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Dang! Missed another one of these.


Kyrah Abattoir

could you clean your transcripts one day? considering the time you waste writing your other posts you could spend the time to cut the useless lines and go straight to the point you want to prove?

if you like wasting time, waste yours and let us read a summary

Gwyneth Llewelyn

Great discussion! It was a pity I had it overlapped with other meetings at the same time. Still, I think it was a good recap on all issues about the new Linden-imagined "jurisdictions/communities/virtual-countries-inside-the-virtual-world" model.

The most important thing I see about this model is that it's targeted for the mainland. If it's well done, the whole concept of "estates" can be applied to large landmasses on the mainland, thus making "private islands" not such a big deal any more.

Sadly, I have not been so lucky with beta-testing the new group tools on the Preview — for some reason, I can't buy any land there. It might have been a glitch tied to my account somehow, but the truth is, I wasn't able to test the new groups fully yet. So it's hard to understand how far you can go with them once you're able to tie them with a sign-up from the website that drops a new "member" into your "community".

Naturally enough, I welcome this new system, as far as it was explained. It's a bit early to understand exactly what will happen to make this go *wrong*, specially if you're always allowed NOT to belong to ANY "community".


Wait a minute . . . is there some system coming along that makes us belong to a community?


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