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Cherowolf Redgrave

I am surprised by the results of your poll. I would have thought the numbers would have been opposite considering how much negativity I experienced during my brief time as an unverified. I would be curious to know how many of the responders were unverifieds themselves (or if that even makes a difference). For that matter, can someone tell me at what age does one stop being considered a newbie? Or does the fact that I ask mean that I still am one?

Prokofy Neva

Many people think that unverifieds are hated because a) they read the forums, where less than five percent of the population post (probably less than that now) or b) they are unverifieds with even one bad experience, and translate that into 'the norm'.

I'm going to guess that a lot of the responders are unverifieds, but unfortunately, with this very primitive voter tool I have, that only allows five questions, and then a decision to allow to vote on one or more questions or not, I can't look for the results to answer this question. Some more formal polling organization with the money to pay scripters or to tabulate on their own data bases will have to follow up.

That is, if I make one of the five questions be "I am unverified" and enable people to vote for more than one answer, then it throws it off, because some people will then vote for not just "I am unverified" if they aren't, but then two of the other things. And I was trying to figure out what thing really stood out for most people.

I was quite surprised to show how the percentages were actually very similar across all 3 stations.

I don't know when you stop becoming a newbie. I kick people out of my newbies communities after 120 days, as I figure 4 months is about as long as it reasonably takes to figure out how to rez stuff, place a house, put furniture out so it doesn't return by joining the group, learning to work the search, etc.

dandellion Kimban

Results surprised me too though I've never had problems due to my payment status.
I don't believe that info about each resident would solve the griefing problem, Lindens are usually "too busy" doing who-knows-what to deal with abuse reports even if there are info about trouble maker.
On the other hand, I don't see how payment status affects in-world creativity. Allowing registration without immediate verification is fine, cause it lead to new residents but they will not become more or less creative by submitting credit card number.

As for a time after one stops being a noob.... it is not about time as much as experience and feel of the world around. As with RL maturity, it is not question of years or days but of perception. I like to joke one stops being a noob when finally got serious looking hair.

Prokofy Neva

hehe dandellion, that is SO well said about the hair. There's something about the decision to actually go out and buy prim hair, especially for men, that marks one has having passed the "noob" phase, you are so right.

re: creativity. What I mean by that is several things, and I assume other people who answered my poll understood what I mean too, if so many said "no, don't end it".

People often find that they need to start over in SL for all kinds of reasons, relationships gone bad, griefing, etc. So they open up an unverified, and feel they can try new things on it, and be more creative, make clothing in a style they never did, try to build and sell a house without fear of failure, that sort of thing.

It's also a message about the diversity of people. People who are too poor to have a credit card or have a bad credit history; people in other countries with trouble getting a card that the LL system can recognize -- they are all representing diversity and opportunity.

I'm not getting all third-worldy and saying that poverty or poor country qualifies you for diversity and creative status -- it doesn't. You may be as slavish to conformity and as predictable in your desire for a McMansion as the next guy, but the odds are that by allowing in lots of different kinds of people, you will allow for more creativity.

Solar Legion

Personally I think the poll is a good idea, if a bit academic. Myself? I was Unverified for some time but finally decided to put some information on file. I have not however upgraded past basic membership, the 'perks' are too few.

since I doubt that I'll be visiting any of the voting areas in world, I'll just let you know here, please forgive me that this is not on any of the choice. If I had to use just one, I'm of the mind that unverified accounts can be rather creative.

Now the part that probably doesn't fit in anywhere: In the time I've been in Second Life I have met a great number of people. Of those I have met, most of them have no payment information on file (hell, my partner currently has no information on file) and thus far I have to say that most of them are polite, despite asking a lot of questions. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the questions most of the time. In fact I joined an unofficial greeter program early on simply because I like to help others.

Unfortunately not all of those I've met have been so nice or polite. There are those that simply refuse to follow the TOS/CS and the rules posted in differing areas. As a matter of fact one person decided to start using a cage gun, when told it was against the TOS/CS to use it on others in areas marked as No Weapon zones he dropped a mega prim (Infinite Checkered Floor) down and then started dropping self replicating spheres everywhere.

Needless to say, my opinion is mixed. some of the best of them have been from outside the US. Sadly the same can be said of the worst of them.

I do agree that some of the most virulent of the griefer types are those with payment information on file, used or not.

In any event, I've rambled long enough: Have a good evening.

Sage Straaf

Perhaps I just haven't been around long enough, but I've never had a problem with my lack of verification. Nobody seems to care about my account status -- if people insult me, it's because I'm being a bitch or saying monumentally stupid things... and honestly, I deserve it.

To me, SL is a place where I can build whatever I want with little to no initial investment. Furthermore, I am VERY uncomfortable about giving out credit card information when I have no interest in purchasing anything, especially given Linden Labs' rather unfortunate track record with private data. I guess in that sense I fall into category 1 on your poll -- if verification was enforced, I'd leave, and that'd mean one less creative person on the grid. I may not be a great artiste, but I do make the odd thing, and that's more than a lot of folks, verified or unverified.

Dimtri Zapedzki

I am one of the unverified. Though I have the means to be otherwise, I chose not to because:

A) At this time I have no need of personal property. I have my inventory of textures and toys, and I have plenty of Sandboxes to play in.

B) I learn fast and I'm socially adept. Within 90 days of being born in SL, and probably no more than 50 hours logged, I am building, and am also employed as a Host for an established and well-known music venue. I have a place to build even if I don't want to go to the trouble to teleport to a sandbox.

I haven't decided on if i'll stay or go when the cockeyed mandatory verification system is put in place. If I go though, SL will miss out on the unique content I can bring from my experience in FL as a visual artist, as well as my always happy to help - always easygoing disposition.

Fortunately, I do have plenty of neat stuff to do yet in my FL. :)

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