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Stan Pomeray

I'm not entirely sure that I subscribe to the "end the forums" theory.

I really struggle with the concept of new SL players reading the forums and running away in horror at all the "nasty people" saying rude things. I really don't think your average computer gamer (or even your average online "things" user) is that emotionally unstable!

And yes, of course, there is a heck of a lot of crap spoken in the forums, but surely the best way to deal with that is either (a) ignore it, or (b) challenge it, explaining WHY it is crap. If it really is such a pile of crap, everyone will realise this and it will get the contempt it deserves.

Doing away with the forums because some people say horrible things in them really is a bit extreme. Where do we propose to draw the line? Can we expect lists of "acceptable opinions for use in-world" to be passed out next?


Well, I actually read this whole transcript.

But what struck me was at the beginning, where Philip says:

"Philip Linden: and because we knew that it had to be fun and playful, at first, to get started."

hahahahaha this SO validates what I've been saying.

A year ago February, I came in expecting something fun.

I couldn't figure out why the Lindens were always such sadists and their supporters, such masochists.

Then I realized that anything fun was just to get us in here and hooked, and to get the ball rolling.

Once they had enough of us, who were invested in SL, they could then effect the divorce (except they would still be collecting the money). In other words, for things to be grim was always actually the goal.

Anyway, here's my question:

Where is there a place in this new vision - you know, the one where the Lindens stop having responsibility for anything - for someone who wants to have a shop and make and sell houses?

I'm thinking that this all means I will have to start paying two people: The money I pay the Lindens, of course - the same as always or more. But also I would have to pay the person who runs the server I live on or whatever.

And at the same time, the rules I would have to abide by and agree to would be the rules of that individual I would now also be paying, in addition to what I pay LL.

Another comment: What I figured out a couple of days ago - that LL wants to pass the buck for underage players (along with the lawsuits) to us - turns out to actually be their plan.

Their lawyers are apparently certain that by hiding behind this
"We're the internet!" claim, they will be able to pull this off.

I don't think so, really. The media, the legal system, the people - just aren't all that stupid.


Prokofy Neva

Yes, I noticed that, too, Coco, that he was hinting, essentially, that they made it fun and playful at first, but that the party was over now, and we had better throw away our rock t-shirts and flashing scripted crotched rock-star jeans, like he has, and put on plain, ordinary cardigans and pastel shirts so we can fit in better with the Future.

Yes, I think it was actually always the goal for "things to be grim," but their platformists and Makers and Creators of the fascistic bent in particular will go right along with them into this Bright Future -- which is why they feted them all along.

I imagine they want to pass the buck to adult content creators too, but I do ask the question about our real responsibility given that we are mere tenants.


philly has actually said that "gettem hooked first" thing several times - in many different ways.

The only difference being this time he's dropped the curtain on what comes after folks are already invested.

Again - looks like I got out just in time.

And a quick question - who or where or whatever is the best place to cash out my lindens?

Prokofy Neva

Brace, the other services like anshechung.com cost more now. You can compare IGE but they are often risky, I"ve had huge delays and problems with them. Unfortunately, LL is really the monopoly now. anshechung.com is very prompt in getting your money out to PayPal, however, that's the best thing about them, and the cost they show includes the fees, whereas you'll have to add them on to what you calculate from LL (at least that's what I'm recalling, check on that). AC gets your money out within 24 hours. LL can take 5 or more days, and they state that's what it takes.

Aldo Stern

I slogged through the whole thing as well--is it just me and my enfeebled attention span or do Phillip's comments come across as soemthing similar to what you get out of the animatronic Abe Lincoln at Disney World? At some point he did seem to be actually listening and responding but wit was with some kind of otherworldly sort of "oh dear...there are heeyoo-manns here" kind of reaction.

Ah well.

Don't suppose there's any point in my mentioning that for some time I've talking about this idea that SL is "not just a product in transition, it is a transitional product.

I've come to enjoy thinking of Phillip as essentially a character played by Robert Preston--though I'm still not sure whether its Preston as the classic Harold Hill, or as that alien in his last film, recruiting gifted but naieve kids to be starpilots through a video arcade game.

Which isn't to say I'm not going to hang on and see where this particular Nantucket sleigh ride is going. On the contrary--at the same time, even as it seems to get stranger and stranger, I keep thinking it becomes even more of an adventure. Especially as I think the whaling metaphor has some potential--yes, the whale is pulling us along and may sound at any moment, taking us with her, but there is also the possiblity that we'll eventually get her back to the Pequod and come out ahead on the deal.

Hmmm...now I've forced myself into thinking about Phillip as played by Gregory Peck with an oaken prothesis...not sure how healthy that is.

But seriously..this is getting more and more intriguing and I wouldn't mind being there to see if the Captain gets his white whale.

Prokofy Neva

>do Phillip's comments come across as soemthing similar to what you get out of the animatronic Abe Lincoln at Disney World?

ROFLMAO gah thanks for making me choke on my Diet Coke!

>At some point he did seem to be actually listening and responding

My favourite, obviously, was when he said, "Permaban?" as if he had NO IDEA what I was talking about and when Foolish Frost then added gently, "The forums," he said he "couldn't keep up with the data" ROFL.

You know, I was going with the Robert Preston thing for the longest time...then I happened to notice (or maybe he just put it in?) that in his profile, Philip has a picture of himself smoking a cig with a Willy Wonka quote (which is actually Shakespeare as you may know, and he may not lol). That is, he credits WW and not WS.
The quote is: ""So shines a good deed in a weary world". I'm fairly certain it was recently added but Philip-watchers can correct me.

So...he does believe he is doing good. That's the explanation often given for...oh never mind. I'm too weary.

As for whales, I'm thinking it's more like that scene with Spencer Tracy? You know the one? Where he's in the water, and his legs are already chopped off? And he's still trying to remain cheerful for the boy? Not "The Old Man and the Sea." Damn. Oh..."Captains Courageous," there it is:

"Now listen to me, leetle feesh. I go now...We had good times together, eh, leetle feesh? We laugh. We sing. So you smile...Manuel - he be watching you. You be best fisherman ever lived."


that scene - lol, Prok!



ty for the tips on cashin out - I'm not in any particular rush, so I'll guess I'll got the LL way and save on some Anshe fees *shrugs* or do a lil bit of both.

OMG I SO forgot about that blank look and weird comment philly made after you asked him to lift yer permaban - I'm tellin ya all that hash brownie chompin and herb smokin reeely fucks with yer memory LOLOL!

And WHAT was with that "couldn't keep up with the data" thing roflmao I SWEAR he has a Stock Phrases When Stumped Book or somethin hehehe

wooooo! total crackkup - but still I wish he'd as LEAST had said: well ok so I forgot - bann lifted! Jeska, Robin - SOMEone - make it happen! *fingersnap*

But then that would be something totally awesome, and well SL and LL aren't in the biznizz of doing totally awesome anymore.

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