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Ann Otoole

Perhaps one day I will understand why a L$2001 classified ad gets zero results while a L$1501 ad gets great results. In the old or new search.

I'm hurt by the new search. I will adjust. If secondlife becomes so unprofitable that i would have to pay LL to make things for people to have the option of buying on the odd random chance they happened across my items then I simply will no longer pay rents or tier in sl and will instead market exclusively on the internet.

But I don't see that happening. It is just a matter of spending all your time trying to keep up with the constantly moving LLSL cheese instead of creating wonderful content. Perhaps one day the brainiacs at LL will realize they need to make the cheese movements less injurious. We spend far too much time trying to deal with LL induced issues and changes as it is.

No New Cheese Please.

Prokofy Neva

Here's a link to Tao Takashi's write-up and my debate with him, and there's also a link to an mp3 to hear the whole thing, kindly made by Draxtor.


Vargas Cleanslate

oh my god, you have ANOTHER blog? isn't one place enough to decry the immorality of LL for not agreeing with you on every point?

Wayne Porter

Thought for the day- if proctology is a field in medicine dealing with diseases and disorders of the rectum, anus, and colon than Proktology must be?

Prokofy Neva

>Thought for the day- if proctology is a field in medicine dealing with diseases and disorders of the rectum, anus, and colon than Proktology must be?

Uh, perhaps a chance for you to shine on Google making a gross and stupid personal attack? I dunno.

Wayne Porter

LOL. What attack? Nothing gross about natural functions. Nothing personal about you, unless somehow you moonlight as a proctologist...or perhaps it is the crap writer in me using phonetics.

Really I never even finished the sentence. You did...I won't claim to know how you feel though Prok :)

It really was not an attack, but thanks for connecting it into a useful metaphor. It will be a great tee-shirt line.

I know, you won't have time to make one slapping me (idont know enough to deserve it)...and I am going to give you free brand exposure and make some L's. Seems like it is win win....

Just let the thread die and let's hammer on each either when we have better material...not that a tee-shirt line isn't bad....

hey just logged in and there was a Quick Time hack. Since I have a security background it is most logical (if I am a Prokofokist) that you would blog about it. Take it away Neva! Wayne dismissed.


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