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Patroklus Murakami

I love this post in oh so many ways. Thank you for putting this one out there. Bizarrely, I just got into Sigur Ros in the last couple of weeks - I saw a documentary about them on BBC 4 and downloaded a couple of their albums off iTunes straight away. It's really beautiful if you can handle the melancholia (I can pretty much all the time).

I *love* the interview on NPR. What a doltish interviewer! 'So did you start off trying to be this weird? Or start somewhere normal and end up here?' And that was the opening question. Too, too funny.

The final video link you posted is very SL-like. A furry indeed! LOL. Thanks for ending my weekend with a big broad smile.

Salina Taurog

What struck me in the NPR interview was how incredulous the interviewer sounded when the band said the lyrics were just gibberish. Would he have asked Cab Calloway what "Hi-Dee-Hi-Dee-Hi-Dee-Hi" meant? Of course not, because it's obvious it doesn't mean anything. Why does he have a hard time believing the same thing is true here? Anyway, interesting and entertaining post.

Prokofy Neva

Then there's "Gladly the Cross-Eyed Bear".

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