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Blaccard Burks

I remember we had a conversation about this and I told you that sooner or later that system is going to fold. Simply put RL business's are finding out that SL really isn't a place for them, and the silly metric systems these ad guys create are plain stupid. Its not like you see other companies taking ads with them and as the new continent unfolds people can purchase land cheaper until the new breed of sign greifers infiltrates the new sims.

I had contacted Shriner about a land swap and basically he told me "in Second Life you pay for the land, not the view". Oddly the mentality of these sign people is very warped because one would think the view of a sign along a road or high traffic area would be beneficial in some way to their "metrics". Most signs are walled in or blocked because they place them in the middle of someones property rather than a road that had a protected view... Shriner even puts my name in his description "walled in by Blaccard Burks" of his land parcel. Duh.. and if you read this Ancient Shriner...I'll still swap you for road side land...

Recently I had the experiance of dealing with 6 other sign people in an effort to get signs moved along the road in Samoa where I own most of the sim. The idea was to create a good flow of traffic that would benefit all. Only 2 sign companies relocated and worked land swaps. All others screwed around with me like some demanded payment, some extra land. Some ignored me. I laughed at the one idiot who totes " we have to educate people... we are not an ad farm".... yet would never take a swap to a better location. Silly mentality when they have no bargaining power since I can wall in the whole bunch.

In all fairness to Mr Fasbinder and Shriner they are very small compared to other greifers cropping up, especially in the new continent. SHAME ON LINDEN LABS for allowing the new continent have sims get ruined because of this ad farm outbreak. One started in Kraken and now I have noticed a huge outbreak of ad farms all over the new continent.


I cannot understand why Linden Labs will not act in its own clear interest in this issue.

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