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Wayne Porter

Thank you so much for the mention Prok!

You can draw your own conclusions on my motivations. **I know what I do and why I do it- and that is what matters to me**.

You can contend my "expert" status all you like. Let the track record speak for itself. I certainly have not charged or solicited for security consulting in Second Life. I certainly study it from a security angle. I do NOT profess to being a technical expert in Second Life security. I have a very uncommon range of security skills and again- public track record speaks for self.

For example, the SLLA incident, nany months ago, is what triggered my interest in the platform, and the desire to hunt them down and hear their side of the story from a neutral standpoint.

If you have a better way to get the word out or educate people. Please do so. Feel free to let me know.

" In short, this is an obvious parallel to the very issues we face in real life with the war on terrorism, which also has the effects of removing many people’s civil rights arbitrarily"

Or the War on drugs, or statements like "Support the Troops"...if we want to get all Noam Chomsky we can talk Manufacturing Consent...

I believe in freedom. I believe in it so much that I totally enjoy the fact that you can throw barbs at me, or try to discredit me at will-. That is A-OK by me, i love it, and I will be sending you a tee-shirt.

However, it is the lack of accountability that I don't care for. I know who you are (RL/SL) and you know who I am (RL/SL)- hell read my blog and you know plenty about me. But anonymous AVs with no accountability for what they do- well they ticks me off.

Thanks! See you in world with an I hate Wayne Porter shirt.


Prokofy Neva

Um, Wayne. Spare me the lecture about your supposed intentions, which I simply don't buy.

And be self-assured all you like, we're all entitled to be self-assured, and that involves questioning your basis for self-assurance.

If you studied the SLAA at all, I do hope you realize that it was all fake?

That the entire thing was a completely fake exercise?

I thought it was a fake exercise by stores/ad agencies/Aimee Weber type metaversals, in trying to create a sham "Promsoyuz" kind of model, like the Tsarist secret police used to make, to lure the revolutionaries into groups they could then incite to extremism and spie on and ultimately arrest.

I thought it was the ad agencies trying to get the media to associate ANY criticism of corporations -- which they figured they get anyway with the leftoid anti-globalist types abounding in SL -- with extremism and violence, a la the SLAA.

The SLAA apparently lured some authentic sectarians like the communists or anarchists who truly believed in their cause.

But ultimately, it wasn't the cynicism of the corporations that created the SLAA; it was the cynicism of a security consultant who was trying to create a need for his consulting.

If you didn't figure that out, well, read the Herald.

I definitely don't support Chomsky. But I know a fake security-state incitement when I see one, and this is one.

Anonymous avatars don't bother me in virtuality, as there are many ways in which they can build up credibility and good reputations, it's social media, and the world is rich with this context.

Wayne Porter

No lecture Prok, spare me your rhetoric and usual "proktology"...whether you "buy it" or not is irrelevant. I know me and that is good enough. Fire every torpedo you have. I enjoy it.

As for the SLLA...again read my history and you would see I am, again, skilled in that type of campaign. (Not an expert, please refrain from that, let us say student.)

If you read the interview:

"I can understand this backlash, but I won't draw analogies here, or make overt conclusions, or take sides, but leave it to the reader to decide or investigate on their own. However does "The Grid" and its economics and politics mimic real life- much like some strange phantasmagormic mirror?. Already we have seen dDos attacks, and now attacks that mimic real life...what does this all mean? Now and for our future?"

Real or unreal? I contend that reality is negotiated. It is the parallel of the SLLA that I was looking at last December. Thus "leave it to the reader to decide"...

Yes a lot of it smelled funny, especially since I work in a field analyzing real life, and rather dangerous people up close. Again I can provide validation for this if you doubt my expertise. Use Google.

"Promsoyuz"?? Ukranian in origin? Sorry I do not know what type of model that might be referring too. I admit I am mono-lingual.

Listening keenly though.


PS- Tee-Shirt sent :) Enjoy. Hope it fits.

Prokofy Neva

It's Russian, and known by various names, I guess. Sometimes I've heard "promsoyuz," industrial union, but it's formally Prompartiya, industrial party, this wikipedia is very superficial:

because it doesn't describe sufficiently how it was deliberately faked to entrap people.

I don't need any t-shirts, I don't do little branding exercises for people such as yourself.

Reality isn't negotiated except by people like yourself that imagine yourself to be brokers.

Wayne Porter

ROTFL. Love it!

Thank you on the background i will brush up on that. Global politics and history are certainly areas I am lacking in and hope to learn more.

"I don't need any t-shirts, I don't do little branding exercises for people such as yourself."

No- your strategies are quite transparent in terms of "branding exercises". I will deconstruct them later. For someone who things Alexa is a "great yard stick" you should try different metrics since you have mastered "buzz" quite well.

I never actually expected you would wear it Prok- get real...that was clear when your avatar profile spots came up a no sale as I was not "a good match".

You have your view on reality, I have my view.

Metaphorically, using old protocols set for modems, you might be likened to Kermit and I might be Z Modem Batch.

Am I dismissed? I have tee-shirts too make.

Warm Regards,
Wayne Porter

Dalien Talbot

Wayne: excellent :) Although I'd argue that the reality is consciously made by one's perceptions, rather than negotiated.

Prokofy Neva

You remain too dense to grasp the point made repeatedly about Alexa, about whose limitations I repeatedly made many caveats: using this to compare sites *to each other* is a rough yardsick that is *good enough* for the purposes of telling whether the Herald, at 86,000, is doing better than, say, Your2ndPlace at 100,000 or my blog at 325,000. Good enough, and that's all we need for this exercise, as we have no better metric.

No, I'm saving my Picks for brands that I can really endorse. If it has to remain vacant, that's fine, I can live without the $20 or whatever it would make per month.

BTW, for those of you watching at home, Wayne is pouting because he first tried to hire me as a consultant in order to spend $25 an hour (my modest rate) listening to me describe what he needs to learn about SL, then declined his bid to buy my $2000 L a week Picks spot.

My conscience doesn't have a "strategy," and that's why I do better than you. I'm beginning to understand why you rant about Alexa so much (about which I care nothing) -- you are shown as merely "n/a" there and "not in the top 100,000 lol.

Or you only have 110,000 to my 116,000 today on Google (do people really follow these things and care lol?!)


Of one thing I can be VERY certain, however: my dick is bigger than yours!

: )

Prokofy Neva

erm he first tried to hire me and I said "It's not a match, Wayne," a comment that took him 2 emails to understand, then *I* declined his bid to buy my Picks ROFL.

Wayne Porter


Prok- you are TRULY hysterical! I am laughing over here. Wonderful material. I stopped by you debate area the other day, (Even slipped some lindens into the kool-aid to help the cause) and now I see I HAVE to go here you in person!

a) Alexa- I am sorry- you just don't get, and I am not going to waste time teaching someone the finer points of how Alexa works and is affected by various elements.

Go right on being ignorant. I can't change that- only you can. :) The difference between you and I, well probably a lot of them but let's go after the obvious- I try to be open-minded. I will change my mind. I will listen to feedback- even to avatars like you that seem unhappy alot. If you do, it sure doesn't come off that way.

Yes there are better metrics.

"saturation by engine"
"saturation delta and velocity"
"link authority"
"like delta and authority delta"
and plenty more...

For example. Ranking this blog 325,000 is outrageous when there are so many comments. That shows "interaction" or "immersion" to a degree. That is more valuable.

Of course they are generated through rather mean comments at times, but as you know, I LOVE it. Fork it Prok...nothing like PROKTOLOGY to get the day started...(I love that play on words)

a) Brands you can endorse? Did you think it was for me? You are a comedian, although that WOULD be funny and I would offer you 10k Lindens to link to my site for a week.

It would have been for charities or causes I work for...we never got that far into the conversation cause "I'm not a good match".

b) Pouting. You bet I am you mind reader you. I am really sad, I was planning on a pizza, and kicking back to hear just what you had to say about things- in confidence.

$25 an hour to purchase consulting- you bet, I would hold a bake sale just to earn enough to hear your wisdom.

I think I offered it up for a day or two- because I DO value people's professional time. Bargain basement rates IMHO to hear the most...wait let me quote YOU

"lace your ad here for only $2000 Lindens a week on one of the most looked-at avatar profiles in SL. Now that search results depend on PICKS, take advantage of the new SEARCH and let me put you in my PICKS. IM Prokofy Neva to discuss."

I did ask about the criterion...

My question to you was also how do you measure that you are one of the most "looked-at avatar profiles"...did you invent some sort of Profile Metrics package?

I mean there is no external call on pics, the only way would be to tag a page in your profile, but that is you and not pics...hmmm

Care to share those metrics? Since you are the "one in the know".

As for picks and search. I said your idea was "clever" and it is, however if Google is in the game...you might rethink that one day...Google frowns on selling of links to boost authority as we saw in the latest shift (Depending on what data center you ping).

I have a feeling- just a feeling- it will be more complex than that. But we will see as SEO comes to SL... I am not an SEO expert. More "intermediate level"....meaning I don't pay it much mind beyond good architecture and some finer points.

Best Wishes Always,

PS AM I dismissed Professora ProK?


Melissa Yeuxdoux

Let's not insult Kermit; it's available on darned near anything, and is quite reliable--and later versions of the protocol were/are quite efficient. See any of da Cruz's writings on the subject, or the Wikipedia entry.

Prokofy Neva

Um, yes, Wayne, we understand that it's very important for you to preserve your notion about yourself as an expert on "buzz" and "saturation" and all kinds of Internet playtoys.

Um, yeah, we all got it about Alexa a long time ago, too. You're STILL missing the point about it, but I give up, you're just too stuck in a grove.

It doesn't matter if Alexa ranks it only 325,000. Some other thing out there would rank it higher and does. But compared to the Herald, the 80,000 versus the 325,000 is about right, the comparison is one to another, not one to "the truth". If that just can't sink in, I can't help it.

Avatars aren't some sort of separate genus. They are merely people's broadband. I'm not unhappy whatsoever. Huh? It's important to criticize this world so that people like you don't take over. No, I don't enjoy consulting for people who imagine they know more than I do, and know more than most people, because they won't learn anything and are wasting their money. It's not a match.

A person who has to keep banging and banging on the fact already long absorbed ages ago about Alexa isn't someone who can benefit from any effort to impart knowledge. For that person, it's far, far more important to keep brandishing credentials, badges, and Crackerjack box toys. Ok, you do that!

No, you are definitely not a good match. And brands you endorse would include charities. In fact, I can assure you that I would never support any charity you endorse, sight unseen -- and am 100 percent sure that once revealed I'd be horrified to endorse them. One has a feel for these things : )

A charity doesn't get sanctified merely by being a charity.

If you have to ask "how I know" that I am one of the most looked at avatars and what the metrics are, I guess you need more remedial work than I can provide.

Um, but here's a tip for free, champ: right on the classifieds, there is a metric (broken this week but usually working) that shows "profile" -- those are profile-look-ups. So uh...you count them. And you...compare them. Whatever. I give up.

I don't care what Google frowns on. I'm a human being with a sandwich board on my back, willing to sell ad space to make a living. I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

No, you're not dismissed. You have to write on the board 1,000 times:

"Humility is endless. Humility is endless." etc.

Wayne Porter

Thanks Prok!

I did some work here, but more to come...


On charities I have no idea. Most are for the Appalachian region, especially poverty stricken regions, others are very personal. Charities by design do not make them "good", but I think SL is a great venue for charity work.

"One has a feel for these things : )"

That is pretty unfair...but hey- you aren't usually fair!! I have no idea what you support, but I sense that you DO support things just to support them, as do I...oh no that is a common factor. Unless I am wrong- I don't know much about you beyond RL name, place,(your business) AV name, and general in-world business.

"Um, yes, Wayne, we understand that it's very important for you to preserve your notion about yourself as an expert on "buzz" and "saturation" and all kinds of Internet playtoys."

Where is this mystical plural pronoun coming from? "We"- you mean you or am I speaking to a dual persona? I don't need to flash badges or credentials...I have no degree- I am a drop out. I have some accolades, but they are mere paper. Value is in experience, and track record of "can do it or not".

On to metrics...

Buzz is hard to quantify, but saturation is STANDARD and remedial nomenclature for SEO/SEM practitioners. Perhaps learn and listen.

Thus why don't you take some of your sage advice and get a drink of humility from the kool-aid pitcher and stop thinking or pretending to know how I act, believe or feel?

Really not a good example and extremely rude. I expect you to call me out on that, I am going to call you out on that.

Thanks for the nice tip it is appreciated- I hope it comes online- classifieds or people? I am testing with new agent. The whole idea was rather new to me as I am "not a human sandwich board". Why I found your use "clever"- and it was...all I am saying is that if profile picks are (and they are, among other factors) tied into to G's AI I would hate to see you penalized for "selling influence".

Maybe they won't, but if web history is a guide- it will happen. For what it is worth.

Best Wishes!!!

Wayne Porter


"Wayne: excellent :) Although I'd argue that the reality is consciously made by one's perceptions, rather than negotiated"

We can debate at my site if you wish :)


"Let's not insult Kermit; it's available on darned near anything, and is quite reliable--and later versions of the protocol were/are quite efficient. See any of da Cruz's writings on the subject, or the Wikipedia entry."

ROTFL. Oppps. Faux paux to dis an age-old protocol. How about I am Z Modem Batch and she can be X modem...matters not really, but I will leave Kermit out of it. :D

Thanks to you both!


Prokofy Neva

Geez, you're still here?

Why am I not surprised that you are a drop-out, Wayne?

The problem of poverty in Appalachia seems a complex one.
There seems to be many different analyses. Some say it's all evil corporations and evil industry plundering the land. Some say its evil dregs of London who brought their poverty and ignorance with them into the mountains where no sane people would go as it had no agricultural land. I'm not knowledgeable about this story, but I don't see how pouring good money after bad would fix it.
It's definitely not a cause I would give to, and I was definitely not wrong in my hunch that your charities would not be ones I'd support. If I had a personal friend in the region, I might buy them a bus ticket out of there -- no more.

While that may seem harsh, I'm afraid I'm a person of modest means and have to give closer to home. It's always best to give closer to home, I think.

I don't have to "pretend" to know how you act and feel, you wear it all on your sleeve and your big Internet site ROFL.

It is not a crime to sell links even on Google, as far as I can tell. And I see no law in RL or SL that would prevent one from selling ad space on one's avatar, which is one's property.

Prokofy Neva

BTW, I'll bet Wayne used cut and paste when he actually spammed his own site with 1,000 lines saying "Humility is endless." And I bet, without Google, he doesn't even know where that line comes from.

Wayne Porter

Of course I am still here Prok! YOUR still here? Go to sleep.

"a) While that may seem harsh, I'm afraid I'm a person of modest means and have to give closer to home. It's always best to give closer to home, I think."

One of the least harsh things you have said. If often want to agree, yet I believe the region has potential if certain changes are made. I don't believe in "throwing good money after bad" at anytime.

So where would you give? You are fluent in Russian? Is that your home from home? What would you support?

(Please note other charities I would support would probably be medically related. But best charity isn't giving money- it is often giving time...our most valuable and limited resource.)

b) Appalachia, were I was born, is a wonderful place in some respects and awful in others. I commute back and forth between here and the NE- a place close to my heart yes- I am a regional nationalist. The people are, for the most part, kind and giving and it is a place where you can leave your doors unlocked- even in some urban areas. Horribly stereotyped by the media is the stigma. If I give, I prefer to enable, e.g. teach a person to fish, etc.

Irony again- the author of the paper, written in '75 (I was 5) I know in RL, and disagree with him (and his son) on many levels. He refers to the city I am in now.

Why is it in the present state? I speak of WV, which is the only state truly Appalachian- e.g. entirely in the region. Plenty of reasons... I have talked to government from local to top level and all want to get it in gear, but can't handle the information age IMHO.

During my research I found that much of the area's entrepreneurial DNA was lost, or perhaps did not develop, because the mining companies brought in everything- script, housing, company store, etc. When MFGing shifted, Appalachians could not make the shift, and many were displaced. Happened to me upon graduation. NO JOBS. Combine that with regressive taxes on a dwindling base...keep adding on the stupidity. I am not very political, and attempts to sway politicians here- well... :(

"I don't have to "pretend" to know how you act and feel, you wear it all on your sleeve and your big Internet site ROFL."

Sad you think that, or sad if I present that way. I will do my own serious introspection and work on humility.

Perhaps you might do your own too or am I getting mixed signals? Despite what people say Prok you can't be that wicked. I don't buy it. I find your venomous retorts hysterical and funny. :D They make me grin.

The irony again- according to a colleague I walked right past you at the Chicago meeting. Shucks. Next time...

As for where it came from, the quote, well the only wisdom we can hope to acquire is the wisdom of humility is all I ever learned as a hick...so I have no idea. Who was it oh well read one?

As for cutting and pasting? Of course. Faster than writing a short routine to do it...I do see value in writing it over and over, but I just don't have the fine motor movement in my hands anymore. I will think on it.

Spamming? No- didn't spam.

Dropped out of college doesn't surprise you? OK I did make it through nursing school. I did take enough college hours I could probably get a degree, but at this point it would be vanity I think. For me self-paced, and self-disciplined learning has served my personal needs better. Personal preference.

I do not mock anyone for their lack of schooling or dropping out, or going a different route- I think many of our colleges are broken.

The great thing on the Net we are graded (grades are silly in my book) by skill and not what we might do based on "training"...and that seems to be your issue? Does it bother you to acknowledge that I simply know more about certain subjects than you do?

I am the first to acknowledge, and humbly, that you know more about other subjects than I do.

Thanks for the chat!!


P.S. In terms of literature (I am a TS fan and need no search engine to direct me...you might enjoy a lesser known, but quite hard hitting writer. Sadly he took his own life at a young age, but I have found his imagery and mastery quite- something else: Breece D'J Pancake


PSS "It is not a crime to sell links even on Google, as far as I can tell."...

No not criminal. It depends on HOW you sell or broker links. e.g. how you word the offer, how you present it, how you construct the text, and other factors can get you banned or severely penalized.

Do some research on link selling penalties.

Wayne Porter

One last note- Peyton, in his rather dated, but more accurate for other reasons, 1975 paper, was referring to the "dying Appalachian culture".

This a culture of which I am probably the last generation to retain any of the true roots- e.g. living off the land, hunting game or fishing to supplement pantries, knowledge of herbs, making do with little, a very distinct dialect from community to community and many other idiosyncratic and complex cultural observations.

For example money is valued very little- and those with too much of it are mistrusted, yet land ownership is very important. Community and religion are considered more important than either- albeit religion tends to be either one of a Methodist or Baptist bend.

Culture is very homogeneous and that means community parenting is the norm. Another good author, (movie October Sky- not quite accurate but close and interesting) was Rocket Boys written by Homer Hickam or perhaps Hickham.

At any rate the Internet, cable TV, and far better roads have "bleached away" many of the interesting or truly unique parts of Appalachian culture- why linguists are rushing to capture the speech.


You might (or might not) like the piece where I am schooled on pronoia...and hey even rural Kentucky drop-outs (Appalachians) are teaching themselves Russian language for fun.


Wayne "Silicon Hillbilly" Porter

Dalien Talbot

Wayne: you're in my RSS feed now, so we'll have to argue about something one of these days :-)

"Despite what people say Prok you can't be that wicked. I don't buy it. I find your venomous retorts hysterical and funny. :D They make me grin." -- precisely the same feeling I get :-) And why my comment about the reality. She tends to see a good chunk of world as intentionally evil. It must be very hard to live in such a self-imposed hell.

Wayne Porter


Grand! start something...your blog or mine.

She isn't in hell. She is laughing at us...she thinks. :D I don't think she is evil at all. She just has an outer shell that is a bit tough.

Can I go now Prok?????? Am I Dismissed or do I need a priest? Hell I won't let the door hit me on the way out!

best, :D

Prokofy Neva

You're not a good advertisement for Appalachia, Wayne.

You're mistaken, Eliot did not take his own life.

I'm not at all persuaded by all the scare tactics about link selling, and at any rate, I'm an avatar, not a web page, and I'm a sign on myself, not a link.

Wayne Porter

"You're mistaken, Eliot did not take his own life."

Why I would never make such a claim- I read. Please read my post and avoid such simple mistakes. Pancake did... Breece D'J Pancake...an author you *might* enjoy...and you need some joy! Note text above.

Thank you.


Prokofy Neva

I read fine, hon; it's your writing that is poor and incomprehensible, as anyone can see.

I have plenty of joy; you're in deep denial about how unhappy you are, however.

Wayne Porter

No Prokofky. I am in some ways happier than I have ever been...(I am already there. ), but it is never perfect eh?

Thank you so much for the free writing critique, it might be nutrition related. I will work on that. Perhaps I leave ad hominem holes for you because like a pull guard you do the same thing over and over again.

I am sure you do read well, but the fact remains, for reasons unknown, you did miss a simple details. Perhaps it is eyesight? No matter, just get eyesight checked.

Two updates for you. Only two so you don't have to call it metrics.

Over the holidays I hope to get chance to put the green "blip" to the acid test....Will let you know...or I may not. We will see :P. So far it is toward I will let you know that you are wrong. They are not accurate.

Big holiday hugs out to you Prok. I really enjoyed reading about your exodus from TSO to SL. Fascinating stuff in the Herald....well some of it anyway.

Stay joyful and I will try to write something so you can practice the fine art of "proktology" on...


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