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Nobody Fugazi

In 100 years, Prokofy, your only contribution to the internet will be persistent pettiness. That is why you are amusing.

Prokofy Neva

Hi, Nobody, I'm Somebody, Who Are You? No, 100 years from now, my pieces will shine like burnished gems, where you will be burnt off in the firey furnace of the Great Shaking Out of the Web. In fact, YOU are being petty *right now*.

Khamon Fate

Reasonable names would be nice. Mixing up the ground textures continent to continent would be too.

Cocoanut Koala

This business with the sim names and the avatar names (and the lack of new ones) is starting to tick me off.

I'm starting to think they have contempt for us. Giving us things no one would want.

Or they're laughing at us, for buying the sims anyway, or making avatars anyhow, despite the crummy names.

It's not funny to me.



As long as people buy the sims and LL doesn't have inventory sitting around... The market isn't glutted.

Besides, it's not like the couple guys putting together machines and pasting them into the racks have anything to do with asset server access or rolling updates to the sim kernal. They just don't.

The only way for things to scale if for there to literally be more computers to answer connections. The mere fact that we give those servers presence in our world as 256m squares is the only difference between SL and Google.

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