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Wayne Porter

Hi Prok,

"Wayne doesn't get out much. There are loads of non-whites all over SL, including African Americans. I dunno, fly around"

Partly true. However, I spent about six months exploring the mainland sims (and islands) via balloon, horseback, car- and just "flying around" talking to people. Frankly I rarely encountered an African American. I found more furries than non-whites. I found more mechs for that matter.

As for travel- after examining my SlTweets map, it is interesting to see after a year how my travel circle has become a lot less expansive. Wonder if that is normal or not? I do find myself often traveling in a preset pattern.

As for "hobo stuff"- that has nothing to do with Appalachia or the modern "Silicon Hillbilly" at all. You are confusing 30's era depression with regular white trash. Since it is the holidays I will let you slide and just dismiss myself. Enjoy your holidays.

best regards,

Prokofy Neva

Um, Wayne? A burning trash barrel is a burning trash barrel, whether you call it Silicon Hillbilly, trailer trash, or Appalachia.

Wayne Porter

You fail to appreciate the finer points of burning trash barrels. I said I would dismiss myself. :D


Hey Prok darlin - I'm still around
Yeps I'm fed up with SL on lotta levels, but I pop in once a week to do my Salsa event.

Only thing I wanna mention on this topic, cuz its sucha tired thing, really.

I mean just like any particular community, you gotta do at least some searching.

Black folk aren't just gonna drop out the sky into your lap you know.

Along with the (now turned freebie) outfits I have donated to the NCI for their freebie vendors, I include what I call "Starter Avatars".

They are shapes with the noob skin, hair eyes etc and come with an outfit of clothes.

I have a Black female and male, an asian female, a goth dude and chick a Hispanic/Native American guy and a White surfer dude type guy.

Of course they're all full mod and you can slip the sliders as you please after you get em.

I've had many people over the years, come up to me and thank me for having those ethnic starter avatars available to them.

As for black skins and whatsnot, I get asked about that a lot and here's the link to a recent post that I did to collectively answer that question:

*huggs Prok* :DD keep on keepin on darlin!

Prokofy Neva

Hi, Brace!

Yes, that's a great blog.

I agree Entice line by Sezmra Svarog of Nora -- this is excellent.

And as the one poster says, "Things have changed a lot since 2004" (and since Hamlet's article) and there are a lot of businesses where you can get black skins now that solve these problems mentioned by Cory Edo.

It's good to keep flogging NCI. They have LOTS of stuff, and yes, your skins! And there should be much more steerage of newbies there, because they do have the goods.

Bellisa Buscaylet

Okay, so its nice and all that you all are all high minded on this topic.

But a sista wants to know, "Anyone know where I can get some free black skin?"

That's all I'm saying. I don't care about the number of black folks in SL, who's passing, who ain't, and who is too PC, or too boughie. CAN SOMEONE PASS ME A TELEPORT TO SOME FREE BLACK SKIN?

Hit me up on the SL side, yall!

Prokofy Neva

Bellisa, just read the comments, many people have explained where you can get black skins for free in SL. They're all over. Read the links right above your very post.

I picked up mine at the I Am Legend island. Not sure if they are still there. You can get them from the others indicated here, like Fleep Tuque, who originated this blog response in the first place, and from Brace.

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