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Cocoanut Koala

Don't have time to really read, today, but yeah, "public utility," how, erm, stupid.

Anyway, forget which article is which, and don't have time to read, but regarding what we were discussing on the other thread, Philip did say SL was "solidly profitable" here:



Prokofy Neva

Coco, I should think SL would have to be solidly profitable by now, given the growth, even if slowed, and the revenue. What I don't get is whether they "paid back the investors". That seems like a big order.

Cocoanut Koala

Well, as of that town hall, which must have been a year ago by now, Philip did say they were "very close" to paying them off.

And, like I said, sometime a little while thereafter, somebody said that they had paid them.

In any case, I think given what was said a year ago, and what was said in the article above, we can safely conclude that yes, SL is profitable, as in, altogether in the black.


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