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Kyrah Abattoir

are youf orced to switch to bootlicking mode each time yous ee a linden and decide to shove your opinion down his troath by (baldy) acting as a friend?


DANG. I miss EVERYTHING. It comes from having my head up a prim.

(Or from people not IM'ing me to tell me about it like they SHOULD.)

Doesn't much matter though, I would have been frozen senseless just being around that many AV's anyway, probably unable to turn my camera in Philip's direction even.

I just love reading these chat logs, though! Almost - but not quite - as fun as being there!

It always has that same disjointed feeling of 2-year-olds engaging in parallel play (where they play along side, but separately from each other), except it's lots more fun!

The CORNFIELD. Yes, Philip, I am still irritated by that. Apparently my exercise of the free speech LL so prizes made me such a terrible criminal I was even too awful to see the cornfield. Nope, probably not going to forget that my whole life long.

Dang, but they do talk dirty in the WA, don't they?


Prokofy Neva

I found it hard even to type. It's hard to get anything done in those WAs. I saw Philip by accident. I wuoldn't think of IM'ing everyone I know to tp them in, sorry. Oh well at least I thought to copy it and blog it.

Yeah the WA is a cloaca.




that is so damn APT

:D :D :D

Yer WordSmith-Fu is in excellent form!
Aaaaand I see miz kyrah is STILL on that bender


Yes! Very apt!

(I know the word from having raised canaries, lol.)

Chip Poutine

Hi Prok,

Just saw an article in the latest Metaverse Messenger on a new golf course opening July 1 in Hollywood (184,172). There's an ad on page 13 and the article starts on page 18.

Prokofy Neva

Yes, I saw that Santa Cruz seems to be part of the whole Hollywood continent, if you will. Looks cool! Can't wait to try it.

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Will one day, perhaps in ten years, people look back to that transcript and feel ashamed for their immaturity? :)

Or will they simple dismiss it, since acting like children in a world that is just 3 years old is appropriate? SL is not "mature" enough, and do we behave accordingly — by being immature?

It's a pity, though, since Prokofy (and very few others) were actually asking rather good questions. And in some cases, Philip was even willing to answer them.

In any case, it would seem better to do the discussion over a nice game of virtual golf anyway ;)

Squeedoo S.

Strange, this chatlog is from the birthday celebrations yes? Wow, he sure did change his clothes. Hmmm...

Doubledown Tandino

Personally, I don't think a joke involving weapons should be considered griefing.

Knifes, guns, golf clubs in SL are not RL weapons. I think someone that stabs someone in SL is joking.. like pulling a prank... and it should be viewed that way. Once the victim says that's annoying leave me alone, im busy doing something.. and the attacks continue, then it's griefing.

... but i think we all need to lighten up. I think goofs and jokes and in the light-hearted park stabbings should be okay. As long as it doesn't orbit my avatar or affect my avatar and the attacker stops when i tell them to, then it's fine.


Hi im tom


Oh god, I remember this. *is vaguely ashamed* I remember being very angry when my alt AnnoyingJapaneseChild Dinosaur got booted (really what was I expecting, my name alone is like some sort of beacon). But it's such a stupid thing to get angry about. I haven't been back in the game in ages...This is a really great snapshot of that time. I logged in the other day and the same people were there, just using different names. Everything just seemed really arbitrary while I was playing. One time I griefed a sim so bad the sim went down for an hour and nothing happened to me and then I got booted here because of my name essentially. Very strange banning practices.

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