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Prokofy Neva

>1. I don't give a flying fuck what your ISP does to you.

What my ISP does is what most of them with DSL lines to offer do. You are retarded and incapable of grasping that due to ignorant arrogance.

>2. Gee, state the obvious again why don't you?

Um, that's what you did for about 4 posts, since anyone who runs a blog "get it" about IP addresses and blocking them.

>3. Again, I'm rather aware of how the average user connects to the internet.

Hardly. You're aware of your little tiny provincial experience, which, as we pursue this matter further and further by zooming out, begins to look tiner and tinier, and is directly disproportionate in size to your overweening arrogance.

>4. I'm sorry, what does anything I do in real life have to do with this again? Oh that's right, nothing at all!

If you are going to claim credentials about how RL IPs work, it would be helpful to know if you are anything besides a teenage thug in an IRC channel, but, whatever. Who cares? I don't. I fight back against igoramuses like you, however, because you hinder the establishment of the truth.

>5. did I say you don't get some success? Nope. I use IP Bans all the time. The difference between you and me Prokofy? I don't scream and whine when something occurs to give the banned poster access again. I just add the new IP to the list.

Well, gosh, that's what I do too! And for persistent flyers using anonymizers, that does no good, but so what? They get bored and leave finally. I don't scream and whine when they evade an IP ban because I'm not the one screaming and whining in the first place about how they work or whether they work -- you are. I just delete them and move on.

>I do believe that about covers everything. Should you feel the need to respond to any of the above with your apparently usual attitude in an attempt to 'push back' or some other such nonsense, please feel free to step away from the screen long enough to calm down hmm?

Erm, go fuck yourself? I'm perfectly calm, and I step away from the screen all the time. Your problem is deep and entrenched arrogance and ignorance that comes from being untethered to real life.

I don't suffer from that problem.

>I love giving people second chances to prove that they are capable of reasoned debate or conversation without resorting to baseless insults.

My insults are full-based and fully-certified as appropriate given the shocking idiocy you've displayed here.

Solar Legion

After reading that entire response Prokofy I can only assume the following: You do not understand plain English whatsoever and must argue with anything anyone you deem to be a 'tekkie' or a dolt says.

The only other thing that has remained constant in your responses to me is that you have been rude from the onset. You do not deal with people very much apparently, otherwise you'd not be using such a tone.

Now, to your entire response above I can only say this: To all of your attempts to rebut me in the above response you have shown an amazingly intense attitude when it comes to dealing with anyone that does not bow down and agree with you. You are quite frankly the sort of person, just from what I've seen in your responses, that simply cannot handle any sort of argument or debate without attempting to insult the other party, which simply lessens your argument each and every time.

You disappoint me Prokofy.

do not be shocked however if some salient comment I make throws you off balance in the future: Happens all the time when dealing with people you don't know from Adam.

Prokofy Neva

Rudeness is all that someone as arrogant and rude a fucktard as you are, Solar, can understand. Force is the only thing that works on your type of person, I've found that over and over again.

And if you think that I or anyone else in this thread can't grasp a simple concept like static or dynamic IP addresses, you have your head so far up your ass that I can't ever hope for you to see reason.

My interventions against your fucktardery aren't a "debate" or some kind of "argument with different points of view". No, it's something different.

-- You tell me something hectoring and obvious and arrogant that we all know

-- I tell you forcefully that we know all that already, stop it, and you're not considering some other obvious problems, like the limitation of blog tools

-- You keep on arrogantly asserting that we still don't understand some technical feature of dynamic IPs that we all long ago understand years ago

-- Other people gently tell you that you're limited in your understanding, based in the US, and maybe even out of date. You have your local, parochial experience in your little job or community or whatever, and you fail to see this doesn't represent "the universality of experience

-- Over and over again, I and others try to get this across to you, but nothing works.

So it's not about "points of view" but an entire attitude you represent, which is this very mistaken belief that you have some special technical expertise that you can impart to the unenlightened -- and with a dollop of condescenscion.

It's laughable.

I'm definitely done talking to you because I can see you don't have the intelligence to see what's going on here in this thread.

Belaya Statosky

Just because I find the IP banning debate to be funny, I will chip in:

Prokofy is actually right for the most part. While it's possible for some people to evade IP/host bans, most do not. It works well enough when it has to.

In fact, usually even dynamic IPs can be ugly to change quickly. You either need to know to spoof a new MAC address on the router to invalidate the existing DHCP lease to get assigned a new address -- or kill your network connection for hours if not an entire day to expire the lease so the current IP gets returned to the pool and you may potentially be assigned a new one. Of course, spoofing your MAC may not work at all, either -- for example, Cox here in the US in some regions lock to one known MAC address and will not honor DHCP requests from MACs it doesn't recognize.

I suppose there are ISPs out there that have incredibly short leases where IPs will be reclaimed and pooled within minutes -- but I haven't seen anything like that since dialup and I've lived a *lot* of places.

So yeah, IP banning works for a while and that's good enough sometimes to remove problems. It's not a perfect solution, but there's no real way of avoiding that since TCP/IP was never designed with this in mind -- hell, wasn't even designed with what we have now in mind.

But yeah, since Prok said something, all of what I said above is not true and Prok is a stupidhead. Prok, stop being a stupidhead. =/


You know, there are those who post to places like this that - despite being banned for no real reason - actually do have things to contribute and could care less about a banning based on whatever trivial reason (aside from real threats) has been issued.

That aside, in my case I live in an area and use a company that pretty much changes your router's assigned IP every time you lose the connection for any reason.

Some DSL companies are funny that way - aren't they?

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