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Prokofy Neva

I forgot to make the point that Cocoanut Koala always very eloquently writes, about the reason for why the Platformista love to pretend it's all merely a grid, software, a platform, engineering, etc.

That's because then they get to have a Government with themselves in charge as coders, and no restraint from democratic institutions. It suits them just fine.

I also forgot to make the point sufficiently that Linden Lab could still exercise some shaping of Metaversal governance buy making those to whom it licenses its software adhere to a TOS or agreement to abide by the Big Six of Community Standards -- or some reasonable facsimile, the Big Four or something (no incitement to racial hatred, etc.)

Likely they'd be reluctant to do this, they hate enforcement, and likely their new customers would like being told what to do -- though they routinely sign such agreements with far less freedom in them when they sign up for web hosting or Internet service providers.

Typepad, this blog, for example, has something like a Big Six that you have to agree to not only to run a blog, but to be a paid partner getting advantage yourself for bringing in subscribers.

This practice is so standard everywhere on the Internet that the Lindens should be actively planning how they will word this to be Better, or it will default to the legal boilerplate that Ginsu and co. delight in crafting.

There's probably little you can do to enforce things like that on open-source software, I don't know the field of practice here.

Europeans who imagine they will make unlimited gambling dens and Americans who imagine they will make unlimited capture rape and ageplay dens likely have another thing coming when the same media, law-enforcement, and parliament that went after Second Life comes after them, too.

Prokofy Neva

Another thing we need to investigate about bank fraud is something Michael Linden said at a Governance meeting in which he admitted LL "returns Lindens to people when they have been stolen" -- we have to ask whether this means individuals, banks, or what the determination is involving theft and fraud.

Ann Otoole

I'm a tad confused now. Why would anyone want to connect to the SL grid when LL is incapable of keeping it running for more than a few hours without major problems? I have attended some of these office hours and meetings with Lindens in world. I have yet to attend one or read a transcript in which a decision or commitment was made. Nor have I witnessed any of them having a Linden that revealed anything of importance. Seems to be tea party mentality where gossip is the primary agenda. So why bother?

The holidays are here. I do hope they scrabble SL back together enough to stay up until mid January when they show back up at work. SL runs much better without LL intervention and sabotage.

I don't think anyone at LL is old enough to understand that being able to say, especially when they are old, that they were part of something great is as useful as wet toilet paper. I have been part of many great things. And nobody gives a rat's ass or a damn about the past and what you may or may not have been part of. All that matters is how well you are doing right now today and what people think of your work. And the good ship left the LL dock a long time ago leaving nothing but the rat infested rusted junk boat sunk into the tidal mud beside the LL dock.

And LL is so busy in the mirror that they are even missing that boat.

Ciaran Laval

I'm not sure Robin is being kept in the loop. I'm sure I read some quotes from Philip that suggested that other grids would be available but they'd be charged a fee to connect to the main grid (Where all the action is) but the way it was worded didn't suggest it would be a requirement, just that it would make sense to want to be part of the main grid.

Prokofy Neva

You can read their plan for 2008 openly at Zero's office or other Lindens' office spaces, there's a Powerpoint that shows alternative grids, I think they do envision not having them join through the core SL.

I think it's not an issue of being "in the loop"; I think it's a matter of the Lindens imagining that they can opensource this AND have everyone still keep dealing with them as the center of the universe. Some of us may be willing to do that. A lot aren't.

Khamon Fate

I believe Robin sometimes uses the deer effect to facilitate the conversation by making people explain, in detail, what they're thinking. I have to agree with Ann, only from a bit different perspective. There are many examples of groups and organizations that could utilize this software without ever needing to tap into the world of Second Life. In fact, a number of them would support so many regular users that I'd expect LL to pay *them* to connect that potential customer base to The Grid All Hail The Central Grid.

That's no threat to SL though. Opening a paint store in Selma is not going to ruin the business of the furniture store up the street. While they might gain some benefit from sharing a connected space, they'll function okay on their own and not be any direct competition to one another.

btw, if you're thinking that you can't believe that Prokofy would ever say some of these things, you're right. Jarod's already yelled across the room OMG PROK SOUNDS JUST LIKE YOU! I submitted the transcript before replacing the term "you:" with "Khamon Fate:" but promise to remember in the future to avoid any confusion.

Prokofy Neva

OH, sorry about that "you" Khamon, should have made that clear!

I think after a few days in the paint store in Selma, you will get bored and look for some action at the furniture shop up the street, and then you will need the statehouse to connect you, because they build the roads.

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