the WA "you don't need land to have fun" shouldn't be heeded.

I'm just one of many small operations providing alternative briefing/orientation and I'd like to keep separate from that whole ghastly volunteers phalanx of Jeska's Army.

Kyrah ABattoir

hurry up Proky! you have to write ane more paper how the new banlines are outrageous!!

luoz katscher

nenhum comentario

luoz katscher

none comments

Harlyn Blanchflower




alexita Akina

hi how can i enter to a shat i am so confussed...

Indiana Flow

I downloaded it and signed up.. About 5 times. Each time I try to login it says invalid username and/or password. Yet when I try to make a new account, the name I used last time is taken.. What? Confused.. As it means it worked the first time but is deciding to be gay and tell me that the username I typed isn't registered or something.. Help???
Thanks =]

Prokofy Neva

It's because um, I guess, YOU are "gay" and don't read instructions. Your account first has to be verified by receiving an email, then going back to the website to verify the account. Only then can you log in with that name and password. And yeah, duh, that name will be taken if you used it to make an account.

If you don't get a verification email because of spam filters or something, then you have to try to call LL, or try to file a trouble ticket as "guest".


I'm new to this game and still not understanding how to get money in the game. I just want to try the game out before i give my credit card information. Is there a way around this small problem?

Prokofy Neva

You don't have to give credit card information to get the basic account. You don't need money until you get your bearings. You can fly around and get clothes and furniture and such for free, sit in camping places or visit money trees to collect a few dollars, look for jobs.


I've been having issues getting a job in-game because they all require some sort of scripting, ect skill.

Is there any way for a newb to get a job that doesn't require such skills?


when i try to log on to second life it says 'there is a promlem' and i should go to the webstie but that says that everything is fine. what do i do?

Prokofy Neva

Newbs can get jobs at clubs or stores, you can either look at the forums at www.secondlife.com for job openings, or inworld go to SEARCH and then CLASSIFIEDS and then HELP WANTED or EVENTS to see some of the job fairs etc.

Obviously if you can't load SL you have a problem with the set up. You should read the help pages to see if you have the correct level of RAM, graphic cards, DSL line, etc. to be able to load Second Life. You can log in to the account page and open up a trouble ticket under SUPPORT in MY ACCOUNT.

Arvin Kamberi

Can someone please help me? I`m looking for a best way to take video`s from SL. Start movie to disk in SL file-options dos`t work. Actually it grab`s video but intermittent. Is that problem with my videocard ( Sapphire RADEON X700 PRO) or I need more procesor speed ( I have dual 3GHz intel PC ).
Can Video goes flowingly & can be recorder with sound.. please if someone have some expirience with that... Thank you all very much

Prokofy Neva

Arvin, the system within SL doesn't work to capture video, I've never heard anybody get it to work. I certainly haven't.

Most people use the free program FRAPS then various other editing programs. Try going on the second of the forums at www.secondlife.com about machinima for some tips.

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