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Steven Catron

Are you aware that your wikipedia entry states that you "threatened to injure against another resident in reality for merely expressing an opinion"?

Prokofy Neva

Yes, but I saw that, it's merely Joshua Nightshade, an unhinged Second Citizen obsessive poster, who specializes in going around and monkeying with Wikipedia entries. He brags about doing that on Second Citizen. Except, whoops, Wikipedia edits are anonymous, so we can't really make the people who write these libelous lies responsible for their actions, can we?

Wikipedia is worthless just for that reason. It's filled with that kind of hysterical and tendentious tinkering.

I haven't threatened to injure any other resident in reality for expressing their opinion.

Instead, I've said, using an acceptable colloquial expression, that I'd "cheerfully strangle" this resident (Nightshade) if he *came near me in RL* -- which he did, ultimately, thrusting himself unwanted and forcing me to shake his hand before introducing himself. Now is that creepy or what? Obviously, um, I didn't make good on my "threat". But keep in mind, oh vigilant Wikinista, that I said this after he:

o passed around a picture of my real life door in SL
o repeatedly posted about sitings he claimed to have of me in RL and his efforts even to contact me
o repeatedly and obsessively posted about me on forums
o posted an obscene enactment involving my RL picture made into busts in SL
o claimed falsely that I had put on this blog that he was a "rapist" and claimed falsely that it was linked to his RL page
o started a letter-writing campaign to this blog's publisher trying to get my blog shut down over these alleged materials -- unsuccessful, because false. No action was taken, and there was no material removed, because it was never there in the first place

And so on.

Now, do I dignify Wikipedia by going and trying to correct a thing like that? No, I don't. Let it stand as a monument to the stupidity of Wikipedia.

I can only tell you, Steven Catron, not to believe what you read in Wikipedia -- and there's a good example.

Steven Catron

Thank you.

While wikipedia is not always correct, they try to keep a minimal standard.

Since the factual accuracy of the page is questionable, you might want to mark it for speedy deletion according to point 10 of the pertinent criteria.


Prokofy Neva

No, they don't keep anything of the kind.

I've put up notice on the "Living Persons Biography" problem page. Perhaps someone will look at it there. The entry brings up a number of issues.

Should Wikipedia be outing people's avatars and their RL names? Even if those links can be found by sleuthing? I hope not.

Should Wikipedia accept the tendentious and hysterical view of a few people about a controversial figure in any setting? Surely not.

All you have to do is read my past blogs on Wikipedia, and the entry about me in the Wikipedia section about Second Life, to see how this has been tugged back and forth by various interest groups.

The entry on SL per se that mentions me among other prominent persons doesn't have anywhere near the tendentious bullshit that this entry has.

Prokofy Neva

If anyone would like to help out who is a Wikipedia enthusiast and knows the editing tricks and tools (I don't want to bother to learn them now), they should go and nominate the article "Prokofy Neva" for delegtion. Anyone reasonable and knowledgeable will realize it contains multiple factual errors, tendentious claims, libelous statements, and most important, that dead-give-away -- the link to Second Citizen as the "proof" of libel on my part, and curiously to an easily rebutted thread from Fox Stirling, in which he claims absolutely no responsibility for *his land* upon which *his pal* is using my business key words in their ad *as a form of harassment*. I mean, seriously, guys, that's lame.

Eric Kintz


Thanks for the engaging conversation on my blog and sorry for the space issues. In terms of honesty, I guess the fact that we had this 3 way engagement between my post, you and epredator is a sign of honesty/openess I guess? I did not want to rag about SL, I was just sharing my personal questions and I see the value of blogging as having this open exchange and getting different perspectives to enrich your own. Re- your printer and Vista, my colleague Vince Ferraro wrote a great post on that subject on his blog - hopefully that post can be helpful. Cheers

Taco Rubio


I looked to set your page for 3rd party resolution, but it turns out it's to be used by the editors with the dispute. Since I don't edit your page, I can't report it myself :(

The information you're asking about is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Dispute_resolution

Prokofy Neva

Um, Wikipedia works on the principle of people being able to edit any page. That page about me isn't "my page" because I didn't make it. Anyone else can edit it or suggest changes.

Dispute resolution has nothing to do with it. It isn't a "dispute" that needs to be "resolved". It's just a libelous and incorrect page lol. And you're quite the insincere ass frowning and acting as if you care about this, when you're part of the very group DOING this.

Taco Rubio

I guess I was being literalist, because I responded to "If anyone would like to help out who is a Wikipedia enthusiast and knows the editing tricks and tools (I don't want to bother to learn them now), they should go and nominate the article "Prokofy Neva" for delegtion." as if you were asking for anybody who'd like to help out who is a Wikipedia enthusiast and knows the editing tricks and tools to go and nominate the article "Prokofy Neva" for delegtion.

I'm sorry I misunderstood your request, how should I have interpreted that better ?

Prokofy Neva

You're being an asshole as usual Taco, go fuck yourself. You aren't helping out, and you know it. I'd appreciate if any *non-SC* members would simply go and do what needs to be done on Wikipedia to correct the record.

Steven Catron

One of the admins apparently proposed it for deletion. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_deletion/Prokofy_Neva Wikipedia is really the wrong place for SL-bantering.

Lorelei Patel

"I won't even mention the insanity at SC, where the thin-skinned and petulant children are still all in a frenzy, but this just in: I'm *not* mentioned in the Lansing Journal! Of course, if my grandparents were alive today, who used to live in Owasso and read the Lansing Journal, they'd be crushed"


*wiping away tears of mirth*

Wow, imagine that!

However, it was Barbara who wrote the story, not who posted that message.


Glad you have an idea for the Coke Contest.

One thing I wanted to stress is that these do not need to be Second Life objects. If you've got a great idea just write it out in words and submit that. No need to find a scripter.

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

Prokofy Neva

Thanks, Steven, that was helpful, and you just went ahead yourself and added a comment, which is what I had requested, and which Taco himself wouldn't do, adding insult to injury suggesting this preposterous piece by Joshua needed "third-party dispute resolution" when it just needs deletion because it's filled with errors and tendentious and libelous statements.

Again, saying you'd "cheerfully strangle" somebody stalking you even into RL isn't inciting violence against them. That's just plain fucking retarded, and we all know that : )

Fortunately even Wikipedia can be persuaded to remove something that just isn't really rising to the test of meriting an entire personal profile, especially given that I have a brief entry in the famous persons section of the entry on Second Life itself. The Wikinistas are Web 1.0 or at best Web 2fers who dislike SL for its immersion and the idea that avatars are now going to start getting profiles probably deeply upsets them lol.

Well, let history judge.

As for the Coke thing, CC, I can't imagine entering a contest in which you don't make a really worthy presentation with an actual thingie, a demo of some kind. To just scrawl something on a napkin doesn't seem right, and won't get you the win.

Prokofy Neva

Lorelei, I have a feeling you actually don't have the sense of humour required to read this piece about Lansing, and actually imagine that I'm somehow slighted by not being mentioned in Lansing.

It hardly looks like what you said, Barbara herself is shown exactly as I've pasted it. It doesn't matter. I hope they are happy with their Second Life, in Lansing.

Taco Rubio

Oh, you wanted it deleted! Why didn't you say so, you big silly?

I signed the deletion request in concurance with Steve's opinions about why you shouldn't have a wikipedia article.

Prokofy Neva

Um, I didn't propose that it be deleted, I proposed it be corrected, especially if they have some concept that nothing can be deleted. And, that isn't Steve's opinions, it was what I myself suggested, imagine.

Taco Rubio

You actually requested it be nominated for delegation, if you'll check. Steve took it upon himself to select it for deletion, and you evidently haven't read why. Imagine.

Anyway, glad it's all being worked out !

Lorelei Patel

"It hardly looks like what you said, Barbara herself is shown exactly as I've pasted it. It doesn't matter. I hope they are happy with their Second Life, in Lansing."

We are, thanks for asking. What you posted in posting the name, though, the byline of the article. It's not the poster's name. If you had copied the line of text below it, you would have seen:

" Posted by Betsy Stoll at 6:17 AM 0 comments Links to this post "

And yes, it matters.

Prokofy Neva

The word there is "deletion" champ. It's a typo.

Um, I read why, and I noticed that Steve copied *word for word* my argumentation for why it should be deleted, because it doesn't deserve a separate entry. Duh. I wrote that *first* and he *copied it*.

You're fucking retarded.

Ian Betteridge

"Should Wikipedia be outing people's avatars and their RL names? Even if those links can be found by sleuthing?"

Since when was "reading the New York Times" sleuthing?


I don't think Prokofy deserves a wikipedia entry of any kind (no offense). Deletion was/is the best choice. You would likely find fault in ANYONE's entry regarding you, no? (Be honest! ;) )

Wikipedia has enough problems of their own.

C, Beaumont

"Again, saying you'd "cheerfully strangle" somebody stalking you even into RL isn't inciting violence against them. That's just plain fucking retarded, and we all know that : )"

No, we don't. You didn't have to respond with another threat, you could have taken the high road. Regardless of context, saying you'd cheerfully strangle someone is a threat.

taco rubio

Do you have any idea how much you get steered, Porkofy ? If so, why do you allow it; if not, why don't you plan?

Please rant about this in the bullring !

I am very interested in your coherency level and would love a response addressing this specifically.

Also you lied 4 posts ago but that's ok to, your blog, you're free to make stuff up.

Prokofy Neva

Yes, Ian, dredging up an old NY Times article and stalking someone and linking their avatar and RL persona repeatedly, permanently, inworld, outworld, with the aim of trying to intimidate them and prevent them from speaking out is wrong. It's not my choice, and persisting with it is harassment. The editors of the Wikipedia article on Second Life don't link avatar names with RL names nor place that as a requirement to even *have* an entry, so I don't see why I'm required to submit to harassment. There's only one purpose people pursue in making this linkage: harassment, stalking, and intimidation.

If you persist in linking yourself with, and taking the side of, people who harass, stalk, and intimidate, and persist in using my RL name, Ian, I'll take it as a sign that you wish me harm in RL and SL, and you will be banned. So please cease, if you wish to go on posting here.

You're taking the side of stalkers here with your persistent belligerence.

By my own admission, as a figure, I don't rise to the test of being worthy of an entire portrait of myself on Wikipedia. Especially when the entire thrust of this specious article is to make a false claim that I engage in death threats. I never have engaged in any death threats, and making such a claim is malicious and libelous.

Literalist trolls and verbal harassers can go on claiming till the cows come home that saying "cheerfully strangle" in response to a stalker goading and harassing you is a death threat. But they ought to try googling the expression and seeing how it is tolerated as colloquial speech on typepad and many other blogs. They also ought to show the same zeal they show for ferreting out "death threats" ferreting out and condemning the routine harassment and stalking that the loser Second Citizens engage in.

Their persistent obdurance in making this claim of a "death threat" in the face of reason and rationality merely reveals them to be operating in bad faith, and trying to goad and harass. There is no death threat here.

Even the wierdniks on Wikipedia will understand that, and some have written as much already.

I don't see anything I've "made up" or "lied about" anything. The article can be deleted or corrected (and corrected by removing irrelevant references to a RL name) -- I don't know how Wikipedia deals with content, and whether they ever entirely remove a contribution which is why I discussed two kinds of actions and did not come down on the side of calling for deletion. The effort to play gotcha and pounce and be an asshole just reveals what a loser Taco Rubo is. It's a sign of no inner life or engaging occupation to sustain him, which is why he comes trolling on other people's blogs. I'm not required to give reports on my "steerage" or whatever bullshit Taco dreams up to harass and goad me. Get a life, Taco, any will do, even a second one.

I do want to point out that I saw this entry months ago -- I would estimate at least 6 months ago -- and decided to ignore it for lots of reasons. Evidently Joshua wasn't getting enough mileage out of it and getting the reaction he sought around it so he began to stir up reaction to it. Or perhaps merely in the routine nature of things people went and looked it up and began to ask questions. So I can only attempt to set the record straight here, I've put in a request in Wikipedia under the "living persons biography" session, and others have taken the appropriate action.

Taco, I'm warning you as well that if you take the side of stalkers, liars, libelers, and harassers, which is *exactly* what is going on here, and you know full well it's going on, then you, too, are joining in the desire to incite RL or SL harm to me. So you, too, will cease to have the privilege of posting on my blog. Stop it, if you feel you need to keep the privilege here.

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