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Prokofy Neva

Here's what Blue had to say about his removal (very obliquely):

"In the interest of keeping my blog a respectful, helpful place to go for info on the Teen Grid and other projects I’m involved in, I’ll be editing out inappropriate and/or counter-productive posts. There’s plenty of room in the Blog-o-sphere (grok it!) for that stuff. I’m sure you’ve seen it out there, attempting to fill the internets!"

Um, is "grok it" now the code word for "prok it"???

I think the reader will agree that nothing in my post above is "a conspiracy theory" nor is it "for the internets" which is a put-down.

It's a normal, every-day response to the formation of a system with the potential abuse of universally-recognized human rights, which involve:

1. The right to be informed of the charge made against you, and the specific crime being attributed to you (in this case, a link to an offending post, a naming of a date and sim and action you engaged in.)

2. The right to face your accuser (in this case, it would involve a new decision to name the names of people who abuse-report you -- but LL and some residents feel this would create vengeance -- in RL it doesn't do that, but in RL there is a robust set of circumstances that in SL people are unable or unwilling to simulate and replicate).

3. The right to counsel -- the best advice on how the law is to be interpreted.

4. The right make a speech in your own defense.

5. The right to appeal.

6. Transparency about the system with accurate and open police statistics -- name of prosecutors and poilce, arrests made, actions taken, dates, places, etc. Here Lindens refuse to concede the need to put names of prosecuting Lindens as they evidently fear vengeance as well just for doing their job -- yet that creates no clear window into a system where former residents become Lindens, and then settle scores.

7. The right to discuss the actions taken against you openly -- police states often add insult to injury by muzzling your ability even to talk about your case, which itself was a violation of rights -- this is the classic forums problem where neither. Most victims of biased forums justice in particular definitely want a public hearing and discussion of their case, but they often find themselvs whacked with another warning for discussing their case.

8. The right to privacy about your own case *and the right to waive privacy yourself* if you feel your case was unjust and you would like to take it to the court of public opinion. Lindens always invoke things like "privacy" when the community shows up at a round table and says, "But why was Cristiano banned? That's not fair!". If Cristiano himself airs his case and essentially waives his privacy, the Lindens need not be bound by responding to allegations of unfairness.

And many more!

Stan Pomeray

I love it when people say things like "lets keep it respectful" and "lets keep it helpful" when what they really mean is "lets keep it in line with the acceptable opinion and the organisation I lick so fervently"


It would be quite funny if it wasn't so bloody predictable and rather pathetic. Oh well.....you know..I've always been cursed with cynicism.....its really bothering me, as you can see LOL

Prokofy Neva

Well, Blue is trying to social-engineer me like these cool California social-engineers are always doing. We can social engineer right back at 'em though, I guess.

I persisted, and put another "Helpful Hal" sort of statement that Lindens always love as my "chapeau," then I asked the money question about these resident juries Torley alluded to.

He answered here:

OK, he acts like its some tinfoil hatted improbability. Res-justices? Linden courts? Puleeze. Except...we didn't think there'd be resmods ever on the forums -- and we got them! We got all these greeters and helpers too.

It's always a terrible thing having to confront a system from its butt end. No one ever believes you. Only other victims like yourself believe you. The system always relies on belief in it held by some 75 percent of its participants. They will chime in with the powers of be that you are being a wrecker, " not constructive," "not helpful," "hyperbolic," etc. etc.

They always will dismiss the cases you bring as exaggerated, aberrations, either lies, or not statistically significant.

So one way to deal with this is to try to do documentation of the magnitude of these cases. So we could try that -- try to see how much follow-through there really is on ARs and the police blotter.

If the game would ever start working again, I'll call a meeting on this.


Hmmph. Here's hoping that the Lindens create a special last name for all the people participating in this posse mentality justice system, and that then LL gives us the power to ignore everyone with the same last name.

I swear, some people just are not happy unless they are blowing inconsequential non-problems into pressing urgent issues, urging that others 'participate', ranting about the need for organization and unity, screaming SOMETHING MUST BE DONE, finding a scapegoat, and then declaring the problem solved due to THEIR efforts.

Oh, wait, tht's from Bradbury's book, 'Fareinheit 451' isn't it? ...the talking walls. *snort*

Prokofy Neva

You know, I still am not making sense of this. If Torley means "resident-only justice systems they create themselves," then why is it called "a planned move".

Here's an example of the sort of asswipe stupid junk I get everynight. Somebody gets on a group list and screams, OMG avatar Z is hitting on my 3-year-old daughter!

And we all answer huh? what? RL? ageplay? Whah?

And we never get answers.

He publishes the name of someone who he says is an evil child molester. We all ask, but are you idiotic enough to allow your RL child to be playing on SL? You dumbass? And he just publishes the guy's name. Whereupon lots of girls get all excited and don't scroll back. In fact, how can they scroll back? They just tuned in this minute, just logging in, and the group is in full swing.

They see that the community is all in a lather about some evil dude who is hitting on minors. They don't even bother to ask, but wait...why is a minor in here? Or.. but did he hit on this minor? or...is this just some stupid ageplay crap?

Instead, they swell up with rage and indignation! What a perve! How awful! *Let's get 'im*. He's multi-mass-perma banned everywhere.

Now, people only have 50 slots on their own parcel. They will pick and choose how much they will respond to every mass ban hysteria like this. But...with the wonders of third party siting as Foolish Frost has extolled it, there will be a function for any venue to be scanning every avatar walking on the scene. They will compare this to a third-party list that isn't limited to 50, and will have thousands --millions -- of names in it.

That third-party site suddenly turns up Avatar Z, Child Molester. Ugh! Ban him! When in fact he may just be some dumbass numbwit spooking everybody. Or...he could be an "ageplayer," and then some folks would say, ok, well, as long as its with consenting adults, let him do his thang. Does that him being banned off a club list tho? Will anyone remember what he got on that list for on that master third-party site?

Ryu Darragh

Unh huh. And what will happen in cases like mine where I help other newcomers (friends and friends of) get their accounts and inventory straight after a disaster by "assuming" their account temporarily?

I have had a friend of one these "accounts in repair" accuse me of "hacking" their friends account. He was quite indignant. If this happens a few more times...

Some folks can't wrap their minds arround the concept that the behavior of others is subject to context. And context is not data in a server or chat logs.

Can they "replay" or "review" exsigent circumstances outside of SL and held only in the minds of the participants before acting?

Oh, PS: I always have those I help in this fashion change their PWD to one I specify so I can help them and then have them change it back to the original. So I do *not* know their original PWD.

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